The 5 most romantic restaurants of Caserta

Caserta is part of a fascinating historical context. Its culture is studied all over the world: every year, many tourists come to visit to explore the famous Bourbon Palace.

Those who wish to combine a scenic and artistic tour with the good food offered by the Caserta can take a look at the list of the five most romantic restaurants we have selected for you.

The most beautiful restaurants in and around Caserta

Between taverns and inns…

  • Antica Camasso: Via Mazzini, 55, Caserta. The service is very professional. You can taste pizzas, first and second courses, or order a nice round of appetizers of the place. There is a tasting menu in which you can discover the delicacies that the city offers. The owner will recommend you the wines to match with your sumptuous meal. There is a very special and exquisite attention to the customer, without ever being intrusive. The scenery is perfect for a romantic dinner. There is a space outside-we suggest you to book-in which to dine in intimacy. The dishes are presented in a very scenic way;

Are you looking for a nice place to dine with your sweet half?

The village of Casertavecchia is perfect

  • The Falcons ' Tower: via Linden, 75, Casertavecchia. Have you headed to the beautiful village and would like to stay for dinner? Casertavecchia is the perfect place to spend a romantic weekend. Even its locals have decided to take a pinch of magic from the village to offer its customers a sensational dinner, moonlight. This restaurant also has an outdoor pool, where you have a swim before lunch. The atmosphere is soft, the tablecloths are well set, the goblets of wine will be filled. From the menu we suggest you to taste absolutely the piglet, typical of the kitchen of Caserta;
  • Chess: Locality San Rocco, Casertavecchia. We decided to select the best restaurants in the place, to allow you to choose the best for you. Inside, Chess offers a truly enviable selection of wines. We advise you to book the table near the fireplace, to enjoy a lavish meal in the company of Fire. The food is refined and of high quality, a pearl that goes to sneak in the heart of the village of Casertavecchia. It is not a place for tourists: It is an inn for those who wish to taste the specialities of Caserta;

Looking for places of historical interest

After a ride downtown, a nice dinner with our soul mate

  • Antica Locanda: Viella Raimondo Barbera, 7/9, San Leucio. For those who have decided to make a hike to the Belvedere of San Leucio, we recommend to stop at this inn. The dishes are exquisite, the outside of the room is typically rustic. The menu is typical: Present the Fusilli to the fisherman, the Paccheri to the codfish, the tuna cut and the crumbled T-neck. The fish is always fresh;
  • La Locanda di Mimì: Largo banda, 5, Caserta. The Inns have a historic charm, offer excellent cuisine, typically homemade, and are perfect for a romantic dinner. This inn is located in the historic centre of Caserta. We recommend you to book dinner after discovering the streets of the city.

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