Greco di Tufo DOCG

greco di tufo

Greco di TufoWhat is GRECO DI TUFO?

That is one of the oldest Italian grape varieties, it shows from its precise representation in a beautiful fresco of Pompeii, dated one hundred years before Christ, in which a lover complains press ' a little so: "You are really icy and ice that ier evening the Greek wine is missing Could have warmed you… ". Coming from the Greek Thessaly, the Greek of Tufa is excellent wine, tasty and famous in the world, esteemed for its great personality. DOC for over thirty years and today DOCG, is obtained from Greek vines and fox tail.

Area produced in eight municipalities to the north of Avellino.
Quiet kind of meal.
Minimum gradation 11.5 °.
Straw-coloured smell.
Clear, pleasant, characteristic fragrance.
Delicate flavor, fruity, with almond and peach aftertaste.

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