Fiano di Avellino DOCG

fiano di avellino


The excellent wine obtained from the ancient Viti, has always met the favor and taste of connoisseurs. In fact, Frederick II of Swabia ordered the purchase of a significant quantity for his personal reserve; Charles of Anjou, of these vines, made it implanted in the royal vineyards of Puglia. A wine of great finesse and elegance, the Fiano confirms for itself the wine-growing vocation of Irpinia and its international reputation, and is one of the few white wines suitable for prolonged ageing.

It is obtained from the homonymous grape, with the eventual addition of Greek, tail of Fox and Tuscan Trebbiano.

Area twenty-six municipalities of the province of Avellino.
Quiet kind of meal.
Minimum gradation 12 °
Medium Straw color
Intense perfume
Harmonic taste reminiscent of the hazelnut.

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