Extra virgin olive oil DOP from the Salernitane Hills

Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva

Salernitane Hills extra virgin olive oilThe extra virgin olive oil DOP Colline Salernitane presents, to consumption, a beautiful colour that goes from green to straw yellow more or less intense; It's clear, sometimes veiled. The smell shows a definite and ample scent of clean olive fruit, with discreet notes of green leaf, grass and unripe tomato. The taste reveals a decisive and persistent taste, pleasantly bitter and spicy, rightly full-bodied, with a good and balanced structure and clear hints of artichoke, thistle and bitter vegetables. The aftertaste is clean. Acidity is always less than 0.70%.
The oil is obtained from the Olives Award of the autochthonous varieties of the area of production or of ancient introduction, alone or jointly: Rotondella, Frantoio, Carpellese or Nostra for at least 65%; Ogliarola and Leccino to an extent not exceeding 35%, while the presence of other local varieties is permitted for a maximum of 20%.

The remarkable presence of aromatic notes favours the use of this oil on plates of a certain consistency, like soups based on legumes, tasty pasta of the tradition of campana and grilled fish.

The cultivation techniques of the olive groves are the traditional ones of the area of the Salernitane Hills, which assure to the oil that derives the high and known qualitative quality. In Some districts, very innovative technical and organizational solutions have been established, such as the harvesting and the mechanical pruning of the olives. The olives intended for the production of "Colline Salernitane" DOP oil must be collected by hand only by 31 December each year; The aid of mechanical means, such as shakers and vibrating combs, is authorized. The harvested olives must be stored and transported in perforated crates with a maximum capacity of 25 Kg. And not later than the second day of the harvest. For the extraction of the oil are allowed only mechanical and physical processes that preserve as closely as possible the quality characteristics of the fruit.

The maximum production of olives must not exceed 120 quintals per hectare and the yield in oil may not exceed 20%.


The extra virgin olive oil DOP "Colline Salernitane" has very ancient roots, as it derives from autochthonous varieties that have always been present in the Salerno. The oil derives its typical character from the peculiarity of the territory, endowed with connotations Pedoclimatic, park, historical, cultural and economic absolutely original. It is produced in an area strongly suitable to the cultivation of olives, characterized by a particularly rich and original varietal heritage.
Certain reports make it trace the cultivation to the ancient porpoises, settlers of Magna Graecia, who began to spread it in the plain of the alene and in the surrounding hilly areas. It was then through the occupation of the territory by the Romans that the olive growing spread throughout the area Salerno. Even today, some places derive their name from the presence and cultivation of olive groves: Oliveto Citra, Olivella, Ogliara, etc.
Even today, walking through this territory of exceptional beauty, it is easy to come across millenary olive trees of great size, where the history of the local populations, to which the olive has assured, in the most difficult moments, sure Livelihood.

Production Area

The area of production and processing of extra virgin olive oil DOP Colline Salernitane comprises 86 municipalities of the province of Salerno, present in a vast olive area that includes: The Amalfi Coast, the valley of the Heat, the Picentini, the sapwood, The upper and Middle Sele, the hills of Tanagro and part of the Vallo di Diano.

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