Typical Neapolitan dishes

If you are in the surroundings of Naples, you should definitely try the dishes of his kitchen. The regional Neapolitan cuisine is very special because it is predominantly poor. There are many dishes in fact that are prepared with the leftovers of the day before.

However, not for this they are less good, indeed! Ready to find out what dishes you should absolutely eat in Naples?

What are the typical Neapolitan recipes?

  • Buffalo mozzarella, fior di latte and Provola: The cheeses in Naples are really… well, perfect. Mozzarella is known all over the world to be of a unique goodness. In addition to her, you can also taste the flower of milk, often used for pizza, and the Provola. The latter is also used for the famous pasta and potatoes;
  • Gateau of potatoes: It's The Sunday Food par excellence. Inside, you can find ham and cheese. The potatoes are boiled and then seasoned with salt, pepper, parmesan and egg. Above, a sprinkling of parmesan and breadcrumbs… a delicious, really. It is served in various trattorias and taverns as an appetizer;

Between appetizers, first and second, an exceptional gastronomic tour

  • Sausage and Friarielli: You can not not mention this dish, probably one of the most good condiments in the world. It can be served as a second, but many use this condiment for pizza. A kindness, assured. The Friarielli are also used apart as a side dish, with a drizzle of oil and chilli;
  • Pizza: It is quite obvious, yes, but after all the Queen of Naples may not be on the list. It is the most famous and imitated Dish in the world. It is the dish that pushes thousands of tourists every year to go to Naples, to taste the real Neapolitan pizza. Among the most popular pizzas of recent years, we can mention the one with Buffalo and fried meatballs. Assaggiatela and then let us know;

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  • Casatiello: It is the Easter dish par excellence in Naples. This special bread is prepared with salami and cheese. On top, you must put hard-boiled eggs, which are "stuck" with a little dough. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, it is a very tasty and flavorful dish;
  • Macaroni Omelette: You have certainly heard her mention at least once in her life. Usually, it is prepared with leftovers of pasta, like spaghetti. The Neapolitans love it especially in the summer and consider it a great lunch to go to the sea! The pasta must be whipped together with the eggs and a little parmesan;
  • Sartù: There are several ingredients with which you can order your Sartù of rice. Moreover, this dish served cold in summer is a real bomb! The two most famous condiments include Neapolitan ragout or with mozzarella and mushrooms. In any way, it's really spectacular;
  • Pasta and potatoes: The great classic of Neapolitan cuisine, which we could not but mention. The paste is usually mixed, a surplus of what remains in the kitchens, such as celery, pennette, grass. It is topped with potatoes and provola. It looks like a soup, but it's actually dense and tasty!

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