Typical dishes of Caserta

piatti tipici casertani

Typical dishes of Caserta

Italy has a truly fantastic regional cuisine. Very often, just change city or country, make a few miles, and find yourself to taste some dishes that you did not know before. This is the case of the Casertan cuisine, which, yes, has the typical flour-bell of the region, but it just diverges.
Many of the dishes that we will talk about you probably do not know. When you think of Campania, associate the most famous foods, such as pizza, pasta with clams, the Baba, ignoring that behind there is a long list of recipes to lick your mustache!

What are the typical dishes of Caserta?

One of the first dishes that intrigued us very much is the Mnestra Mmaretata, which translates from the dialect with the married soup. This dish is typically winter and is to lick its whiskers: it is prepared with the ham bone and broth. Vegetables should be cooked with cheese. When the meat is ready, vegetables and cheese will be added: The taste you get is a truly exceptional flavor.

Another typical dish, of which you will surely never have heard, unfortunately, is the Cianfotta. It may remind you of a sort of Sicilian born-again, but it is no farther. The peppers are fried with garlic, onion, potatoes, tomatoes and aubergines. It must not be broth. It is an excellent contour, which can be accompanied with bread. A drug, insured.

In addition to the pizza, you can enjoy the first dishes really special

We move on to the second most famous of the city of Caserta. This is present in the various restaurants and is the classic dish of the feasts and Sundays: pork fillet with white sauce. This special fillet is very seasoned, thanks to the presence of aromatic herbs and bacon. It is faded into white wine, with the addition of salt, pepper, chilli and provolone. The fillet is rolled to the roll and is served with the olives. It's a kindness.

We are in Campania, after all, so it is impossible not to mention the fish dishes offered by the city. Among these, the most famous are Vesuvian prawns and Spaghetti salad with black clams. Both dishes represent a casertan excellence and you can order them in the fish restaurants.

The Fish kitchen is spectacular: Here are the shrimps at the Vesuvian

The prawns at the Vesuvian are prepared with onions, carrots and parsley. Salt, pepper and white wine are added. Thanks to this sauce, it exalts the taste of the sea and the shrimp in particular. You leccherete your mustache with exquisiteness!

Instead, the Spaghetti salad with black clams is prepared according to the tradition of the dish. The black clams are typical of the sea that bathes the Campania.

Let's take a last look at the sweets and we can not fail to mention the very, that are treated like gold here. Even the Sfogliatelle are very delicious. Well, being a region dedicated to sweetness, you can only appreciate their work.

The quality of Campania's products echoes throughout the world: in addition to the classic pizza, there is much more. We wish you a good appetite!

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