Discovering the most beautiful gardens in Campania

Quiet and nature anti-stress remedies. We are looking for gardens where to spend free time surrounded by trees and flowers

Work and daily routine weaken not only the body but especially the mind. Finding places to relax becomes essential to regenerate and to be able to face with new forces the “struggles” of every day. Reading a book in the open air, walking on the meadows, running through the trees or simply observing plants and flowers, are activities that improve our lives in every way.

Turismo Campano will guide you to discover the most beautiful gardens in Campania where you can rest and at the same time live beautiful emotions in close contact with nature.

Our region is rich in green oases, we have chosen for you some of the most important and fascinating, both in the most strictly naturalistic and historically – landscape point of view.

Parco Virgiliano – Napoli


From the top of the Headland of Posillipo, Parco Virgiliano dominates the Gulf of Naples. Its prime location allows you to enjoy breathtaking views. Placed on the most advanced rocky outcrop of the hill, it allows you to admire, walking or stopping, in one of the many belvedere enchanting places. Suffice it to say that its terraced structure allows you to observe, not only the coast of Posillipo and the Flegrea area from Pozzuoli to Cape Miseno, but even the whole of the Sorrentine Peninsula from Vesuvius to Sorrento. In the blue of the sea you will also see the islands of Capri, Procida, Ischia and Nisida.  The park is much loved by Neapolitans precisely because it allows you to spend free time in the green breathing pure air, away from the noise and smog of the city. Inside you will find rich vegetation, characterized by centuries-old trees, such as holm oaks, olive trees and then oaks, pines, myrtle plants, rosemary and fillirea.

Spending a day immersed in the Mediterranean bush will undoubtedly be very pleasant, it is the ideal place to practice jogging or other sports, there are in fact a sports facility with a football field and an athletics track. There are a lot of bars and kiosks for refreshment. In short, a real oase of pleasure, to live alone, with the family or with your four-legged friend!

Free admission

Address: Viale Virgilio – 80123 Napoli


Tel: 0817953613 | 08119706082

Opening times:

October 1 – April 30 from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and until 10 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

May 1 – June 20 from 7 a.m. to 2 4 p.m.

June 21 – September 30 from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Orto Botanico di Napoli


Sometimes you don’t need to leave the city to dive into the greenery and surround yourself with plants of all species. This is what happens if you choose to visit the Botanical Garden of Naples. It is in fact located in the heart of the city, along the historic Via Foria and next to Palazzo Fuga. And it’s the proximity to the traffic and the city’s chaos that makes it a real fairytale place. The peace, the silence and the scents you will find inside will make you live a daydream. It is one of the largest and richest gardens in Italy. A true pearl for its immense heritage of herbaceous, arboreal and shrub species, from all over the world. Almost all the specimens of flowers existing on earth are admirable in this fairytale garden.

Your visit will follow thematic paths and gardens: desert plants, poisonous ones, beach plants, orchards, citrus fruits, Mediterranean, plants mentioned in the Bible, are just some of the paths you can take. Greenhouses at different temperatures and other historical structures, now used as museum and exhibition venues, will allow you to admire plant species of every place on earth but also from past eras. A journey into the heart of nature that is truly unmissable.

Free admission

Open to the public Monday to Friday with the following times: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To visit it, you need to call (-39) 081-2533937, leaving your last name and specifying the number of people who will visit the Garden. This can also be done on the same day of the visit.

Important: on public holidays the Garden is closed.

Giardino segreto di Airola – Benevento

airola property

Il Giardino Segreto Airola is born from the dreamlike vision of its creator, the architect Giovanni Ianniello. A veritable terrestrial paradise, with its  fourteen thousand square meters of extension, the garden welcomes about 16,000 plants and 300 animals from 53 countries. In the heart of Sannio, just a few kilometres from Benevento, you can visit a truly amazing place. Both animal and plant species are collected in thematic areas that reproduce seven types of garden: the Japanese garden, the Chinese, the English, the Australian (unique in Italy), the Mediterranean, the dry, the tropical and the aromatic herbs. The organization of the garden is constantly evolving, many new things in the pipeline, but it already represents now a unicum for passion and attention to detail. You can’t miss this opportunity to admire exotic animals up close and spend a day in a fairytale garden. It’s also ideal for kids.

Address: Via Lavatoio, 38 – Airola (BN)

Opening times: Saturday and Sunday is open to the public; . Sunday opening: 3pm (winter) – 6pm summer – 5pm (spring and autumn) or by reservation. Closed from January to mid-March.

Price: 5.00 euros including guided tour

Giardini la Mortella – Ischia

garden the mortella

The island of Ischia is home of one of the most distinctive gardens of the whole peninsula. The Mortella is undoubtedly a wonderful and indispensable place for those who are looking for quiet and beauty. It is divided into two parts: a lower garden, in the so-called Valley, and an upper garden on the Hill, characterized by terraces with dry walls. Really vast the amount of exotic and rare plants included in this garden that extends over 2 hectares. It is now recognized by all the experts in the field its value, for variety and richness of the collections present, enough to consider La Mortella a kind of real botanical garden. The gardens were created in the late 1950s at the behest of the noblewoman Susana Walton, wife of the English composer Sir William Walton. In addition to the stunning views of the beautiful Bay of Forio, there are some corners of the gardens: for example, the three tropical greenhouses, the ‘Victoria House’, where the Amazonian Victoria, the Temple of the Sun and the Orchid’s Greenhouse are cultivated, where it can be admire the Miltassia Lady Susana Walton, a new orchid hybrid named after the creator of this lovely place. At first we talked about the search for peace and in fact in the most hidden area of the garden you will find the Thai Hall, a place dedicated to meditation and solitude, which takes up the structure of Thai temples.

Address: Via Francesco Calise, 45 80075, Forio d’Ischia (NA)

Garden entrance: 12.00 – Entire

Opening Days: Tuesday-Thursday – Sunday

Opening times: 9am-7pm

tel: .39 081-986220

Il Giardino della Minerva – Salerno


Let’s finish our short guide with Il Giardino della Minerva. A corner of peace and beauty that stands out on the top of the old town of Salerno. It was created in the 18th century by Dr. Matteo Silvatico, a well-known physician of the illustrious Scuola Medica Salernitana, the oldest medical University in the world. And it is precisely the connection with the historic University that has characterized the structure of this garden, which is one of the very first examples of a botanical garden. The original idea and the impression you will still have today is that of an educational space where doctors taught students to recognize the “semplici”, that are the plants used to treat diseases. In fact, there are many references to the healing value of the plants and herbs present. Rare and exotic species, all united by their medicinal properties. Many of these were already known in the Middle Ages and it is precisely from this era that you can admire some recently painted tiles during excavation operations. A breathtaking view of the entire Gulf of Salerno helps make this paradise a timeless eden. Don’t miss the opportunity to sip one of the herbal teas made with the plants of the garden, in the characteristic herbal tea house overlooking the sea.

Address: Via Ferrante Sanseverino

Ticket: 3€

info : 39 089.252423 www.giardinodellaminerva.it

The 5 Most Romantic Restaurants in Salerno

Organizing a romantic dinner can be difficult, especially if you don’t know the place or if you want to look for a different place than usual. In this article, we have selected and evaluated for you five high quality restaurants located in Salerno. Salerno is one of the most beautiful cities in Campania: after a tour in the center, a romantic dinner is a must. You can choose between meat and fish proposals, to meet everyone’s needs: between “locande” and “trattorie”, a food and wine guide around the city.

Restaurants in Salerno to have a romantic dinner

  • Ristorante Cicirinella: via Antonio Genovesi, Salerno. This beautiful restaurant is situated in one of the city’s quaint alleys. Its cuisine is divided into refined and traditional dishes. The dishes look delicious and are perfect for a romantic dinner. The high quality of the ingredients is very popular throughout the city. The atmosphere you perceive is of attention to detail; the waiters are very friendly and meet the particular requests of the customers. Gigi and Ettore will welcome you at their best, to offer you a truly sensational dining experience;
  • Taverna Santa Maria de Domo: Masuccio Salernitano 63/65/67, Salerno. A tavern is the perfect place to seal your union and spend an evening of romance and great food. The tavern has a truly enviable wine list, where you can taste the typical products of the area. The reds are really full-bodied, perfect to accompany a meat dinner. Portions are very plentiful. Located in the heart of the old town, you can go to the Tavern after a walk at sunset, through the most artistic and cultural streets of the city;

Locande, taverne and minimal restaurants: how to impress your half

  • Emozionando: via Montestella di Ogliara, Traversa in front of the civic, 21 Salerno: among the proposals could not miss a seafood restaurant. Very interesting is the proposal of the raw, which alternates visually scenic dishes. The aesthetic, however, does not preclude the high quality: the fish is fresh and is bought in the morning by fishermen. We recommend that you end your dinner with gourmet ice cream. Nando will try to draw up a menu for your romantic evening and will amaze you with its gourmet recipes. The kindness of the waiters is an added value to the local;
  • Terracena: Piazza Francesco Cerenza, 9, Salerno – Amalfi Coast. You can start with a taste of appetizers, to understand the specialties of this very interesting place. Among the first, we recommend the one with anici and Spaghetti with Carminuccio. The peculiarity of this place is that it does not have a set menu, despite having basic dishes, which you can always find. The menu is drawn up with the products of the day, so the ingredients are always fresh. The Terracena setting is purely retro: a perfect environment for eating and loving at the same time;
  • Osteria del Taglio: via Giovanni Ruggi d’Aragon, 10, Salerno: this inn turns out to be a real surprise. The setting is typically minimalistic, a white festival that will make you feel comfortable. The dishes are dedicated to the aesthetics, design and high quality of the ingredients. You will be served at your best.
Ravello: What to see and important events

The Amalfi Coast offers suggestive and fascinating landscapes. There are many tourists who come to this place to enjoy a holiday of fun and art. Campania has a lot to tell its visitors: just think that each resort offers special events or a unique architecture of its kind.

Ravello: Between art, music and culture

The view of the Amalfi area is to be explored in its entirety. When you head to a city like this, we cannot ignore its surroundings, which offer unique shows of ravines and culture.

This is the land of perfumes, of citrus fruits: It is the land of people who dance on the street and leave the coffee in abeyance. We will take you to Ravello, a country so characteristic and particular that it will make you fall in love with its coves (and, unfortunately, of its curves).

Ravello undermines the sea, where tourists can look out and enjoy the most typical view of the Amalfi Coast. Leave the car at the parking: Ravello is to explore, to live on foot, because it is full of secrets and alleys.

Through the flight of stairs you can access the Duomo; Here explore the surroundings, where nature meets the architecture and the art of the past.

The city of poetry and romance: It is a great destination for a couple weekend

Known for being the City of music and poetry, Ravello is a romantic place; There are many men who have fallen in love with her. We can mention two of the world's importance: Boccaccio and Turner. But Ravello offers much more to its tourists, including the Villa Rufolo and the Villa Cimbrone. Do not leave the country without first visiting them! Here nature blends with the most intimate meaning of Ravello: art.

At Villa Rufolo, you think, takes place annually a very important event, of World Resonance: the Festival of music dedicated to Wagner. The Villa dates back to the 13th century. Wagner stayed there for a long time, arriving to compose the Parsifal: the Majestic Gardens, which pour out onto the sea, were a source of inspiration.

Over the centuries, Ravello also conquered the heart of English Beckett, who decided to buy Villa Cimbrone. He had it restored in the Rufolo style during the 1904. Here you can stroll through the beautiful gardens and take a trip to the Grotto of Venus, where Beckett's ashes are still present.

Staying in this place of peace and tranquility will give you the impression of a postcard Campania. The village is cured and finished in every little detail: from the gardens to the buildings, which are the flagship of Ravello.

You can stay in the country and have breakfast admiring the beautiful sea. Presently, soon, there will be a very special event in Ravello.

Friday, June 29, in fact, will be held the "Beer Ravello Cup", a tournament that has given a very ambitious goal: say no to racism. This is to give you an idea of the good heart and the candid and tolerant soul of the citizens of the country. A place you can't miss.

The most beautiful beaches in the province of Salerno

We of tourism Campania have always tried to offer to our readers of places of historical and cultural interest unmatched: we can not forget, however, that we are in Campania and that our beaches are among the most beautiful in the world.

In this article, we offer a mini guide on the most beautiful beaches found in the province of Salerno: We will talk about Marina di Camerota, of Palinuro and crossing the magnificent Cilentina coast in a succession of crystal clear sea and clean beaches.

What are the best beaches in the province of Salerno?

  • Bay of the infreshes, Marina di Camerota: The wonder of the provinces of Salerno is known all over the world. Its beaches are particularly enchanting, the sea is pristine and the sand is finely gilded. In this case, the Bay of the infreshes is reachable only by sea. Alternatively, you can follow a trekking itinerary, thanks to which you can admire the Mediterranean scrub. This path will take you from Lentiscelle Beach in search of the secrets and places of Marina di Camerota. Many of the beaches can be seen or reached only through the sea: we can quote Cala Bianca or Cala Fortuna. This bay has been recently honored to be a protected marine Area. surmounted by jagged and rocky coastlines, its sea is as blue as the sky before darkening: a spectacle to be lived;
  • Beach Calanca: Many of the beaches of Salerno's surroundings can only be reached by means of footpaths. No exception is beach Calanca in Marina di Camerota: The path full of steps will surprise you. Do not be frightened by fatigue, because you will be rewarded at the end of the route. This beach is of a sandy type and is enclosed by the high rocky cliffs. We also suggest that you can admire the tower of Violets. Here the sunsets have another taste and can be experienced at full. Truly a charm of romance and inspiration;

The Cilento: crystal clear sea and beaches to love

  • Good sleep beach: This beach can be reached by sea, and is located in Capo Palinuro. The sea is the color of the emerald and the sand has nothing to envy to the most famous beaches of overseas, like Hawaii. You can head to this beach with a nice name from the port of Palinuro. There is a very nice rock, or the rabbit, which the walls lie on the sea;
  • Conca dei Marini: Among the bays of fundamental importance for Salerno, we can find this spectacular basin. Here and now the activities of fishermen are still taking place: the sea is full of fish and is considered one of the main places of sustenance for the Salerno;
  • Natural arch: It is probably one of the most known and is located near the mouth of the river Mingarso. It was used as a location for the film The Argonauts 2;
  • Marinella Beach: Palinuro, as Marina di Camerota, gives tourists unique emotions. In this case, we find ourselves in front of two choices: we can reach the beach thanks to a path or the stairway. Here the Panorama opens on the coast: those who have taken the path, have admitted to live a "fable".
The 5 most good pizzerias in Salerno

In Campania with pizza do not joke. While not in Naples, we are in the pizza region. And it must be done as Christ commands.

Pizza is one of the most famous dishes of Italy: You can find it everywhere, but it will not be the same as Campania.

Below, we decided to draw up a list with the most famous pizzerias located in Salerno. Get ready to enjoy the most delicious pizza you have ever eaten!

The list of pizzerias in Salerno

  • Antica Pizzeria Fried The roundabout: on Tripadvisor, this is one of the highest pizzerias in position, with really stellar reviews. The place is not very big, but what we give importance to is the pizza. And in this case you can taste a pizza lady. It is typically Neapolitan, with high edge. You can also order some local fried foods as an appetizer. The pizza is very light, soft and tasty: We recommend the classic, with tomato and buffalo above, as well as Basil. Really to lick his mustache. Here the pizza is the protagonist of a romantic film;
  • Pulcenella: Via Case Rosse, 88, Salerno. The service is perfect, the owners care about the customers and treat them in the best way. A curiosity is that you will not be given cutlery to eat pizza, but you can enjoy it as a time. The environment is simple and spartan. The pizzerias usually do not concentrate so much on the furnishings of the room as for the preparation of the pizza. According to our experience, the more a local is good, the more their pizzas will be of a high standard. This is the case of Pulcenella, where the Neapolitan tradition is alive;

We advise you to order fried foods as an appetizer

  • The grimace: Piazza Alfano, 5, Salerno. It's the classic Neapolitan pizzeria that will make you feel at home. The walls are decorated with different suggestive writings. There is an outside in which to eat pizza outdoors. As for the Queen, it's one of the best you'll ever have to taste. You can order fried appetizers, which dominate in Campania as an appetizer. As the Salerno say, the fried, after all, "opens the stomach" to the pizza!;
  • Pizzaportafoglio & Nonsense: Via Porta Elina, 7, Piazza led, Salerno. You can taste this pizza while sitting comfortably at the piazza led. When you ask a Salerno where to eat pizza, you're sure to recommend this pizzeria. The pizza is extremely good as well as being cheap. There are some outdoor tables in which to admire the beautiful Salerno. A suggestive and romantic panorama;

Pizzerias suggestive and Spartan: where to eat the most delicious pizza in Salerno

  • Pizzaria Criscemunno: Via Romualdo the Guar, 15, Salerno. This pizzeria is a small gem in which to admire a beautiful view and at the same time to taste a good pizza. The staff is friendlier and attentive to every desire of the customer. It is located next to the Duomo of Salerno: a perfect place to eat pizza, especially after exploring the streets of the centre. The pizza is very thin, soft, each ingredient is fresh. There are the eggrolls of pasta! Recommended.
The Duomo of Salerno

If you are in Salerno, a visit to the Duomo is considered a must. The Italian cities are fortunate enough to boast the Duomo, the main cathedral and the pulsating heart of the city. It is the reason why many tourists love to visit Italy and lose themselves among its remains.

The Duomo of Salerno is no less. Known by the name of St. Matthew's Cathedral, the remains of the saint are in fact kept in the crypt inside.

The Duomo of Salerno: A fascinating place rich in history

A curiosity that links the Duomo of Salerno with the papacy is that it has been honored the denomination of minor basilica. This honour grants him only the pope, the highest office of the papal State, to some religious buildings: not many people can boast of this recognition.

The reason why St. Matthew's Cathedral received it is because of the importance it has had throughout history.

The building dates back to the 11th century. The first style with which it was made was the Romanesque. Like all the religious buildings that have been present in Italy for so long, it has undergone various changes throughout the various eras. These processes of transformation are due to the people who have settled afterwards, or to the natural phenomena that have put the construction at risk.

The history of St. Matthew's Cathedral

For example, we can quote the bell tower, which is a perfect adaptation of the Arab-Norman style: Inside were placed eight bells.

St. Matthew's Cathedral was built for two precise reasons, two events that marked the history of this town. The first is traced back to the translation of the remains of St. Matthew in Salerno. First, the latter were in Capaccio-

The second event that marked the city in an important way was the conquest of the latter in 1075 by the Norman Duke, Robert of Altavilla, known by the term of the gates.

The people were grateful to Robert of Altavilla, because his conquest marked the end of the Lombard principality, which lasted for 237 years.

Construction work for the cathedral begins in 1080. The then Archbishop-in-Office was Alfano I, poet and Doctor who had specialized in the famous medical school Salerno.

The building was strongly wanted by Roberto the gates. Pope Gregory VII inaugurated the church in 1084; In 1085, the cathedral was ready. It is one of the works of the past of which we have news of a speed of construction of similar magnitude. Usually, the construction of a building of such importance required a great deal of time.

Here are the visiting times of the cathedral

Being an area prone to different seismic phenomena, the cathedral has undergone many rehashes over time, which is also the reason that make it so fascinating.

To visit St. Matthew's Cathedral, you must observe a precise time:

  • Weekdays: from 8:30 until 20:00;
  • Public holidays: from 8:30 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00.


Image source: Radio Compass Duomo of Salerno

The Wines of Salerno

Salerno is not only a city rich in history and art, offering a cultural heritage that is not indifferent to visitors. No, Salerno is also a city that is "tasted", thanks to its typical products and the wine list.

The Salerno province and the city itself boast a very secular cultivation of vines. Of paramount importance, the cultivation of grapes has always been a way for the less wealthy citizens to seek a bit of luck.

A little history on Salerno Wines

For this reason, the best grape and the most sophisticated experimental technique has always been sought to recreate wines with an intense taste for the palate. Salerno wines have a history behind them: their refined cultivation will surprise you.

The wine market, today intended for everyone, in the past was mainly aimed at royalty and noble palaces. The Salerno knew that the only way to achieve a stable economy was to devote themselves in a total way to the production of a special wine. As a result, Salerno wines are among the Campania and Italian excellences.

Below, we deepen the most famous wines of Salerno and its province: each one has a speciality and a special territory in which to mature.

What are the wines of Salerno?

We can start talking about four wines with denomination of origin; Each of these has different types. We can name the Cilento, the Colli di Salerno, the Amalfi coast and the Castel San Lorenzo.

  • Cilento DOC: The Cilento is a very fertile area with regard to the cultivation of the vines. The latter are to Aeneas and Paestum, and those who have taken care of their realization were none other than the ancient Greek colonizers. The territory is mainly clayey-calcareous and is the reason why the Cilento wine has a decided flavor. We can find an excellent selection of red wines, such as Aglianico, Piedirosso and primitive foot, as well as excellent whites and rosés;

We can taste red, white and rosé

  • Colli di Salerno: The wines of Salerno are honoured with the IGT brand. Their cultivation has always been attentive over the centuries; The techniques are very refined and developed during the various vintages. The Salernitane hills are excellent for the production of wines, being florid and luxuriant;
  • Amalfi Coast: The main wines of this spectacular territory are the fury, the sunsets and the Ravello. We can find white, red and rosé of the highest quality. The three wines we have mentioned before can boast the label "Riserva" if they are left to age. The Amalfi coast contains a very extensive territory, destined to the cultivation of the vines;
  • Castel San Lorenzo: This wine is produced in eight municipalities of the province of Salerno. Among the wines of major importance we can mention the Barbera; The latter is left to grow old in oak, thanks to which it ensures a structured and personal taste. Besides Barbera, we can taste the Lambiccato, a very sweet wine, which is made thanks to the Moscato grapes. Again, we find red, white and rosé wines.
The typical dishes Salerno

Having the opportunity to visit a city located in Campania is at the same time be sure to have fun and enjoy great food. Salerno is one of the most visited cities; It offers clean beaches, crystal clear sea.

Of course, when you are here, you must visit the Paestum, its temples, the Arechi castle, the Minerva Garden and the Salerno Medical School.

What are the typical products of Salerno?

Between visits, however, you may be hungry! Salerno does not fail to offer a list of typical products really enviable. We have for every taste, from the sandwich with the spleen, or the street food par excellence, to the most good sweets of Campania.

Speaking of Salerno, it is impossible not to mention the Zizzona of Babu: the latter, by now, is a registered trademark and tourists from all over the world come to visit Salerno just to taste it.

Below, you will find the list of unfailing foods to be enjoyed when you are visiting the city.

The Zizzona of Babu: The Food of the Gods

  • Zizzona of Babu: It is impossible, by now, not to know this famous dish. Campania is among the most famous regions in terms of dairy products. The Zizzona has become so famous that tourists who visit Salerno, by now, try to taste it at least once. This buffalo mozzarella has a particular shape, reminiscent of the female breasts. At first, it was not very well known: thanks to the movie Welcome to the south, the rest of Italy discovered this dish. Subsequently, the brand of the Zizzona of the farm was registered by the Dairy de La Fattoria. There are many ways to enjoy it, but we advise you to do it with a drizzle of oil. You will be amazed by his taste;
  • Padded spleen: The patron saint's Day is held in Caserta on 21 September. The city is filled with people, lights and a particular perfume. At the corners of the streets, you will see many carts, in which people prepared a special sandwich, or the padded spleen. The ingredients of this sandwich are very simple, and it was considered in the past the meal of the peasants: oil, vinegar, garlic, parsley, chilli and of course spleen. The sauce of this sandwich is sensational;

Scazzetta and Santarosa for a sweet snack in the heart of the Old Town

  • Scazzetta: The names of the typical Salerno dishes are very funny. This in particular beats them all, not only for originality, but also for goodness. You can taste at the pastry pants, or in the heart of the historic center of Salerno. This slice of cake has some particularly tasty ingredients: cream, strawberries, Spanish sponge and red icing. Curious to find out why you call it that? You will surely understand that it is a dialect word: it refers to the headgear of the Cardinals, which the pope gives them in the investiture;
  • Santarosa: This is the forerunner of the Sfogliatella. If you pass by Salerno, it is impossible not to indulge this sweet;
  • The hazelnut of the house is also known for the Festival of cinema dedicated to children. But not only that! In the event you will have the opportunity to taste some amazing hazelnuts. They are among the most valuable of the Italian panorama.
The Cilento: What to do and see

The Cilento is appreciated mainly because it has not undergone a strong tourist influence. Here you can find yourself in front of an unspoilt territory, of which you can appreciate the fresh air, the clearing and the expanse of greenery. Its value is inestimable: The landscape setting kidnaps the breath and brings to the heart of many peace.

The wonders of Cilento: what this land offers

Here you can not find any intense traffic, or smog. In the Cilento, silence and tranquillity reign, and it is a wonderful place to visit. When night falls, the sky of Cilento is dressed with stars: forget the fog and air pollution.

There are many traditions related to this land: from the religious to the Folkoristiche, the Cilento is such a living part of Campania to stand on its own. Moreover, a curiosity ties the Earth to the famous Mediterranean diet: This is where the latter finds its origin, precisely to poplars.

We owe a lot to this spectacular piece of world. For example, the biological productions present in the Territory are among the Italian excellences all over the world: the oil, the grain and the legumes among all.

In Cilento was born the Mediterranean diet: Here the oil is the best

Of course, if you've come this far, you're curious to know which places should be visited. It is really difficult to choose only a few for our guide, because the Cilento deserves a visit of at least ten days. And then the air that you breathe here is so pure that it heals any paturnia.

  • Oasis River: A spectacular area, immersed in the green of the clearing, where there are the river, an artificial lake, many equipped areas, many restaurants where to stop to appreciate the local specialties. Also, for the little ones, there is a playground. There are a lot of sporting activities, including fishing: Here you will see a very rare biodiversity heritage;
  • Paestum: UNESCO has made it a World heritage site. After all, how could it not have been otherwise? Here we find three Doric temples. There are the forum, the Agora and the amphitheatre of ancient Poseidon. There is an archeological museum that contains unique pieces: for example, the plunger's tomb;

The archeological sites in the Cilento are among the most famous in the world

  • Ascea and Velia: The Cilento is the homeland of the archaeological areas and we can not fail from mentioning this spectacular town. Inside, there are many places of interest, such as the port Rosa, the port Marina, the Terme Hellenistic, the Roman baths… and again, you can visit the Acropolis and the southern quarter, as well as the archaic one;
  • Castellabate: It is probably one of the most beautiful and known points of Cilento. His popularity is also a little to the movie Welcome to the south. Here you can visit the beautiful colourful houses by the sea, watching the waters lie on the pebbles… the old town is really quaint, unique. Really an unmissable destination.

After all, we warned you at the beginning of the article: to visit and live the magic of Cilento, it is not enough just a few hours or a day…

The churches and the Cathedral of Salerno

If you are fond of churches, know that Salerno is a really great city to visit. We can safely say that on the ground Salerno we can find more than fifty churches and each has its own history and characteristic.

We of tourism Campania have decided to divide the churches for historical epochs, so as to give you the opportunity to choose according to the artistic current or the saint to whom you are devout.

Below, you will be able to learn about all the churches and cathedrals in Salerno, divided by year or time.

The churches present in Salerno of the year thousand or previous

The churches or cathedrals that were built during the year 1000 or earlier to the latter are the following:

  • Cathedral of Salerno;
  • Church of Sant'Agostino;
  • Church of Sant'Andrea de Lavina;
  • Church of St. Benedict;
  • Church of San Gregorio;
  • Church of San Michele Arcangelo;
  • Church of Santa Maria de Lama;
  • Church of Santa Maria de Alimundo;
  • Church of San Pietro a Corte;
  • Church convent San Massimo;
  • Church of Santa Lucia de Judaica;
  • Church of San Bartolomeo;
  • Church of Santa Maria de Dominibus;
  • Church of San Nicola del Pumpolo;
  • Church of San Felice in Fantonalgo;
  • Church of Sant'Eustachio;
  • Church of San Rocco;
  • Church of St. John;
  • Church of Santa Trofimena;
  • Church of San Matteo Piczulo, Santo Stefano.

The beautiful churches of the medieval Age

For the medieval era, however, we have many churches, some of historical charm really important. We recommend you to visit the Church of the Holy Crucifix, the Church of Sant'Anna at the port and the church of Santa Margherita.

Of course, it was not only these three to be built during the Middle Ages. There are five other churches: of San Salvatore, Santa Maria del Campo, Santa Maria del Carmine, Santa Maria a Mare and San Domenico.

During the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, eight churches were built:

  • Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie;
  • Church of San Pietro in Vinculis;
  • Church of San Filippo Neri;
  • Church of the Mount of the dead;
  • Church of the Santissima Annunziata;
  • Church of the Most Holy sorrows;
  • Church of Sant'Apollonia;
  • Church of St. George.

You can also visit churches belonging to ' 600, ' 700, ' 800

Each one has some really fascinating features; We can find the Arab, romantic and baroque influence.

With regard to the eighteenth century, the nineteenth century and the twentieth century, we can cite only four churches:

  • Church of the Annunziatella;
  • Church of Santa Maria dei Greci;
  • Church of the Sacred Heart;
  • Church of the Immaculate of Salerno.

The modern era does not save itself: More than 13 churches have been counted in the last decades

Of course, even in modern times, churches have arisen along the city.

Salerno is a city rich in history, culture and art. It is impossible to visit all the churches of the city, however having a reference list is certainly a way to know them better and decide which ones to see.

Being a secular city, you can admire all the historical epochs from the year A.D. We advise you to choose two or three according to the epochs, to understand how the architecture has evolved over time, until you reach the modern churches.

Photo: Wikipedia Source

Positano and Praiano: what to visit

When you talk about the coast Bell, it is impossible not to mention its most famous points of interest. It is the case of Positano and Praiano, whose names evoke in US sensations of fun and crystal clear sea.

To visit Positano, you need to have comfortable shoes and a lot of desire to walk. In fact, this place is crossed by steps and alleys that make it so particular. It is a piece of history aggregated on itself, whose complexity makes it so fascinating.

What to visit in Positano: a bit of history

Although it does not have many places of historical interest to offer like other locations, it remains one of the most spectacular destinations you can visit. Positano is life, colors, walks along the pier, let yourself be captured by the rocky headlands that spill over the sea… is a postcard, among the best in Campania.

One of the places you should definitely stop is the church of Santa Maria Assunta, where you will have the opportunity to admire the colorful majolica dome. Within it, a visit to the black Byzantine Madonna with the child is a must. The latter is in fact a symbol of Positano, which owes its name.

The beaches of Positano: Prefer the Fornillo, less touristy

Positano is a kind of maze. As a beach, we suggest you head to Fornillo. The big Beach boasts a wider expanse, but it is targeted by tourists. Fornillo, however, will allow you to live at most a day of rest, sunbathing and getting caught by the beautiful waters.

As for Praiano, here is undoubted the beauty of its sunset, so much so that it has the name of being the most fascinating of the entire coast bell. Praiano offers a sunset so romantic to attract thousands of tourists to the usual time, focused on enjoying the moment and the spectacle that the sky offers. You can also admire the beautiful Capri in the background.

Praiano is located halfway between Capri and Positano. In the bay there is the fountain of the altar, a natural swimming pool located near the mouth of a cave. Here it is not so unusual to witness the dives of the bravest! You could try it too.

The wonders of Praiano: romantic sunsets and colorful houses

Like Positano, the center of Praiano also offers really interesting and magnificent walks. Here you can discover the votive newsstands decorated in majolica; They are very frequent in the village. Families built them to receive divine protection. They also assured the inhabitants of Praiano that they were the owners of the place.

Praiano is a different place from the other best known. Contrary to them, he never succumbed to the fascination of tourism. It is a place that, yes, has many visitors, but does not offer those trendy places that attract a certain type of tourists. Let's say that Praiano is dedicated to those who love to walk, to be touched by the wind and admire the typical beauties of Campania.

Here you can breathe the true air bell; You can observe the fishermen in the morning, you can eat the famous Santarosa, forerunner of the Neapolitan Sfogliatella. And, above all, you can let yourself be swept away by amazing sunsets.

Amalfi: What to do and what to see

What can we say about Amalfi? The name evokes in us a sensation of beauty, probably due to its sea, so blue as to seem in communion with the sky. Or, again, the famous white houses, a typical summer architecture, that tells us traditions and the history of one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

What to visit in Amalfi?

Amalfi is not very large, it counts a little more than 7000 inhabitants. Every year, however, it is taken by thousands of tourists, both Italian and foreign, who are enchanted by its wonders. In 1997, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.  And how could it be otherwise?

Amalfi has the perfect climate to enjoy a summer at the most, between fun and relaxation, thanks to the presence of numerous places to have aperitifs in front of the sea.

Did you know that Amalfi is the place where cannelloni were probably invented? Yes, the famous pasta finds many recipes with which to be served by the various restaurants. In addition to the historical monuments and the sea, you can make a path in which to taste the excellence Amalfi.

We have selected for you some places that must be necessarily visited when you are near Amalfi.

The importance and beauty of its coastline

  • Maritime Tour between Amalfi and Capri: The Amalfi Coast is famous all over the world. When you are here, it is impossible not to let yourself be conquered by the enchanting sea. We advise you to take a maritime boat tour between Amalfi and Capri. The Amalfi Coast boasts 50 km of coastline. Moreover, it is also very close to Positano, another inevitable destination, which deserves to be discovered. Here you will discover the pristine beaches and visit the Bays and grottos;
  • Cloister of Paradise: Located at the Duomo of Amalfi, the cloister of paradise is probably one of the most famous buildings in the city. Built between 1266 and 1268, as a cemetery in which they would find rest the illustrious and deserving citizens, its historical importance is known. Inside, there were six frescoed chapels, of which today only five remain. You can visit them and read the various inscriptions dedicated to them;

Valley of the ironworks: among waterfalls, streams and nature reserves

  • Walloon of the ironworks: we of tourism Campania, we cherish your travels, even if choosing and advising only certain destinations is very difficult, because there are a variety of places so fascinating that it is impossible not to visit. This is the case of a Walloon of the ironworks. You can reach this place on foot from the city: it will take you about an hour. Thanks to the creek and the waterfalls, the place is very breezy, so it is advisable to discover it in the middle of summer to seek refreshment from the city. Inside it has a nature reserve oriented;
  • Duomo of Amalfi: Speaking of the city, it is impossible not to mention the Duomo. Predominantly Romanesque and baroque, we can also find Rococo features, as well as Arab and Norman elements. Having been remodelled several times, it is a very important complex that marks the various artistic currents present in Italy. Here we can find the cloister of Paradise and the crypt of Sant’Andrea.
What to visit in Salerno

Are you passing through Salerno?

This area is known as the point of passage to reach Amalfi, or the most famous destination of the beautiful Amalfi Coast. However, we advise you not to limit yourself to overtake Salerno, but to stop a day or two to know the beauties it offers.

Places of cultural and artistic interest in Salerno

The history of Salerno begins thousands of years ago. This beautiful city contains many places of cultural and artistic interest. Its heritage boasts castles, beaches and secret places that only the Salerno know.

Being so little visited, not in many know what Salerno has to offer, but we of tourism Campania we want to advise you of places not to be missed absolutely if you are passing in Salerno.

The city was populated by Etruscans, Normans, Lombards and Romans. The Lombards even made it their capital. You also need to know that the first medical school in the world was born here. In the botanical garden there are both plants and herbs: This is the first place that you should definitely not miss.

The Guide to visit Salerno: Here's what to see

In addition, both Pompeii and Herculaneum and the temples of Paestum are just a short distance from the city. As you will discover thanks to our guide, Salerno does not only mark the border point with the Amalfi Coast.

  1. Minerva's Garden: Located in the historic centre of Salerno, you will have the unique opportunity to visit the oldest botanical garden in the world. During the 11th century, it was the point of reference for students of the Salerno Medical School. The place is immersed in the green and we are sure you will love it. The garden of Minerva is the place par excellence where to have a long romantic walk. Moreover, at its highest point it offers a panoramic view of the city and the Salerno coast;
  2. Beach of Santa Teresa: We are at sea, after all. How not to mention the beautiful beach of Santa Teresa? Thanks to the recent renovation, there is a solarium in which to relax. It is located in the historic centre of Salerno;

The cathedral is one of the focal points of the city

  1. Salerno Cathedral: Before the bath, or after, we advise you to begin to know better historical center. Here you can witness the magnificence of the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Angels. Italy has always been dominated by different peoples. The Cathedral of Salerno is the artistic consequence of the passage of the Arabs, of the Normans… in full Romanesque style, the façade is the maximum expression of Baroque art;
  2. The archaeological complex of San Pietro a Corte: The historic center of Salerno not only offers the cathedral and the beach of Santa Teresa, but also palaces of the Lombard era, a Christian cemetery, the Roman Baths… how not to falling? Walking for life in the center, you will realize that the cultural and artistic heritage of the city is truly immense;
  3. Pompeii and Herculaneum: Pompeii is probably one of the most popular points of interest by tourists from all over the world. The city was destroyed as a result of the eruption of Vesuvius. Even the nearby Herculaneum suffered the same tragic fate. Both are about 30 km from the city centre and are certainly worth a thorough visit.
What to eat in Salerno

Salerno is a magical city. Beyond the artistic and cultural heritage, if you are passing through the city, you can enjoy its dishes and the old recipes. The reason to eat in Salerno is very simple. Like every city in the Campania region, after all, it boasts a list of dishes and typical products really important.

Thanks to its delicacies, Salerno cuisine is a fabulous sensory experience. The city marks the boundary between the famous Amalfi Coast and the Cilentina coast: This means that in Salerno you will have the opportunity to try and get to know both kitchens.

How is the kitchen Salerno?

The Salerno cuisine obviously takes many influences from Neapolitan cuisine. However, it is not even fair to think that it is only the classic Neapolitan kitchen. In fact, the city and the province enjoy excellent culinary fame.

Salerno's food and wine identity is very precise and offers truly exceptional products. Many of the recipes we're going to list have found their fortune lately thanks to social networks: this is the case of the now famous Zizzona of Babu, very shared by the Facebook page of Casa sural.

Ready to lick your mustache? Follow our guide and you will not be disappointed with the passage into the city; There list both typical dishes, and the dessert that you will find more often in bars.

What are the typical dishes of the city of Salerno?

  • Lemon Delight: Thanks to the nearby Amalfi, Salerno has the possibility to ask for fresh lemons, the best in Italy along with those offered by the neighbouring Sicily. This cake was invented in 1978 by Carmine Mae in Sorrento. The interior is in sponge cake and is stuffed with lemon cream. We assure you that it is sensational;
  • The Zizzona of Babu: We have named it before and it is impossible not to taste at least once in your life. This great buffalo mozzarella has a soft heart inside. It is usually accompanied only by oil and toast;
  • The pizza "Carmine": Yes, we are near Naples. After all, Campania is famous all over the world for its pizza. In Salerno, however, pizzas are churning out very different from nearby Naples; The most famous pizza here is called Carmine. Its ingredients are tomato, bacon diced, mozzarella and basil. Who has tasted it ensures that this pizza is an explosion of flavors: it will simply fall in love with its texture. The Salerno pizza is thin and has a high cornice, as the tradition implies;

Let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful Salerno cuisine:

  • The suppressed of joys: we cannot but appoint this salami. Originally from Cilento, it is larded with a slat of lard. The production of the suppressed is identified in the country of the god Jupiter. It is normally served in the most famous trattorias of the city centre as an appetizer, along with local cheeses, such as buffalo mozzarella and milk cherries;
  • The Meveza Mbuttunata; This dish is especially prepared during the feast of St. Matthew. It's nothing but the padded spleen at the Salerno. You can order it along the trucks along the way: it is the street food par excellence Salerno.

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