The Wines of Naples


Campania is a land that is not only known for good food. Land of peasants, delicacies and rich in history and culture, this region offers some beauties that can rarely be admired elsewhere. What are the wines of Naples? The history of Naples originates in …


la pizza napoletana

Everyone loves it and everyone wants it at least once a week. What are we talking about? Of the famous Neapolitan pizza, of course (read the previous article). Pizza is the food that all agrees, but all of them: the whole of Italy owes a …

Vesuvius: History


All the bells, and more generally the Neapolitans, are fond of their beloved volcano. Vesuvius is awe-inspiring, but also beautiful: Thousands of tourists are fascinated and try to understand its history. Vesuvius is famous for reproduceing some of the worst volcanic eruptions in continental Europe. …

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