Caserta and surroundings

When we are visiting a city, we must not forget the presence of the villages or the nearby places of interest. We must admit that Campania has a very special territory, where every place has its own culinary characteristics and traditions.

It is really complicated to describe the surroundings of a city: think that Caserta has 23 provinces. They are not very few, considering that you often have little time to visit a place in its entirety.

Discover the surroundings of Caserta

How to do? So what are the most interesting and not to be missed proposals? If we appoint Caserta, we immediately connect it to the Bourbon Palace, which has nothing to envy at Versailles. To better visit the palace, are advisable at least three days, because there are numerous interesting places inside, such as the gardens, the Bath of Venus, the industrial city of Silk, the apartments of the royals.

Therefore, only the palace will "steal" part of your holiday, because it is impossible not to admire in its completeness. The path nature present, which will take you to the Roman ruins, is one of the most fascinating and evocative of the territory.

Bourbon Palace, Casertavecchia, Sanctuary of St. Michael the Archangel

Besides the palace, there is another very singular place around the city, and it is Casertavecchia. This medieval village will make you fall in love with its enormous historical charm and the panoramic view it offers. It's perfect for a romantic weekend and we suggest you leave it at the end of the holiday, to close the visit of the Caserta's surroundings.

Here you can visit the remains of the medieval castle and the Duomo of San Michele Arcangelo: There are some paths to reach Casertavecchia thanks to the shuttles that leave from the royal palace. The route is characterized by spectacular and enchanting streets, which, we are sure, will not make you weigh the walk, but make it even more beautiful. After all, the purpose of a holiday is to discover those characteristic points, far from being purely touristic.

Caserta is a province that gives strong emotions to tourists

Among other proposals of the surroundings of Caserta, we can find the sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo. The latter is located in the town of the city of the very close to Caserta. The sanctuary is not near the city, so it is a place of worship totally immersed in peace and tranquillity.

He was visited by John Paul II in 1992. On the mountain there is a statue dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary that the Pope blessed on the occasion of his visit. The mountain is easily accessible by car; You can also admire the splendid panorama of the Tifatini Mountains.

Not to be ignored is also C, a town of prehistoric origin: Over the years, there have been many archaeologists who have managed to come back numerous artifacts of the time. This historic village will guide you through the ages: to visit are also the numerous burial stones present. Although it was bombarded during World War II, today, C ' was perfectly rebuilt and is a beautiful village to rediscover, in search of the origins and customs of our ancestors.

The 5 most romantic restaurants of Caserta

Caserta is part of a fascinating historical context. Its culture is studied all over the world: every year, many tourists come to visit to explore the famous Bourbon Palace.

Those who wish to combine a scenic and artistic tour with the good food offered by the Caserta can take a look at the list of the five most romantic restaurants we have selected for you.

The most beautiful restaurants in and around Caserta

Between taverns and inns…

  • Antica Camasso: Via Mazzini, 55, Caserta. The service is very professional. You can taste pizzas, first and second courses, or order a nice round of appetizers of the place. There is a tasting menu in which you can discover the delicacies that the city offers. The owner will recommend you the wines to match with your sumptuous meal. There is a very special and exquisite attention to the customer, without ever being intrusive. The scenery is perfect for a romantic dinner. There is a space outside-we suggest you to book-in which to dine in intimacy. The dishes are presented in a very scenic way;

Are you looking for a nice place to dine with your sweet half?

The village of Casertavecchia is perfect

  • The Falcons ' Tower: via Linden, 75, Casertavecchia. Have you headed to the beautiful village and would like to stay for dinner? Casertavecchia is the perfect place to spend a romantic weekend. Even its locals have decided to take a pinch of magic from the village to offer its customers a sensational dinner, moonlight. This restaurant also has an outdoor pool, where you have a swim before lunch. The atmosphere is soft, the tablecloths are well set, the goblets of wine will be filled. From the menu we suggest you to taste absolutely the piglet, typical of the kitchen of Caserta;
  • Chess: Locality San Rocco, Casertavecchia. We decided to select the best restaurants in the place, to allow you to choose the best for you. Inside, Chess offers a truly enviable selection of wines. We advise you to book the table near the fireplace, to enjoy a lavish meal in the company of Fire. The food is refined and of high quality, a pearl that goes to sneak in the heart of the village of Casertavecchia. It is not a place for tourists: It is an inn for those who wish to taste the specialities of Caserta;

Looking for places of historical interest

After a ride downtown, a nice dinner with our soul mate

  • Antica Locanda: Viella Raimondo Barbera, 7/9, San Leucio. For those who have decided to make a hike to the Belvedere of San Leucio, we recommend to stop at this inn. The dishes are exquisite, the outside of the room is typically rustic. The menu is typical: Present the Fusilli to the fisherman, the Paccheri to the codfish, the tuna cut and the crumbled T-neck. The fish is always fresh;
  • La Locanda di Mimì: Largo banda, 5, Caserta. The Inns have a historic charm, offer excellent cuisine, typically homemade, and are perfect for a romantic dinner. This inn is located in the historic centre of Caserta. We recommend you to book dinner after discovering the streets of the city.
The Royal Gardens of Caserta

The Royal Gardens of Caserta are among the places immersed in nature recreated by man better cared for every little detail that you will ever visit. Designed and built by Luigi Vanvitelli, the gardens were strongly desired by Queen Maria Caroline of Austria, the wife of King Ferdinand IV.

Luigi Vanvitelli was helped for the realization of the project by the English gardener John Andrew Graefer: For this very reason, the Royal gardens are known all over the world as a splendid example of English gardens.

The history of the Royal Gardens of Caserta

Queen Maria Carolina spent all her fortune for the realisation of the Royal gardens. His intent was to obscure the fame of the Petit Trianon of Versailles, which had been wanted by Queen Marie Antoinette of France, the sister of Maria Carolina.

This garden extends for about 24 hectares of pure factor of nature. To achieve this, many workers were employed: begun in 1785, construction lasted very little time. There is almost nothing "natural": every pond, canal, Hill, everything you will encounter during a walk is designed by man.

The royal gardens were and are currently water-powered by the famous Carole Aqueduct, one of the most scenic and important constructions of the past.

Between orange groves and follies: Here's what you can see

In addition to the orange groves and the cultivation of specific plants, we can admire many follies: the latter was an English fashion that was conquering Europe. The follies were reserved for the pastimes of the royals, the small niches in which to relax and regenerate in contact with nature.

In the nineteenth century, the royal gardens were used as a real botanical garden of Caserta, thanks to the expert knowledge of botanists Gussone and Taheri.

Carlo Vanvitelli was very careful to realize the project of the gardens. Inside, there is a grove, which is normally called the Labyrinth. Here there is a pond of water lilies; Besides the latter, one can admire two areas of dense vegetation, alternating the typical characteristics of the nineteenth century, of romantic mould.

We can find a temple, of which there are now only remnants: a curiosity about it is that the columns used to support the temple were granite and came from the ruins of Pompeii.

We advise you to visit the Bath of Venus and the Cryptoporticus

Another purely scenic and spectacular place of the Royal Gardens is the Cryptoporticus. It is a place where you can relive a kind of fake "Roman ruin": In fact, it was built precisely with this intent. The goal was to grant the guests of the royals to deepen the Roman city. A very romantic place, which accentuates the perfection of the gardens.

At the end of your exploration, we advise you to head to the Bath of Venus. Here is a marble statue of Carrara, made by Tommaso Solari, which describes in a perfect way the scene in which Venus comes out of the water. There is also a small waterfall.

Visiting the Royal Gardens in one day is completely impossible, because there are so many treasures that lurk inside.

What to see in Caserta

Having a guide when you visit a city that you do not know enough is considered the norm. However, for those who do not want to bind to a predetermined path, it is useful to read articles that suggest tourists the most beautiful and fascinating places of the city that you intend to visit.

This is the case of Caserta, a place that we can admire and study for its history and culture that exudes from every corner.

Are you visiting Caserta? Here's what you don't have to miss

The only veto we put is that we will not only talk about the famous Bourbon Palace, or Caserta, as is best known to the public. Yes, many tourists are targeting the city, but they forget that there is much more in it and they immediately head for the royal palace.

Well, get ready to discover something more about the city of Caserta.

Surely, the Royal Palace of Caserta has a special charm. Here you can admire the historic apartments – the décor is in full Louis XVI style – The Royal Gardens, the English garden and the Venus Bath.

A little gem is that behind the bath of Venus, you can observe the Cryptoporticus. The latter is a representation of the ancient temple, now in ruins: It is a really moving scenario.

A look at the Masters of Silk: the Belvedere of San Leucio

Besides this, we recommend you to stop at the Belvedere of San Leucio. Starting from ' 700, here was one of the most famous silk factories in the world. Here you can locate the royal apartments, an Italian garden and the Weaver's house.

Many tourists decide to give us a jump to buy the artisan silks available along the shops that are on the way. A small gem is that from the external terrace of the Belvedere of San Leucio you can admire Caserta and even Vesuvius. If you are visiting the palace in spring, you will probably have the exclusive view on the islands of Capri and Ischia.

The visit to the Royal Palace of Caserta will probably be the whole day. We recommend that you stay in the city for a few more days and learn more about other characteristic places as well.

The lesser known places of Caserta: Casertavecchia, the Duomo and the Carolen Aqueduct

  • Casertavecchia: One of the most fascinating villages in Italy. Here you can spend a romantic weekend, full of great food and legends surrounding the village. The air is cool and the temperature stays stable throughout the summer. Wonderful panoramic view from the highest point of the village, bucolic, immersed in peace and calm.
  • Duomo of Casertavecchia: Of course, it is impossible not to visit at least once in your life. Of Romanesque-Gothic style, the Church of San Michele Arcangelo is one of the most fascinating places present in Caserta. Here you can celebrate weddings in the charming romantic setting. A gem is the restaurant by Mage, which will make you taste the typical dishes of the past.
  • Canice Aqueduct: It is a splendid construction, considered a masterpiece of the hydraulic engineering of past eras. At night, it lights up, offering tourists a really lovely view. Recently, it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
The Wines of Caserta

Caserta is not known all over Italy for the splendid Bourbon Palace, but to be home to culinary delights and truly exceptional wines. Today we'll deepen specifically its vines and what are the wines to taste.

The wines you can taste in Caserta: Discover more about the Vines

We will also tell you the characteristics, divided by taste, smell and texture to the palate. There are two wines among all that evoke in us rather peculiar sensations: Falerno and Preprino. These two viticultures are among the oldest in Italy: Known and appreciated all over the world, it is really difficult not to have stumbled upon at least once in the life in this wine.

The Casertan tradition originates from antiquity: its wines have a precise history and it is the same for centuries. It has never undergone any changes whatsoever and, moreover, the "more" that gives the wine the decisive taste is the volcanic soil.

The land of Caserta is perfect for the cultivation of grapes

Cultivating Vines is one of the greatest passions of the peasants of Caserta. Here, through knowledge and wisdom, we really create some rare wines in the world. The most used grapes of the Territory are the following: Aglianico, Primitive, Greek, Falanghina, Fox's Tail, black Pallagrello, Pallagrello Bianco, Caputo and Piedirosso.

  • The "Aversa": Vino DOC. To introduce the best, we can tell you that Louis Pierrefeu, the cellar of the court of Robert of Anjou, said that the land around the Caserta was perfect for planting the vines. In this way, the Angevin court was able to secure the best sparkling wines of the whole area. Its colour is straw yellow, it can present some green reflections. It has a very fruity smell, while the texture to the palate is the perfect combination between the dry and the fresh;

We have the Aversa, the Falerno of the Mass and the Gabby

  • Aversa wooded: This wine is also very characteristic. The color is a straw that varies depending on the maturation. The smell and the taste is similar to the Aversa, or a fruity aroma with hints of dry and characteristic;
  • This is impossible to mention. It is probably one of the most appreciated sparkling wines in the world, since the distant Angevin era. The production is only in Caserta and Naples. The color is very intense, while the smell is almost fine, a unique elegance. On the palate, you can feel very fresh notes;

Excellent proposals of red, white, rosé and primitive

  • Falerno of the Mass: we can quote three types of this wine, that is the white, the red and the primitive. All three are really good and have a very rare blend purity. Of course, you can also buy the reserves;
  • Gabby: Like the Falerno of the mass, we are faced with three other tripologie, but this time there is no primitive. For the Gabby, in fact, are available a white, a rosé and a red. Also in this case there are the reserves.

Currently, the wineries authorised for the production of DOC wines registered in Caserta and environs are more than 50. Each one offers a very special tasting course.

The Belvedere of San Leucio

In Caserta, every year, thousands of tourists are poured to visit the famous Bourbon Palace. Here you can appreciate many surrounding buildings, including the Belvedere of San Leucio, which we will discuss in depth today.

The Belvedere of San Leucio correlates among the most important buildings in the world, such as Buckingham Palace, the Quirinale, Palazzo Chigi and the White House. "How?", you will be wondering. Well, the silk of the Belvedere of San Leucio is among the most famous and appreciated in the world. Here you can buy in the handicraft workshops the famous silk.

The Belvedere of San Leucio: The famous Italian silk routes

Where is the Belvedere of San Leucio? Its location is to the northeast of the Bourbon Palace. The main objective of its construction was to have a place of recreation and "real Delights", in which you can appreciate nature and go hunting for wild boars. In fact, here, Charles de Bourbon, he served the surrounding woods for his famous boar hunt.

It was Ferdinand IV who wished to build the most important silk factory in the world for the time. In fact, it built a real weavers industry: here we will spend a few extra word, especially since Ferdinand IV granted work, education and health care to people who had nothing. A truly revolutionary act for the time, because it was trying to meet the most unfortunate people, guaranteeing them a better life and a safe job.

Ferdinandopoli's ambitious project: the silk industry and workers ' quarters

The silk factory was a kind of social experiment, in which orphans, widows and invalids could find security and a home. Then, the silk of the Belvedere of St. Leucio became a certainty for the bourbon crates, but it was also and above all a way to prevent many people from losing their lives on the streets.

Nowadays, you can visit the Silk Museum, where you can rediscover the ancient looms, which have been restored and even are functioning. In addition, there are the spinning mill and the Cuculliera for storage. You can also admire the districts of San Ferdinando and San Carlo: Here there are the workers ' quarters and the famous Weaver's house.

The ambitious goal of Ferdinand IV was to build a sort of Ferdinandopoli. From the viewpoint of San Leucio, of which was the centre, hundreds of roads had to start, and each one had to be used as Silk Road. Thanks to this work, Ferdinand IV dreamed of creating his own city, an important industry worldwide.

A place where many cultural and artistic events are held

The visit to the Belvedere of San Leucio is a must for those who want to discover the Bourbon Palace in the heart of its work. Today, the Belvedere is home to numerous cultural and artistic events. Poetry, painting and very important art lessons are held here.

In addition, Telethon often organizes its charitable dinners here, exploiting the splendor of the Belvedere.

What to eat in Caserta

At the only hearing to name "Campania", many do not struggle to imagine the exquisite food that can be found in all the cities present inside. From Naples to Benevento, from Avellino to Caserta, if we go on holiday in Campania we are sure to be well.

This, after all, is a prerogative of all Italy: each region has always handed down family to family all its secrets and its magic recipes. We should not be surprised, therefore, if ours is a typically popular cuisine, made with freshly harvested ingredients.

If you are in Caserta and you are interested to know a little ' its culinary tradition, in this article we will guide you in a path of flavors and smells unmistakable: those of good food, street, fried but also healthy.

A traditional and poor cuisine

To know the foundations of the cuisine of Caserta, we must take a step back: Despite the presence of the Bourbons, the people have never "tasted" their wealth, indeed. The Caserta have had to undergo various steps of peoples over the centuries, from the Lombards to the Aragonese, which were the main reasons why was abandoned Casertavecchia, the medieval village placed at 400 meters altitude.

The cuisine of Caserta, therefore, meets the typical favours of the Earth: among these, we can find in fact the eggplants and tomatoes, among the vegetables most exploited by the Caserta. Besides the classic Parmesan, which here meets a reinterpretation different from Sicilian, is very famous buffalo mozzarella.

The latter is the food par excellence Campania, but we assure you that each city has its own way of making mozzarella and that the Caserta belongs to the best ever tried.

We can also find the hinges: famous broth, considered typical of the festive season or winter Sundays. We can mention the Friarielli, which are cooked with garlic, oil and chilli and the traditional soups of tradition.

The great classics of the cuisine of Caserta

A poor kitchen, as you can see, but of a unique goodness.

Another very interesting dish, always tied to the ground, is the omelette of wild asparagus. There are many trattorias that offer it as an exquisite appetizer, together with the most classic buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes with a bright red colour. Among the first dishes, we advise you to order a soup or to opt for one of the first made of Friarielli and sausage.

This variation can also be found on the pizza; A combination of decisive and strong taste. In fact, all the ingredients bind together giving a very special taste to the dish.

The black Pig is the symbol of the cuisine of Caserta in the world: a goodness

For second, we advise you to opt for the Black Pig Caserta: a real goodness. The latter is probably the symbol of the cuisine of Caserta. Among the ingredients, apart from the black pig from Caserta, there are savory ricotta, creamed milk, Pontecorvo pepper and pepper powder. Don't you already have a mouth water?

Even the sweets are fantastic, we can find the great classics of the kitchen Bell, from Sfogliatelle up to the Baba stuffed or served with cream and Nutella.

Typical dishes of Caserta

Typical dishes of Caserta

Italy has a truly fantastic regional cuisine. Very often, just change city or country, make a few miles, and find yourself to taste some dishes that you did not know before. This is the case of the Casertan cuisine, which, yes, has the typical flour-bell of the region, but it just diverges.
Many of the dishes that we will talk about you probably do not know. When you think of Campania, associate the most famous foods, such as pizza, pasta with clams, the Baba, ignoring that behind there is a long list of recipes to lick your mustache!

What are the typical dishes of Caserta?

One of the first dishes that intrigued us very much is the Mnestra Mmaretata, which translates from the dialect with the married soup. This dish is typically winter and is to lick its whiskers: it is prepared with the ham bone and broth. Vegetables should be cooked with cheese. When the meat is ready, vegetables and cheese will be added: The taste you get is a truly exceptional flavor.

Another typical dish, of which you will surely never have heard, unfortunately, is the Cianfotta. It may remind you of a sort of Sicilian born-again, but it is no farther. The peppers are fried with garlic, onion, potatoes, tomatoes and aubergines. It must not be broth. It is an excellent contour, which can be accompanied with bread. A drug, insured.

In addition to the pizza, you can enjoy the first dishes really special

We move on to the second most famous of the city of Caserta. This is present in the various restaurants and is the classic dish of the feasts and Sundays: pork fillet with white sauce. This special fillet is very seasoned, thanks to the presence of aromatic herbs and bacon. It is faded into white wine, with the addition of salt, pepper, chilli and provolone. The fillet is rolled to the roll and is served with the olives. It's a kindness.

We are in Campania, after all, so it is impossible not to mention the fish dishes offered by the city. Among these, the most famous are Vesuvian prawns and Spaghetti salad with black clams. Both dishes represent a casertan excellence and you can order them in the fish restaurants.

The Fish kitchen is spectacular: Here are the shrimps at the Vesuvian

The prawns at the Vesuvian are prepared with onions, carrots and parsley. Salt, pepper and white wine are added. Thanks to this sauce, it exalts the taste of the sea and the shrimp in particular. You leccherete your mustache with exquisiteness!

Instead, the Spaghetti salad with black clams is prepared according to the tradition of the dish. The black clams are typical of the sea that bathes the Campania.

Let's take a last look at the sweets and we can not fail to mention the very, that are treated like gold here. Even the Sfogliatelle are very delicious. Well, being a region dedicated to sweetness, you can only appreciate their work.

The quality of Campania's products echoes throughout the world: in addition to the classic pizza, there is much more. We wish you a good appetite!

What to see in Caserta

Would you like to visit Caserta but have not made a list of places to see? You must know that the city Bell is famous for the Bourbon Palace, which in many define the "Versailles of Italy". The Palace of Caserta, in fact, is known to all: This is the first place we will deepen and that we recommend to visit.

Caserta: What are the places of greatest cultural interest?

The city has a secular history behind it. Of world importance, one has news from the Osci, Romans and Samnite. Already in 423 B.C. This town was entirely populated.

Caserta is located in the Campania region, and has nothing to send to the rest of the cities. Although small compared to the others, Caserta has its own voice and is really beautiful to visit.

The most common mistake, which many tourists make, is to go only to the palace, ignoring the other beauties present. We must warn you: Be prepared to discover the less known but equally fascinating places.

The Royal Palace of Caserta: a must

  • Reggia di Caserta: We all agree, of course, in saying that the glory of the city comes more from the palace. It was built in the eighteenth century by the then most famous architect and engineer Luigi Vanvitelli. The construction of the royal residence was requested by King Charles of Bourbon: hence the name Bourbon Palace. The palace is kept impeccable, following many restorations to maintain its high standard. It's really huge and you probably won't be able to visit it all in a matter of hours. We advise you to pay more attention to the English gardens, the Royal apartments and its Green Park, 3 km long. Here you can also see the great waterfall and the founded of Diana and the other.
  • Casertavecchia: If you love Medieval villages, you cannot visit this place. It is nothing short of stupendous and suggestive: it is located in a distance 10 km from the centre of Caserta, but it is worth it. It is practically located on the slopes of the Tifatini mountains. The beauty of the medieval villages in Italy is envied by all. Along the alleys, you can admire the artisans ' workshops, the old houses and breathe that typical air of history. Very good restaurants that offer a breathtaking panoramic view. If the weather is good, you would have the opportunity to admire the sea! You can also visit the cathedral and the monumental complex of the Annunziata;

Between medieval villages and the Duomo, you will be fascinated by the city

  • Duomo of Caserta: If you are in the city, you can not miss the Cathedral of San Michele Arcangelo, located in the center. In the Baroque style, it is one of the most beautiful places in the city. In the cathedral, there are several frescoes of unparalleled historical importance, such as the Triumph of St. Michael the Archangel on the Devil and the Three Marys at the Sepulchre and resurrection of Christ;
  • Calaone Aqueduct: Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is a place that you should visit when the sun goes down, when the lights come on and the panoramic view is very romantic. The bridges of the valley is the point where the aesthetics of the aqueduct are more concentrated. An unmissable and extremely elegant place.

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