Sannio European Wine Capital 2019

The municipalities of Castelvenere, Guardia Sanframondi, Sant’Agata dei Goti, Solopaca and Torrecuso win the coveted award

With the candidacy of the territory ‘Sannio Falanghina’, the five municipalities of the Beneventano were awarded by Recevin, the Community Network of 800 Wine Cities.

Since 2012, Recevin has been assigning the role of capital of the wine culture of the old continent to a different country every year. The winner thus becomes a promoter of the culture, landscapes and territories of wine. And this will be the role that the five Samnite cities will play throughout 2019, through a busy program of appointments, events, cultural and food and wine events.

The entire “Valle del Calore”, where 40% of the entire regional wine production is grown, will benefit from the attention that the whole of Europe will pay to organized initiatives.

The aim of the competition is precisely to highlight the influence of wine culture and wine tourism in the society, in the landscape, in the economy, in the gastronomy and in the heritage at an international level.

The declarations of the mayors

After the officialisation occurred in Brussels by the european Parliament, Floriano Panza, mayor of Guardia Sanframondi, said: “This is an historic date, not only for the five municipalities but for the whole Sannio and the Campania region. In fact, the five cities have presented a detailed dossier to be recognized european Wine City 2019 by Recevin, the European network of Wine Cities, formed by the national associations present in the eleven member countries ( Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Serbia) for a total of almost 800 cities across Europe.”

Equally pleased was Carmine Valentino, mayor of Sant’Agata dei Goti, who added: “A great chance, a great opportunity to anchor our territory to new opportunities and at the same time to raise the international knowledge of our land, our excellences and beauties. A unique challenge, to be grasped all the way. All together. With shared and innovative governance, with a strong and widespread prominence of good practices and the involvement of everyone, institutions, universities, agricultural world and associative one”.

This investiture represents for the whole Sannio a significant recognition of the historic connection of this land with the wine. It rewards the productions of excellence that arise from the sacrifices of passionate winemakers. Their work is fundamental not only for the production of excellent wines, but also for the valuable role of sentinels of a quality territory.

The ‘Sannio Falanghina’ project

According to the mayors of the cities involved, the project “aims to strengthen awareness activities for the culture and tradition of wine, involving enterprises, citizens and the whole territory in activities to promote the wine resource. And it aims to preserve natural and landscape resources through sustainable development of the territory.”

There are 120 actions and activities presented in a rich dossier by the network of municipalities. About twenty cities involved, including Benevento itself, for the implementation of events that will not only be promotional but also a driver for the development of the culture of hospitality.

The Sannio is a territory full of riches, with a great history that has left testimonies of ancient people. These include the Samnites, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Longobards and the Normans.

And the mayors, aware of the heritage guarded by their lands, say: “We must be good not only to make these riches known: we must open the doors of our territory, pamper the visitors, making them feel welcomed in a community that want to communicate their values, their culture, their way of life. Working in this 2019 will represent a turning point for our territory, for its development also in terms of tourism”.

Wine-related events

Waiting for the officialization of the events planned in the rich program presented on the occasion of the candidacy. We at Turismo Campano want to remind you about the historical events that in summer are organized by the five common winners and where the absolute protagonist is wine:

  • Castelvenere: La festa del Vino, also known as the “Sagra del Vino”, founded in 1977, and Cantine al Borgo which has as its location the Tufa cellars of the old town.
  • Guardia Sanframondi: Vinalia, a food and wine festival held in August in the streets of the characteristic old town, where dozens of wineries and farms make taste their products.
  • Solopaca: Festa dell’Uva, of ancient origins (17th century), is held on the second Sunday of September, and includes a parade of grape-lined floats set up in the country’s wards.
  • Torrecuso: VinEstate, formerly known as the “Sagra del Vino Aglianico”, is held in the first week of September and celebrates the renowned wines produced in Torrecuso accompanied by a tasty gastronomy of local products.
  • Sant’Agata dei Goti: Suoni di Terra, a multicultural festival that takes place between the last week of August and the beginning of September in the so-called “Perla del Sannio”.
Discovering the most beautiful gardens in Campania

Quiet and nature anti-stress remedies. We are looking for gardens where to spend free time surrounded by trees and flowers

Work and daily routine weaken not only the body but especially the mind. Finding places to relax becomes essential to regenerate and to be able to face with new forces the “struggles” of every day. Reading a book in the open air, walking on the meadows, running through the trees or simply observing plants and flowers, are activities that improve our lives in every way.

Turismo Campano will guide you to discover the most beautiful gardens in Campania where you can rest and at the same time live beautiful emotions in close contact with nature.

Our region is rich in green oases, we have chosen for you some of the most important and fascinating, both in the most strictly naturalistic and historically – landscape point of view.

Parco Virgiliano – Napoli


From the top of the Headland of Posillipo, Parco Virgiliano dominates the Gulf of Naples. Its prime location allows you to enjoy breathtaking views. Placed on the most advanced rocky outcrop of the hill, it allows you to admire, walking or stopping, in one of the many belvedere enchanting places. Suffice it to say that its terraced structure allows you to observe, not only the coast of Posillipo and the Flegrea area from Pozzuoli to Cape Miseno, but even the whole of the Sorrentine Peninsula from Vesuvius to Sorrento. In the blue of the sea you will also see the islands of Capri, Procida, Ischia and Nisida.  The park is much loved by Neapolitans precisely because it allows you to spend free time in the green breathing pure air, away from the noise and smog of the city. Inside you will find rich vegetation, characterized by centuries-old trees, such as holm oaks, olive trees and then oaks, pines, myrtle plants, rosemary and fillirea.

Spending a day immersed in the Mediterranean bush will undoubtedly be very pleasant, it is the ideal place to practice jogging or other sports, there are in fact a sports facility with a football field and an athletics track. There are a lot of bars and kiosks for refreshment. In short, a real oase of pleasure, to live alone, with the family or with your four-legged friend!

Free admission

Address: Viale Virgilio – 80123 Napoli


Tel: 0817953613 | 08119706082

Opening times:

October 1 – April 30 from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and until 10 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

May 1 – June 20 from 7 a.m. to 2 4 p.m.

June 21 – September 30 from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Orto Botanico di Napoli


Sometimes you don’t need to leave the city to dive into the greenery and surround yourself with plants of all species. This is what happens if you choose to visit the Botanical Garden of Naples. It is in fact located in the heart of the city, along the historic Via Foria and next to Palazzo Fuga. And it’s the proximity to the traffic and the city’s chaos that makes it a real fairytale place. The peace, the silence and the scents you will find inside will make you live a daydream. It is one of the largest and richest gardens in Italy. A true pearl for its immense heritage of herbaceous, arboreal and shrub species, from all over the world. Almost all the specimens of flowers existing on earth are admirable in this fairytale garden.

Your visit will follow thematic paths and gardens: desert plants, poisonous ones, beach plants, orchards, citrus fruits, Mediterranean, plants mentioned in the Bible, are just some of the paths you can take. Greenhouses at different temperatures and other historical structures, now used as museum and exhibition venues, will allow you to admire plant species of every place on earth but also from past eras. A journey into the heart of nature that is truly unmissable.

Free admission

Open to the public Monday to Friday with the following times: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To visit it, you need to call (-39) 081-2533937, leaving your last name and specifying the number of people who will visit the Garden. This can also be done on the same day of the visit.

Important: on public holidays the Garden is closed.

Giardino segreto di Airola – Benevento

airola property

Il Giardino Segreto Airola is born from the dreamlike vision of its creator, the architect Giovanni Ianniello. A veritable terrestrial paradise, with its  fourteen thousand square meters of extension, the garden welcomes about 16,000 plants and 300 animals from 53 countries. In the heart of Sannio, just a few kilometres from Benevento, you can visit a truly amazing place. Both animal and plant species are collected in thematic areas that reproduce seven types of garden: the Japanese garden, the Chinese, the English, the Australian (unique in Italy), the Mediterranean, the dry, the tropical and the aromatic herbs. The organization of the garden is constantly evolving, many new things in the pipeline, but it already represents now a unicum for passion and attention to detail. You can’t miss this opportunity to admire exotic animals up close and spend a day in a fairytale garden. It’s also ideal for kids.

Address: Via Lavatoio, 38 – Airola (BN)

Opening times: Saturday and Sunday is open to the public; . Sunday opening: 3pm (winter) – 6pm summer – 5pm (spring and autumn) or by reservation. Closed from January to mid-March.

Price: 5.00 euros including guided tour

Giardini la Mortella – Ischia

garden the mortella

The island of Ischia is home of one of the most distinctive gardens of the whole peninsula. The Mortella is undoubtedly a wonderful and indispensable place for those who are looking for quiet and beauty. It is divided into two parts: a lower garden, in the so-called Valley, and an upper garden on the Hill, characterized by terraces with dry walls. Really vast the amount of exotic and rare plants included in this garden that extends over 2 hectares. It is now recognized by all the experts in the field its value, for variety and richness of the collections present, enough to consider La Mortella a kind of real botanical garden. The gardens were created in the late 1950s at the behest of the noblewoman Susana Walton, wife of the English composer Sir William Walton. In addition to the stunning views of the beautiful Bay of Forio, there are some corners of the gardens: for example, the three tropical greenhouses, the ‘Victoria House’, where the Amazonian Victoria, the Temple of the Sun and the Orchid’s Greenhouse are cultivated, where it can be admire the Miltassia Lady Susana Walton, a new orchid hybrid named after the creator of this lovely place. At first we talked about the search for peace and in fact in the most hidden area of the garden you will find the Thai Hall, a place dedicated to meditation and solitude, which takes up the structure of Thai temples.

Address: Via Francesco Calise, 45 80075, Forio d’Ischia (NA)

Garden entrance: 12.00 – Entire

Opening Days: Tuesday-Thursday – Sunday

Opening times: 9am-7pm

tel: .39 081-986220

Il Giardino della Minerva – Salerno


Let’s finish our short guide with Il Giardino della Minerva. A corner of peace and beauty that stands out on the top of the old town of Salerno. It was created in the 18th century by Dr. Matteo Silvatico, a well-known physician of the illustrious Scuola Medica Salernitana, the oldest medical University in the world. And it is precisely the connection with the historic University that has characterized the structure of this garden, which is one of the very first examples of a botanical garden. The original idea and the impression you will still have today is that of an educational space where doctors taught students to recognize the “semplici”, that are the plants used to treat diseases. In fact, there are many references to the healing value of the plants and herbs present. Rare and exotic species, all united by their medicinal properties. Many of these were already known in the Middle Ages and it is precisely from this era that you can admire some recently painted tiles during excavation operations. A breathtaking view of the entire Gulf of Salerno helps make this paradise a timeless eden. Don’t miss the opportunity to sip one of the herbal teas made with the plants of the garden, in the characteristic herbal tea house overlooking the sea.

Address: Via Ferrante Sanseverino

Ticket: 3€

info : 39 089.252423 www.giardinodellaminerva.it

Weekend in Benevento

This beautiful resort offers the opportunity to spend a weekend in the name of history, art, culture and entertainment. Obviously, let's not forget the good food that you can taste!

The Samnite capital boasts a centuries-old history: This place has been the crossroads of several peoples, but it was the Sunni that made it fascinating and rich in culture as we know it today. Benevento is the fifth largest capital of Campania, however it has far more ancient origins than the rest of the cities.

A weekend in Benevento? Here's what to do

Originally, we were able to know about the history books with the term of "miseventum", or the wind of bad luck: It was the Romans who gave them this name, for the defeats obtained by this people. Only following the victory of the Battle of Pirro, she returned to be called Benevento.

Spending a weekend in Benevento is ideal for tourists who like to go hunting for finds of Roman origins. For example, the Roman amphitheatre offers many shows, especially during the Saturday evening, where you can enjoy and spend a few hours in the name of fun.

Of course, it is obligatory to take a tour of its historical centre, where you can admire the Duomo and the Trajan's arch. Among the places of cultural interest, we suggest you to spend a few hours at the theatre: here there are the Teatro Comunale Vittorio Emanuele and Teatro De Simone. Keep an eye on their sites to find out what shows are in town at the time of your arrival. Besides these places, you can visit the Rocca dei Rectori, the church of Hagia Sophia and the Museo del Sannio.

Between art, history and fun

For those who like to walk and immerse themselves in nature, we recommend a visit to the Zoo delle Maitine, in the province of Benevento, near the Samnite Peach, in Via Fontana of the eye. There is also an area equipped to farm, where you will have the opportunity to stay in contact with the animals and to know their habits.

It is impossible not to be fascinated even by the Beneventan kitchen. Here you will taste products of the territory, especially connected to the land: it is a poor kitchen, of peasants and of breeding, but so good to lick the whiskers. Excellent is also the selection of wines strictly doc, as for example the Solopaca.

A tasting course where to taste the specialties Beneventane

If you spend a weekend in the city, you should know that Benevento is known above all to be close to the famous liqueur witch. The story that binds the witches to this wonderful city has seen her protagonist since the dawn of her birth: many of them used to meet in the surroundings of Benevento, near a tree, now known as their "seat".

We can not but mention the nightlife of Benevento: When the Sun Falls, the city is dressed in life and lights. The choices are up to you: You Can dance until late at night in a famous disco in the city, or choose to head towards a farm and try one of the many tasting routes in the area, including wines and great food with a homemade look.

What to visit in Benevento

There is a lot to say about the city of Benevento. This place has a very important history for Campania and Italy. Benevento has been the seat of many battles, has seen the succession of many peoples, and each of them has left a trace in what is a real city of art.

In ancient times, Benevento was known as the term of the bad eventum. It was the Romans who bucklinged this name to the city, after the defeat by the Sunni, who for a long lived in the province.

Benevento: Here's a little bit of its history

Another of the reasons why Benevento is so well known is because it has always been regarded as the city of witches. A number of witch trials have been held here in the dark times; It is still rumored that these last ones are found near a tree at the gates of the city.

In addition to the urban legends and history, Benevento offers very many cultural and historical attractions. Its artistic heritage is renowned and appreciated by tourists. If you are reading this article, however you will be wondering what places to visit in the city, or what not to miss.

We advise you to start from the old Town, where the main story of this city winds. The first place to visit is certainly the inevitable Duomo, whose construction dates back to the 12th century. You think during the bombing of 1943, it was destroyed.

The Duomo: One of the most interesting points of the city

Another point of interest is the Campanile: the latter was built around 1279. Besides this, you can also head to the Diocesan Museum: Here are the fragments of the central gate of the Duomo that were destroyed during the Second World War. The Life of Christ is depicted in the fragments.

Always inside the cathedral, you can visit the crypt: Inside there are some really beautiful frescos.

Impossible not to mention is also the Capitular library, which contains parchments, Antifonari and medieval codes.

Speaking of Benevento, it is imperative to mention the Roman theatre, whose construction was requested by the Emperor Hadrian. It is well preserved and is home to numerous artistic and cultural events. It is present, of Roman origin, also the arch of Trajan: the latter was erected to celebrate the extension of the Via Appia, which connected Benevento and Brindisi.

Here's what to see in Benevento

Other places of interest are the following:

  • Church of Hagia Sophia: It was an ancient Benedictine abbey. It was the Lombards who contributed to his training. Inside, there are many frescoes dating back to the 8th century;
  • Museo del Sannio: Near the Church of St. Sophia, it was opened in 1873. His task was to collect all evidence of the passage of the Samnite.

Benevento is not only history and culture. The city opens to its tourists also from the night point of view. You can let yourself be conquered by the Trattorias or the nightclubs that open in the evening to allow anyone to relax.

The shopping street is also great, which is the main city.

5 Romantic Restaurants in Benevento

Are you or are you from Benevento and looking for some romantic restaurants in which to bring your he or her to amaze you with an evening dedicated to relaxation and great food? We have compiled a list of wonderful and unmissable places!

Here are the five most romantic restaurants in Benevento

  • Dionisio: This restaurant is located in Via Alfonso de Blasio 3/11, in Corso Garibaldi. It is ideal for a romantic dinner or lunch with your sweet half. Inside, the structure of the stone arches further embellishes the room, giving a magical and special air. In addition to the location, it is fair to mention the great food that you can taste. From the appetizer until dessert, it is all strictly sannio. His dishes are often at 0 km. It offers a delicious first of black spaghetti, typical of the place, which we recommend absolutely to taste. It is the ideal place for a romantic dinner, by candlelight. Moreover, it is located right in the historical centre of Benevento: After, a long walk will make you digest, while admiring the art;

A dinner at the tavern for an unforgettable evening in the streets of the old town

  • The Stables: located in Via Castello. Everyone wants to have the opportunity to eat in a castle and here you can do it. The staff is very friendly and helpful and will treat you like royalty and queens. One of the first more details, that you should try, is the basket of pasta alla genovese… no, it is not native to Genoa. It's a very good meat-based condiment. The castle of the Lamb will make you live a dream dinner, we are sure;
  • Cotton Club Osteria: The address is Via Giovanni de Vita, 16. There are many couples who appreciate dinner or lunch in an inn. These rooms are typically narrow, in wood or stone, and offer a very respectable home cooking, which often beats the starry dishes. You should definitely take a leap into this beautiful place. Between typical dishes and the very good wine list, you'll enjoy a romantic dinner for two;

Between farmhouses and castles: Here's where to go

  • The tricline of the Faun: The address is Contrada Pino. This location is nothing short of a dream. The view of the city of Benevento will make you live an unforgettable evening. The outline looks like a picture, a postcard, in which you will be the protagonists of the evening. The dishes are extremely refined and the cuisine is high-class, but without forgetting the products of the land, of which Benevento is generous;
  • Casale San Lorenzello: You can visit this place in Via San Marco, in San Lorenzello. We move, this time, to a place just outside Benevento. A farmhouse is always ideal for a couple: we can consider a romantic getaway from the city. The place is very quaint, the farmhouse is stone and it is really well maintained. Like any self-respecting farmhouse, it has a list of dishes to km 0 and local products. Excellent appetizer, with its salami and cheeses. Delight yourself with great homemade food and a day immersed in nature and quiet.
The wines of Benevento

Campania, as well as being the home of good food, is considered excellent for the wine list offered by the various regional capitals. Today we will talk about the wines of Benevento, which are really special and deserve a deepening.

We can quote first the Aglianico and the Falanghina: they are in many the autochthonous vines present in the Benevento. The preparation of the typical wines has been passed down for centuries by the family fathers.

The wines you can taste in Benevento and surroundings

These wines are the perfect expression of the territory of Benevento, which offers some really interesting delicacies. Being located in the Apennine hinterland of Campania, Benevento is historically and culturally fascinating, as well as being perfect for the cultivation of vines. Considered the homeland of Samnite, you can enjoy red, white and rosé wines of excellent quality.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate and the hilly territory, the cultivation of grapes grows strong, and it is precisely for this reason that you get some wines with a decided flavour.

Here is an approximate list of wines Beneventani

Below we will provide you with a list in which we will present the most important characteristics of the wine, namely its colour, its smell and its flavour:

  • Guardiolo Aglianico: It is wine DOC. The color is ruby red, its intensity depends on the maturation. At the first taste, you will feel a full bodied wine, very dry, that fits the palate. With regard to the smell, it is particularly pleasant;
  • Sannio Aglianico: We are in front of another wine DOC. Here the color is intense thanks to the fermentation. It should tend to the ruby. The smell is characteristic of the red, reminiscent of a fruity. The flavor, however, varies depending on the maturation: it could be soft or full bodied;
  • Falanghina: More wine DOC. There are two different types of denominations: Passito or sparkling wine. The color tends to be straw, the intensity, as always, is to ripen. The smell is very fruity. The taste of the wine could be dry or slightly sour. Freshness is a typical feature;
  • Sannio Barbera: DOC wine of ruby red colour, the smell is typically floral. Its flavour is divided into two parts, depending on the grape: dry or sweet;

A wide selection of reds, rosés and whites: What do you prefer to taste?

  • Sant'Agata dei Goths Aglianico: wine DOC whose colour can be red or tending to garnet. The odor can be defined as harmonic and persistent. Excellent also the taste, very balanced, almost tannic;
  • Solopaca Aglianico: Wine DOC, really interesting. The color is the ruby, while the smell is particularly vinous and pleasant. For its flavor, we can say that varies from dry to soft, slightly velvety.
  • Taburno Bianco: The DOC wine par excellence. The color is straw, the intensity of which grows with the fermentation. It has a particularly delicate smell and its taste is fresh and dry.

Each of these wines has different nuances. For example, there is also the Sannio Fiano, the Greek Sannio, the Sannio Moscato, the Sannio Piedirosso and the Sannio rosé. List all the excellences of the wines of Benevento is impossible, because they are many: we advise you to start from our list.

Benevento and surroundings

We have spoken to you previously about the most interesting places in Benevento. However, it is good to know that even the surroundings of Benevento deserve a thorough visit.

Often, when we visit a city, we do not consider the neighbouring countries, but it is a mistake. Because in the case of Benevento, you will find magnificent places, where you can taste typical products and know the origins of Padre Pio.

In addition, we will take you to Solopaca, home of wines and oil, and to Montesarchio, where people have long protected themselves from wars.

Montesarchio: A historic city that marks the passage of Samnite

Montesarchio: A beautiful city, which was built by the Samnite, the people that made Benevento its capital. The translation of Montesarcis, or Montesarchio, literally means fortified mountain, for the very favorable geographic position. Being on a promontory, throughout history, Montesarchio has always been very important.

Following the Roman invasion, the latter used Montesarchio to alert the neighboring countries of the arrival of sworn enemies. There were several wars here, the last happening during fascism. There are many monuments here, mostly buildings of which there are only remnants of the glory that it was. In the twentieth century, an inscription was found in Drusus and a statue;

Pietraroja: A journey to discover the typical products of the Territory

Pietraroja: This charming place is located on the slope of Mount Mutria. This village is predominantly mountainous; There are many typical products that come from here.

Probably, this is also of Samnite origin as Montesarchio. Here the climate is not like in the rest of Campania, but the temperatures remain stable even in summer, assuring a fresh very pleasing to tourists.

It is a must visit Pietraroja especially for the quaint place where the country is located and for the truly exceptional cuisine. Famous its cheeses and its sausages, that make the kitchen Beneventan an excellence. If you are in the surroundings, do not forget to visit the Geo-paleontological Park, where you can admire fossils of 200 million years ago;

Pietrelcina: The country where even the stones speak of Padre Pio

Pietrelcina: Everyone knows this place, because it is the place where Padre Pio was born. Pietrelcina is the ideal destination for all religious, but also for those who are not faithful: here it is possible to breathe a different air, probably due to the “presence” of the saint. Padre Pio has loved Pietrelcina, and everything here speaks of him and tells us his story. A destination that can not be missed in the cultural baggage of all travelers. You will have the opportunity to visit the birthplace of Padre Pio, the sacred Church of the Capuchin friars and the ancient village, a point of the well-kept and fascinating city, where Padre Pio walked the Rosary;

Solopaca: The first time he was named Solopaca was called Surupaca, or with the opaque sun. This country has grown thanks to the land, where olives, cherries and grapes have always grown. Among the most appreciated wines, we can quote Solopaca and Sannio, Strictly DOC. It seems to have been inhabited since prehistoric times. Over the centuries, they undermined Samnite and Romans.

Photo: http://borghipiubelliditalia.it/project/montesarchio/

What to see in Benevento

Benevento is a city that all travellers should visit at least once in their lives. Like every city with secular history, here you can find myths, legends and secrets. The history of Benevento begins a long time ago; He saw the passage of peoples like the Lombards and Sunnis.

The beauty of Benevento is linked to the mysteries of the city

The latter even made Benevento their capital. Instead, the Romans defined it as "miseventum", because they were defeated by the Samnite, in the famous battle of the Caudine Forks. Only afterwards, Benevento was again known by its Latin term Beneventum, or when the Romans finally managed to beat the Sunni.

A small curiosity related to Benevento is that forks Caudine still indicates someone who has suffered a defeat without equal.

One of the most famous legends circulating in Benevento would be linked to the presence of the witches. It seems that these last met near the river Saturday, right next to a walnut tree. The famous liquor "witch" owes its name to the legend that revolves around the witches; Today, it is believed that "they watch" on the city.

The Roman monuments present in the city are in excellent condition

The Romans obviously left a sign of their passage to Benevento; It is possible to visit many monuments of the time, including the Greek Theatre and the Trajan's arch. And so we offer you a mini guide on places of cultural and artistic interest to visit absolutely in the city, bearing in mind that they are only some of the excellences present in the city and that Benevento is rich in art and history.

  • Trajan's Arch: we appointed him a while ago, and it is in fact one of the most imposing and important monuments present in Benevento. High 15.60 meters wide and 8.69, it is possible to admire in the center an inscription that weaves the praises of the great emperor Julius Caesar. Moreover, it is perfectly kept, although its construction is traced back to 114 A.D., as a celebratory act for the opening of the Trajan Street;
  • Roman Theatre: It was built in the second century. It was Adriano who strongly wanted his construction; It was later enlarged by Caracalla, famous especially for the construction of the thermal baths. Home to numerous concerts for the excellent acoustics, the theatre has been closed for a long time until 1957. Because? Well, its existence is a "recent" Discovery: It was 1890, and on the Roman theatre, over the centuries, numerous houses were built. From 1957, you can admire it;

The Church of Saint Sophia: a place that encloses the characteristics of various artistic eras

  • Church of Saint Sophia: we had specified it before, after all. Italy has always been subject to numerous invasions, after and during the Roman Empire. It is no exception to Benevento, which also hosted the Lombards. This church, in fact, was conceived and built by them. It is considered one of the most singular churches in Italy, because of its construction, not in line with the typical Lombard era. Later, it was restored twice, especially after the earthquake of 1688. Some characteristic was added during the restoration phase of the Baroque era.
What to eat in Benevento

In Campania we eat impeccably and it is a thing known to all: tourists from all over the world storm the region and the dishes Campania are exported to celebrate their excellence. The pizza is probably the most famous dish in the world, and each country has made it an integral part of its culture.

Typical dishes of the Samnite tradition

A symbol of italianity, fascination and mystery, pizza is not the only dish in Campania that will make you lose your head. Today we want to talk about Benevento; Still today, it refers to its cuisine with the term "Samnite", for the importance that this people had in the capital.

The Samnite cuisine is mainly composed of typical and natural products, collected in the territory. Many of these dishes have been revisited over the centuries; They were handed down from their mothers to their daughters who would one day take care of the house.

Each Samnite recipe has a special taste, which is difficult to find in other types of kitchens. Benevento, after all, has suffered the invasion by many peoples, like the Lombards, the Romans, but the Sunni have left a decisive imprint, a bit like it was for Sicily with the Arabs.

What to eat in Benevento?

If you are passing through Benevento, you will have the opportunity to taste many first courses, which required in the past times a quick preparation and gave a lot of substance especially to those who took care of the fields.

We can say that the Samnite cuisine is almost a chemical kitchen: Each step must be performed perfectly, each ingredient provides a right dose, without which the dish would not be so good.

The kitchen is typically familiar. We start from the famous married soup, which in the variant of Benevento presents Pietraroja ham, salted pork, lard and chilli. It is a dish of the festivities, but not only: the Trattorias of the Centre offer it as first dish especially in winter.

Homemade Pasta and Caciocavallo: two delicacies

We pass to the famous fusilli, which are made strictly by hand, thanks to the help of the molten: they are seasoned with the ragout, and it is not that Bolognese. The Samnite sauce includes tomato sauce, meat chops and pecorino cheese from Zyl. Also very good pasta with cauliflower or lasagna with chickpeas, a variant that will delight you.

Among the second, the most famous dish is the Ammugliatielli, or the lamb innards seasoned with various aromas and spices. Among the delicacies with which to accompany the meat, we can quote:

  • fried or stuffed peppers;
  • Porcine mushrooms from the Mutri.
  • Fried artichokes of Pietralcina.

Impossible not to mention is the Caciocavallo silane D.O.P., which has a sweet or spicy flavor based on its maturation. Home to cheese, meat and pasta and tasty soups, Benevento, we are sure, will not disappoint you.

Wander around the center of the city: the many Trattorias present offer products of a certain thickness. Each ingredient is fresh, newly harvested or caught. Order a plate of Cecatielli and Pazzarielli, typical Samnite pasta made by hand. You will not regret it.

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