5 places to visit absolutely in Avellino

Avellino is a very charming city, rich in history and noteworthy artistic points of note. Like every city in Campania, it offers a lot of positives in every sector: from the kitchen to the tourist guides, you will find yourself in a city that will captivate you.

The magnificent city of Avellino: peace, history and tranquillity

This place is notoriously quiet, full of peculiar and personal characteristics. Avellino is surrounded by greenery: it is not a purely urban city. For this reason, you may find yourself making long hikes in the mountains.

The city is linked to its past, of which it keeps alive many traditions and it has never been conquered by the craving of man building. Its air is pristine, its charm derives from the aesthetics of its buildings and the calm with which you can visit.

In addition to the churches and cathedrals, you can be amazed by the high concentration of farmhouses: being immersed in the peace of the green, there are many who offer their customers the attractions purely in contact with nature.

Here we are surrounded by the mountains: Picentini, the Montevergine, the massif of the mountain… and first of all we suggest you to take long walks around Avellino.

What to visit in Avellino: the most characteristic places

One of the most enchanting and exclusive places on the Avellino soil is the sanctuary of Montevergine, located on the massif. The latter is the destination of many tourists every year: its world renown makes it perfect for the most religious, but also for those who study art and are fascinated by paintings.

To reach the sanctuary, you can embark on two roads: from Ospedaletto d ' Capinoo or thanks to the funicular, which starts from mahi. The first route involves the exploration of numerous lanes and woody paths that are really beautiful and scenic.

However, the Avellino beauty does not culminate with the sanctuary: the Cathedral of the Duomo of Santa Maria Assunta and of San Modesto is also worth a visit. San Modesto is also the patron saint of the city, and the celebrations are held on February 14th.

The traditions of Avellino: Religious Cults and events

A very nice and noteworthy event is the procession of the assumption: the popular tradition keeps alive this tradition, which has been happening for a very long time.

The symbol of Avellino is the clock tower: Over the years, it has been severely tested by earthquakes, in 1668, in 1742 and the last in 1980, where the city had numerous problems and irreparable damage.

The tower rises in the sky; Its height is 36 meters. Among other things, we can mention the fountain of Bellerophon, known by the term of Fontana of Constantinople or Caracciolo.

If you are visiting with your children, you may think to head along Corso Vittorio Emanuele: Here you will find the Church of the Holy Rosary and the Villa Comunale. The latter offers in particular the attractions suitable for the little ones. After a visit to the city, it is good to eat in a place immersed in greenery and tranquillity. Your children can play in the playground dedicated to them.

Weekend in Avellino

To visit a city well, it is advisable to spend at least a weekend. The classic "Hit and run" Italian is one of the most popular holidays, especially because we have wonderful places, that allow us to discover always new attractions. Avellino is no exception: If you are considering spending a weekend in this location, below we will give you information on how to fill your time.

On Saturdays and Sundays they translate with fun and relaxation. Avellino is no exception and offers several places to see and discover, in search of its ancient origins and of its best kept monuments.

Of course, every tourist's first wish is to visit the historic centre of a city. In this respect, we Italians are very famous all over the world to offer wonders located right in the heart of the cities from secular history. In Avellino it is impossible not to dedicate a few hours to the rediscovery of its historical center, among churches, monuments and artisans ' shops where you can buy souvenirs.

A weekend in Avellino: Here's what to do

One of the first steps that we recommend is the Duomo. Here you can have breakfast in the surrounding bars, with a coffee and the excellent Bell pastry shop. The Duomo is located in the most ancient and important part of Avellino, known as the Hill of the Earth. The Duomo is consecrated to Santa Maria Assunta and San Modesto: The latter is the patron saint.

Among the buildings of historical interest that we suggest you to visit, always on Saturdays, is the Church of Santa Maria of Constantinople – rebuilt entirely after the earthquake of 1732 – and the ruins of the castle of Malik.

The Ragged Lake: a place of peace and relaxation for those who love nature

Obviously, speaking of Avellino, we can not refrain from advising you a visit to Montevergine, where you can make a prayer to the sanctuary of Our Lady. Here is a picture of Our Lady, 4 meters high. For those who want to immerse themselves in nature, we recommend a visit, maybe on Sundays, to the Ragged Lake.

The latter provides an equipped and structured part for any eventuality. You can rent a bike and take a tour of nature, think of taking a bath in the hottest seasons or indulging in the peace of the senses.

Do you prefer to go dancing on a Saturday night or a tasting route?

Avellino offers different solutions for tourists: Whether you are fond of trips or outings, or nightlife, here you will not be disappointed.

In the city there are several nightclubs, such as the Maeba Glam Club, where you can relax while listening to great music and having a cocktail. For those who are a lover of trattorias and restaurants, Avellino does not even sin in this. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful cuisine of the Campania, including pizzas, first courses and spectacular desserts.

Spending two days in Avellino and visiting its beauties will allow you to understand the history of this fascinating territory. The choice on how to set the holiday is only yours: Are you a lover of walks? The Ragged lake awaits you. Or do you prefer to make a tasting course of its delicacies?

The 5 most romantic restaurants of Avellino and province

A romantic dinner serves to celebrate an anniversary, or an important day for the couple. However, it may not be so: in every day, after all, we could celebrate love! To get it right, you need the right restaurant.

Where to have a romantic dinner in Avellino

If you are from Avellino and its surroundings, or you are in this location, and you are trying to do some clarity about its romantic restaurants, this article is definitely for you. We chose mixed restaurants, based on the varied tastes of all.

This means that you will find the elegant restaurant, yes, but also inns and trattorias, for those who prefer a more intimate and rustic ambience.

What are the most romantic restaurants in Avellino and surroundings?

  • Locanda della Luna: It is located in Via in the street of San Giorgio del Sannio. This inn is a perfect location for those who want to spend a wonderful evening at two. The food is great; A taste experimentation that leaves your mouth open. The place is taken care of in detail. The raw materials used for the preparation of the dishes are really spectacular. It is noted that many couples prefer to head here for Valentine's Day, for the proposed menu and the attention to the customer;
  • Morabianca: The environment is typically romantic. Here you can taste some wonderful fish dishes. If you are both fish lovers, you should definitely try their proposals. The service is courteous and attentive to meet every need of the customer. The kitchen is extremely cured; It is first of all the orecchiette made by hand. They have an excellent wine list, with which to delight the palate;

Would you like to enjoy the view from the Villa Regina or would you prefer the Cuoppo?

  • Villa Regina: The address is Via floors, Grottaminarda. We are in front of a spectacular place to say the least. It is one of the most romantic proposals we have selected for you. Here too, there are some really interesting fish proposals. The location is well kept, very manicured, but not the only good thing about choosing Villa reigns for a romantic dinner for two. Dining out implies satisfying even the palate, after all. You can delight yourself with fresh fish and stay ecstatic by the presentation of the dishes;
  • Marennà: It is located in Rowan Serpico, locality Cerza Grossa. We must be honest: This location has conquered us. The open space is perfect for a summer dinner, or for a moonlit walk, immersed in greenery. There is a swimming pool area with modern chairs and sofas. You can sip some red wine – fantastic wines list! -While admiring the landscape. The kitchen is very attentive in detail. Besides, with such a location, it could not be otherwise. is absolutely up to expectations;
  • The street of the taverns: it is located in via Teodoro Mommsen 11/13, on the Via Appia. So far we have listed very elegant restaurants, but could not miss a more rustic and familiar look. A place where you reward the abundance and the beautiful location, which puts everyone at ease and that spoils with mixed fried and excellent first. For a romantic dinner for two in the name of the fabulous Cuoppo!
The Wines of Avellino

We are in a region, Campania, very fortunate with regard to the cultivation of grapes. Here the wines are the most varied: only in the city and around Avellino there are more than 100 wines.

Each wine has its own characteristic and a different gradation. Its tasting notes are perfect for fans of the genre, who can get lost in the sweet of honey, perfumes citrus and floral or red fruits, cocoa, spices and tobacco.

Here is the list of wines from Avellino

Listing all Avellinesi wines is virtually impossible, because they are really many. However, we decided to talk about the major wines, the most popular and someone you should definitely try. We will talk about their color, the taste at first tasting and the gradation, giving you all the necessary characteristics to choose.

  • Fiano di Avellino: We are in front of one of the most famous wines of the city. Its colour is straw yellow, while the gradation is around 13 °. Perfect to match with fish dishes, this wine will tell you about flowers and honey. Its flavor is a perfect combination of sour and sweet. For lovers of these two elements, it is not to be missed;

The Danzanico is one of the most appreciated wines in Italy and in the world

  • Dance: It is probably one of the best known, that we can even find in supermarkets, so much is the demand for this wine. The color is a beautiful ruby red. Its gradation, however, is 13.5 °. What can we tell you about this wine with an almost magical taste? It is very soft, albeit with some sour notes, and at a first taste you will feel like chewing red fruits, cocoa and tobacco. to try;
  • Irpinia Aglianico: Originally from the cellars, this wine is also of the colour of the ruby. The gradation is 13.5 °. The inhabitants of Avellino recommend it with salami and cheese, to exalt their taste, as well as to the roasted lamb and to the Neapolitan tripe. It is poured into oak and chestnut barriques, to which it owes its sensational flavour;
  • Rosé DOC Irpinia: Are you lovers of rosé wine? This will definitely do for you. The cellar where you can try the real rosé DOC Irpinese is the stain of brigands. of Cerasuolo pink colour, the gradation is around 13.5 °. Its flavor is described as soft and velvety at the same time. By giving a first sniff to the wine, you can smell the fresh fruit, cherries and berries;

We advise you to take a trip to the cellar of brigands

  • Irpinia DOC Campi Taurasini: Also this wine is part of the cellar of the stain of brigands, among the best present in the territory of Avellino. The color is purple red, we can define it as the classic full-bodied wine. The taste is a kind of jam of plum and black cherry. You can clearly feel the wood. To be combined strictly with meat dishes. A gem that all lovers of red wine should taste, especially during the Christmas season.
What to eat in Avellino

The Avellino cuisine boasts many traditional dishes; Some are quite popular, while others are known only to local people. However, if you are in the vicinity of Avellino and are intrigued by their culinary tradition, there are some recipes that you should definitely taste. Or, why not, you could prepare the dishes yourself, making sure you have some fresh products and ingredients.

The typical dishes of Avellino

In Campania, we eat quite well: from pizza to the first dishes and sweets, a tourist never goes away dissatisfied, indeed. Many of the dishes we are going to list are real delicacies that should not be lacking in the culinary baggage of people.

A very interesting aspect is how to re-elaborate region in region in Italy certain dishes. Depending on the availability of the products offered by the territory, each recipe is transformed into something typical.

Braised meat, lasagna, fusilli, pizza and Panzarotti: A wide range of flavors

In the case of Avellino you can find a pizza very different from the one you have tasted in Naples. Even the ingredients are different, but just as good. We will also talk about a typical dessert, not to be missed, and the famous stuffed lasagna, typical of the southern regions.

  • Braised Avellino: This dish is very tasty. The veal is made to macerate in green pepper, red pepper and black pepper. We proceed with a simmering heat. It is an explosion of flavors for the palate;
  • Stuffed Lasagna: One of the typical dishes of the Avellino cuisine and in general of Campania is the padded lasagna, very different from the classic Bolognese. Its filling is of meat sauce, boiled eggs, mozzarella, ricotta, sausage and grated cheese;
  • Fusilli Avellinesi: These special Fusilli are strictly handmade, with semolina flour. They are accompanied with a sauce of ragout, fried meat balls, basil and a sprinkling of pecorino cheese;
  • Ricotta Pizza; Being in Campania, we could not find the pizza! The great classic of regional cuisine in Avellino is proposed in a more rustic form, prepared with wheat flour. The condiment is made from ricotta cheese, sausage or ham and eggs. A calorie bomb to taste!

The famous Santa Lucia's children: The Soup to warm up in winter

  • Santa Lucia's Children: if you find yourself in Avellino during the festive period at Santa, you can enjoy one of the most special typical dishes ever. Saint Lucia, also, the patron saint of Avellino. This soup is prepared with a mixture of cereals and legumes, in addition to garlic and peppers. A dish to warm up and to lick his mustache;
  • Panzarotti: As in the case of pizza, we can not but mention these rustic trousers. Also in this case, the condiment is of cheese, eggs and ricotta;
  • Spantorrone: So far we have listed a variety of savory dishes, but do not miss the sweet in Avellino! This cake is very special: a nougat wrapped in the sponge cake, which is soaked in rum and liquor. A treat!

We are sure that you will never want to leave Avellino after enjoying his cooking!

What to visit in Avellino

Avellino is one of the most visited Italian cities of recent years. Its history begins in the 3rd century and comes to the present day; The artistic and cultural heritage of Avellino is famous all over the world. Tourists who come to Campania can only be captivated by the hamlet of Irpinia, learning new uses and customs of the various eras.

Guide on what to visit in Avellino

Thanks to our mini guide, you will always know what to do if you are in Avellino.

Besides, of course, the great classics of Avellino, such as the Duomo, the sanctuary of Montevergine, the clock tower and the fountain of Bellerophon, we would like to recommend four places of interest that are seldom mentioned, but which are equally important.

  • Obelisk to Charles II of Habsburg: Among the most characteristic places to visit, the obelisk is signposted. It was erected in 1668 in honour of Charles II of Habsburg; Only three years before, Charles II had become the King of Spain at the age of four years. It was the Caracciolos, the Lords of the Great palaces of Avellino of the time, to commission together at the University a monument that could honor the history of Charles. In full Baroque style, you can admire the young prince, who at the time of his portrayal was seven years old. The mystery, however, surrounding the medallion placed at the base of the obelisk is still very much debated by historians: it could represent either Prince Francesco Maria Caracciolo or the sculptor Cosimo Fanzago;

A visit to the Lombard Castle: Restoration works are underway

  • Lombard Castle: Unfortunately, the great glory of the Lombard castle we can only read, because, to date, it has not been possible to complete the intervention of total reconstruction. However, conservation and restoration work is currently underway. The Lombard castle is a ruin, fascinating, of course, but historically it is a great loss. Built during Lombard domination, it was always intended for the use of feudal lords. Hundreds of battles are historically recorded here; Among the most famous, we can quote the siege of Alfonso of Aragon in 1436. The castle suffered a severe blow, until the total destruction, in the War of the Spanish Succession. The Caracciolos lived here; Their fixed abode later became the Noble Palace located at Piazza della Libera;
  • Palazzo De Conciliaryis: This place is worth visiting especially if you are a literature lover. The palace was ordered by the family De Conciliaryis; Here he found to sleep, think, Victor Hugo, when he was eight years old and was visiting Avellino with his father. Today it is possible to visit it and has become the research centre ' Guido Spine ', it hosts cultural and social associations, and it is also the seat of the municipal historical archives;

Avellino offers very important cultural centres: The city contains a secular history

  • Church of Santa Maria of Constantinople: Built during the ' 500, is seriously put at risk in the earthquake of 1732. Later, several renovations were carried out. There are two most beautiful frescoes inside the church: the Madonna with the Child and the Madonna with the Child in glory. A place not to be escaped and that deserves to be visited and deepened.
What to do in Avellino: mysterious and fascinating places

Avellino falls among the cities bells to visit absolutely, for the art and culture that infuses. Part of the hamlet Irpinia and founded by the Irpini, Avellino boasts a secular tradition and offers inside the historical monuments that everyone should go to see at least once in life.

Among the major places of interest, we could first appoint the Duomo of Avellino, located in the pulsating heart of the city. After Montevergine, which we'll talk about later, the Duomo is the second favorite place for tourists. Located in the old part of the city, known to most with the name of Hill of the Earth, the Duomo is extremely elegant and well maintained.

What to do in Avellino?

Numerous reconstructions were made over time to try and maintain its façade. Inside, you can visit the crypt, one of the oldest elements. The Duomo of Santa Maria Assunta and San Modesto (the latter being the patron saint of the city) contains architectural elements of the various eras; The last addition took place in the eighteenth century, in which primeggiava the Baroque style.

If you are around Avellino and are looking for something to do, we would definitely recommend going to Montevergine. This fascinating place is preceded by a long trek in contact with nature; It's worth it to get to the top because it offers an extremely privileged panoramic position. When you arrive at the top, you will have the opportunity to see the city of Avellino: a wonderful spectacle, to be done especially at sunset.

Montevergine in Avellino: a mystical experience

The sanctuary of the Madonna is present at the Montevergine. It rises here following the miraculous apparition of Our Lady; You can admire the famous painting, stormed by tourists from all over the world, asking in exchange for a favor. The picture is 4 meters high: an experience that really leaves something in the heart of visitors, who return every year or when they have the opportunity to come to Avellino.

After a long hike through the streets of downtown or to Montevergine, you need to eat something good. Remember that you are in Campania, one of the Italian regions that offers the most good food in the world. Although it is not in Naples, the city of origin of the pizza, even in Avellino it is possible to taste it in an excellent and delicious way.

Where to eat in Avellino

In the evening, we recommend you visit ' Da Ciccio to the Agora ', located in via Modesto del Galzo, 19/21. Just take a look at the pizzas and the menu offered by Ciccio to realize that you are not disappointed! Great for dinner, but also at lunch, depending on your needs.

For those who instead have a "refined" palate and are looking for a restaurant, we report ' Viva! Polichinelle ', located in via ring, 123, a Viva Hotel, also in Avellino. This restaurant offers excellent fish and meat solutions; Also, it's cheap and the quality of the products is sensational.

After all, you are in Campania, a region that uses both the fish and the meat to make its dishes truly exclusive. We hope to help you in your visit to this beautiful city.

What to see in Avellino

Avellino falls under the law among the most interested places to visit in Campania. The list of monuments, churches and museums to visit is really long, being the very old area, of age-old importance. Avellino has over a thousand years of stories to tell you; For lovers of art and culture in general, the capital of the city is a decisive step in its cultural background.

What monuments to see in Avellino?

The first place we will talk about is the center of Avellino, where there are several noble palaces, which the buildings have succeeded in the various centuries of the city. We can quote Palazzo Caracciolo or Palazzo Cucciniello; The first was built during the ' 700, the second was closely linked to a Benedictine convent.

If you are in the surroundings of Piazza Amendola, you can see the clock tower. The latter is the best-kept construction in the city and is also a very emblematic figure for the Avellinesi, who take it as a point of reference. Its construction dates back to ' 600. It is considered a masterpiece of art; The origins of his birth are very dubious, but one thing is certain: its importance echoes over the centuries.

Avellino is full of cultural interest centers. Many tourists take an assault every year; A bit ' for the historical relevance, a little ' because Campania is the region preferred by tourists in summer, for the places it offers. Among the places of purely classical imprint, it is impossible not to mention the Provincial museum.

What's at the provincial Museum in the area: archaeological and modern

The entrance to the latter is totally free and promotes culture throughout Campania. In This beautiful place, you can read the ancient texts, which date back to the prehistoric period, as regards the Irpinia. You will also find the texts and documents of the Romanesque and Sannitico period. The Museum of the province of the hotel is located within the Palace of Culture, and branches in the following way:

  • Archaeological section: You will have the unique opportunity to observe artifacts and artefacts from prehistoric times up to Romana. There are many objects from the Neolithic era. A must not to be missed for lovers of archaeology;
  • Modern section: the latter shows handmade objects, such as porcelain and paintings, in the historical period between ' 600 and ' 800.

Being totally free, the museum is one of the most enriched cultural places of history of the city of Avellino. You will have the opportunity to inform you about its history and the birth of the city.

The fountain of the three Cannoli: Centuries of History and Bellerophon

The last advice we want to give you concerns the fountain of the three Cannoli. This historic monument of citizen interest is among the most beautiful pieces to see. Initially, this fountain was a watering-hole for horses; Later, it was decided to restore it and beautify it to become one of the symbols of Avellino.

The representation of the fountain of the three Cannoli has as protagonist Bellerophon in the action to kill the Chimera. You can visit the fountain in Via delle Puglie, not too far from the clock tower.

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