TurismoCampano.it is a complete guide on tourism in Campania, which speaks of: events, demonstrations, organizations, companies, associations, typical and tourist activities in the Campania region. The project was born in February of 2007.

Our aim is to internationally and to realize the multilingual website in: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German, translating the locations, events, activities, tours and our councils, therefore, we are activating a campaign of Crowdfunding for the two years 2018-2020.

If you use Paypal, go to the following link and make a donation *: Https://www.paypal.me/turismocampano

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Send an email to info@turismocampano.it with the subject: “Support us” or fill out the form below.

If you want to finance in another way, try to buy a Premium plan on the site, accessing the site when you propose an activity.

We thank you for the attention that dedicate to the project.

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