Limoncello Chocolate (liqueur)

cioccolato di limoncello

Chocolate-LimoncelloWhat is Limoncello chocolate?

The chocolate to the Limoncello is an infusion of homemade tradition, made exclusively with natural ingredients, whose production has spread over the last 30 years in some territories of the province of Naples, especially in the area of the Sorrentine Peninsula, Homeland of the oldest limoncello, of which it represents a greedy and more wintry variant.


It is a liquor obtained by mixing thin cocoa powder with alcohol at 90 ° and, of course, with the traditional limoncello. Widespread in the whole area, still today is produced mostly for domestic use, but can also be found in the market, since it is packaged and marketed by some local companies bells and is very appreciated for its particular taste and its distinct Digestive quality.

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