Caserta and surroundings

When we are visiting a city, we must not forget the presence of the villages or the nearby places of interest. We must admit that Campania has a very special territory, where every place has its own culinary characteristics and traditions.

It is really complicated to describe the surroundings of a city: think that Caserta has 23 provinces. They are not very few, considering that you often have little time to visit a place in its entirety.

Discover the surroundings of Caserta

How to do? So what are the most interesting and not to be missed proposals? If we appoint Caserta, we immediately connect it to the Bourbon Palace, which has nothing to envy at Versailles. To better visit the palace, are advisable at least three days, because there are numerous interesting places inside, such as the gardens, the Bath of Venus, the industrial city of Silk, the apartments of the royals.

Therefore, only the palace will "steal" part of your holiday, because it is impossible not to admire in its completeness. The path nature present, which will take you to the Roman ruins, is one of the most fascinating and evocative of the territory.

Bourbon Palace, Casertavecchia, Sanctuary of St. Michael the Archangel

Besides the palace, there is another very singular place around the city, and it is Casertavecchia. This medieval village will make you fall in love with its enormous historical charm and the panoramic view it offers. It's perfect for a romantic weekend and we suggest you leave it at the end of the holiday, to close the visit of the Caserta's surroundings.

Here you can visit the remains of the medieval castle and the Duomo of San Michele Arcangelo: There are some paths to reach Casertavecchia thanks to the shuttles that leave from the royal palace. The route is characterized by spectacular and enchanting streets, which, we are sure, will not make you weigh the walk, but make it even more beautiful. After all, the purpose of a holiday is to discover those characteristic points, far from being purely touristic.

Caserta is a province that gives strong emotions to tourists

Among other proposals of the surroundings of Caserta, we can find the sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo. The latter is located in the town of the city of the very close to Caserta. The sanctuary is not near the city, so it is a place of worship totally immersed in peace and tranquillity.

He was visited by John Paul II in 1992. On the mountain there is a statue dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary that the Pope blessed on the occasion of his visit. The mountain is easily accessible by car; You can also admire the splendid panorama of the Tifatini Mountains.

Not to be ignored is also C, a town of prehistoric origin: Over the years, there have been many archaeologists who have managed to come back numerous artifacts of the time. This historic village will guide you through the ages: to visit are also the numerous burial stones present. Although it was bombarded during World War II, today, C ' was perfectly rebuilt and is a beautiful village to rediscover, in search of the origins and customs of our ancestors.

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