Capicollo (meat and salami)

capicollo campano

Capicollo-CampaniaWhat is CAPICOLLO?

The Capicollo, or neck, is a sausage produced using a cut of meat from the back of the pig's neck, hence the name.

In Campania its production is widespread throughout the region, especially in the interior areas such as the lower Irpinia, the Neapolitan hinterland, the upper Caserta, in the Salerno and in the Cilento. It consists of a single cut of whole meat, which is salted and flavoured with spices, cured, smoked and left to season for 2 to 4 months. The Capicollo has a diameter of about 10-15 centimeters and a length of 30-40 cm, is particularly fragrant and has a soft texture and a firm and aromatic taste.

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