Roccadaspide IGP Brown

marrone di roccadaspide

The "Brown of Roccadaspide IGP", from the name of the type from which it derives, is part of the genetic group of chestnuts present in Campania referable to the cultivar-mother "Brown of Avellino".
The distinctive characteristics of the "Brown Roccadaspide IGP" are represented by an average size of the fruits (80-85 fruits per Kg) of predominantly semi-spherical shape, sometimes round. The Peel (pericarp) is thin and brownish brown, tendingly reddish, with dark striaes, easily detachable. The seed has a episperma thin, smooth, not very thorough in the seed, quite adherent with a setting of less than 5% and white-milky pulp, consistent. A distinctive character of this product is the remarkable sugar content that makes it very welcome also for the fresh consumption and the crispy texture and little powder.
For the valuable technological characteristics of the fruits, the "Brown of Roccadaspide IGP" is among the few varieties of chestnuts Campania that can be defined botanically and Merceologicamente "Brown type" and is therefore particularly required for the processing Industrial (more than 90% of the commercial destination), while remaining equally interesting for the destination to the market of fresh, for use mainly as chestnuts. For the good organoleptic characteristics, the industry uses them mainly for the production of Marron glacés, jams, chestnuts with rum, puree. Delicious the sweets of the local tradition that use these chestnuts as a quality raw material.
Under the dietary nutritional aspect, the "Brown Roccadaspide IGP" is particularly relevant to the carbohydrate content, while low is the protein content. The "Brown of Roccadaspide IGP" is considered, together with the chestnut of the Malik IGP and the chestnut of sahoo among the best chestnuts produced in Campania, this not only for the intrinsic quality of the variety, but also for the soil and the favorable climate that They help to exalt the quality of the product. The high productivity (average of 1.5 – 2 tonnes/hectare with peaks of 5-6 tons/hectare) and the lower requirements pedoclimatic, compared to other Italian "Browns", are other agronomic characteristics that can be reported.

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