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We have spoken to you previously about the most interesting places in Benevento. However, it is good to know that even the surroundings of Benevento deserve a thorough visit.

Often, when we visit a city, we do not consider the neighbouring countries, but it is a mistake. Because in the case of Benevento, you will find magnificent places, where you can taste typical products and know the origins of Padre Pio.

In addition, we will take you to Solopaca, home of wines and oil, and to Montesarchio, where people have long protected themselves from wars.

Montesarchio: A historic city that marks the passage of Samnite

Montesarchio: A beautiful city, which was built by the Samnite, the people that made Benevento its capital. The translation of Montesarcis, or Montesarchio, literally means fortified mountain, for the very favorable geographic position. Being on a promontory, throughout history, Montesarchio has always been very important.

Following the Roman invasion, the latter used Montesarchio to alert the neighboring countries of the arrival of sworn enemies. There were several wars here, the last happening during fascism. There are many monuments here, mostly buildings of which there are only remnants of the glory that it was. In the twentieth century, an inscription was found in Drusus and a statue;

Pietraroja: A journey to discover the typical products of the Territory

Pietraroja: This charming place is located on the slope of Mount Mutria. This village is predominantly mountainous; There are many typical products that come from here.

Probably, this is also of Samnite origin as Montesarchio. Here the climate is not like in the rest of Campania, but the temperatures remain stable even in summer, assuring a fresh very pleasing to tourists.

It is a must visit Pietraroja especially for the quaint place where the country is located and for the truly exceptional cuisine. Famous its cheeses and its sausages, that make the kitchen Beneventan an excellence. If you are in the surroundings, do not forget to visit the Geo-paleontological Park, where you can admire fossils of 200 million years ago;

Pietrelcina: The country where even the stones speak of Padre Pio

Pietrelcina: Everyone knows this place, because it is the place where Padre Pio was born. Pietrelcina is the ideal destination for all religious, but also for those who are not faithful: here it is possible to breathe a different air, probably due to the “presence” of the saint. Padre Pio has loved Pietrelcina, and everything here speaks of him and tells us his story. A destination that can not be missed in the cultural baggage of all travelers. You will have the opportunity to visit the birthplace of Padre Pio, the sacred Church of the Capuchin friars and the ancient village, a point of the well-kept and fascinating city, where Padre Pio walked the Rosary;

Solopaca: The first time he was named Solopaca was called Surupaca, or with the opaque sun. This country has grown thanks to the land, where olives, cherries and grapes have always grown. Among the most appreciated wines, we can quote Solopaca and Sannio, Strictly DOC. It seems to have been inhabited since prehistoric times. Over the centuries, they undermined Samnite and Romans.

Photo: http://borghipiubelliditalia.it/project/montesarchio/

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