Bloggers BellsTurismoCampano.it offers to all users (Blogger) a free web space in exchange for writing texts related to tourism in Campania. The format of the URL will be exclusive, such as “www.turismocampano.it/NOME-BLOGGER/” upon request by email to info@turismocampano.it.

Look at an example here: https://www.turismocampano.it/noipernapoli/

Specific usernames and passwords (if required) will be created and sent after the request. The Blogger will have the opportunity to report and insert on the main site events, demonstrations and activities around the territory Campania.

For the insertion of the texts both on your own space and on the home page of turismocampano.it you will use the platform WordPress.

The texts must be unpublished and not copied, and must involve the users with direct life experiences lived in the 5 Campania provinces.

The participation will be totally free and all the texts in any case will be under the responsibility of those who write them, however will be reviewed all the publications by moderators of TurismoCampano.it.

In the near future we will also organize meetings, events and conventions on Turismo Campano.

Possibility also for bloggers who live abroad to write in English, French and Spanish.

And you’re interested?

Spuntando la casella, autorizzi Turismo Campano al trattamento dei dati personali ai sensi del regolamento UE 2016/679. (Leggi la documentazione sulla Privacy).

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