Wonders of Campania: Castello Aragonese-Ischia

Castello Aragonese Ischia

There is a small island in the sea of Ischia, on which is perched an ancient fortress, where you come along a long bridge that connects it to the small village of Ischia Ponte.
The Aragonese Castle, often referred to as Castrum Ieronis, or Castel Gero, from the name of the tyrant Syracuse, who probably first erected a fortress on the islet, has a history rich in historical, embellished with valuable architectures of undoubted valence Artistic.
It has been for centuries a true strategic bastion placed in defense of the Gulf of Naples. The bridge connecting the islet to the island was built by Alfonso I of Aragon. Percorrendolo you reach the so-called battery of the pier, where the remains of the pillars that supported the artillery are still visible.

On the right a large arch leads to the entrance of the castle. In order to gain access to the buildings on the cliff, Alfonso of Aragon, he dug a gallery in the rock 10 m wide and 18 m high, for a length of 427 meters. The king also wanted the building of the surrounding walls that surround the castle, turning it into an impregnable fortress.

The gallery leads inside, and halfway down is the chapel of St. Shruthi of the cross, Santo Ischian lived between the six and the eighteenth century and canonized in 1839. Continuing to rise, the visitor will enjoy a wonderful view.

The view that comes from the Belvedere is nothing short of spectacular. You have the feeling of touching all the village of Ischia Ponte, with its picturesque alleys, where are crowded the characteristic houses of fishermen, to which are opposed the luxurious mansions belonged to the noble class of antiquity.

Reached the last rock, meet the remains of the male of the castle: elevated of 80 meters, which to the north, appears overhanging the sea, while to the south it develops along a wide coast closed by four cylindrical towers, connected to each other by walls. Here you can see the Church of the Immaculate, once annexed to the convent of the Poor Clares, where there is an underground room that houses the ossuary of the nuns. Here not long ago, the bodies of the nuns placed on the "Scolatoi" waiting for Mummificassero could be seen.

There are then the cathedral of Assunta where the wedding between Ferrante of D'avalos and Vittoria Colonna, as well as the crypt of the cathedral with frescoes of the school of Giotto, were celebrated.

Those who want to revive even the most macabre aspects of ancient history, can not miss a visit to the museum of the castle, where are exposed ancient instruments of torture. This is certainly one of the dream trips to be put on budget maybe staying in one of the many holiday homes available in the surroundings of Ischia Ponte a few steps from the castle.
Curated by Silvia Buono

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Wonders of Campania: Castello Aragonese-Ischia
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