Visit Naples in 2 days

Visit Naples in 2 days

Spending a weekend out door is a great solution, especially when the holidays are still far away and you do need to pull the plug. Today we want to talk about Naples and how to visit it in just two days.

What to visit in Naples during the weekend?

We promise that it is impossible to see everything, because its magnificences are so many; Churches, monuments, neighborhoods, underground Naples… how to do, then? What are the places in the city you should definitely visit?

Naples offers not only an artistic and cultural heritage of immense value; You can join, between a guided tour and the other, stops along its most famous Trattorias and pizzerias. During your stay in Naples, we invite you to taste the pizzas of Salazar and Michele: Both rooms are located in the old town and are easily accessible.

In addition to good food, you can buy unique souvenirs of their kind in via San Gregorio Armeno. Here the handicraft shops abound and will allow you to recreate a totally personal crib and addicted to DIY.

Here are the places of the heart, discovering the city

Below, we have drawn up a small list, a mini-guide, on what we suggest you to see.

  • Underground Naples: This is one of the most beautiful places in Campania. You can visit it along with the guide, which will make you discover the Roman aqueduct, whose construction goes back over 2000 years ago. You will enlighten the guide, holding the candles. There are several itineraries: However, it will not take more than two hours;
  • Piazza del Plebiscito: It is one of the most famous squares in Italy. The place is so immersed in art that it remains open-mouthed. Nearby, you can also find the Teatro San Carlo and the male Angevin;
  • Via San Gregorio Armeno: It is perfect to visit in December, during the holiday season, but we suggest you to head here also in the other seasons. This is the famous street for handicraft workshops: In fact, there are many artisans who totally recreate the statuettes for the crib. You can buy many souvenirs and find the figurine to be used in December;
  • The market of Porta Nolana: To understand the charm of Naples you have to go to its most characteristic places. It is no exception to the fish market, where every day many fishermen sell what they can fish during the night. It is one of the most lively places together in Spaccanapoli and it represents to perfection the Neapolitan lifestyle: the authenticity;
  • Spaccanapoli: It is one of the most lived districts of the city, where you will have the unique opportunity to enter the heart of Naples and live the Neapolitan customs. Here you so a certain architecture, the neighborhood is alive, pulsating, full of colors and fascinates its tourists;
  • Pizzeria da Michele or Salazar: It is impossible to be in Naples and not carve out half an hour to eat the real Neapolitan pizza. After careful consideration, we decided to speak mainly of two pizzerias: Michele and Salazar. We can also mention the president's Pizzeria, where a free pizza was served at the then American President Clinton. A very nice anecdote, which tells of the good heart of Neapolitans.

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