Villa Fiorentino is a heavenly location, just a few minutes away from the Positanesi beaches, if you want to spend your holidays in Positano in Amalfi Coast, Villa Fiorentino is the ideal villa.

The magnificent terraces of bougainvillea, which extend outside the panoramic infinity pool, shaded by lemons and almonds, the solarium in front of the islands of Li Galli, so that Villa Fiorentino offers a magical setting should be the dream of all Get married in Positano.
The apartments and suites, in Mediterranean style, all with panoramic terrace, are surrounded by plants of aloe, vines, jasmines and fruit trees, can provide the ideal place for those who want to rent a villa in Positano, away from the noises of the city, which They guarantee maximum privacy.
Choose Villa Fiorentino for your holiday or your wedding means to immerse yourself in a timeless paradise.

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