Boat Tour in Naples on the Vesuvian coast

Boat Tour in Naples on the Vesuvian coast

The Vesuvian coast is told by the Sea

The tourist offer Campana is enriched with a new and fascinating proposal that delight tourists and not only, the itinerary named "Tales from the Vesuviano Gulf".

In a cozy and luxurious yacht will accompany a small number of people discovering the Vesuvian coast. The navigation will start from Mergellina to reach Castellammare, along the significant places of culture and landscape Vesuviano like Pietrarsa, Herculaneum and Torre del Greco. The scenery, surmounted by the high Vesuvius and projected towards the 5 points of the Sorrento coast, will be a background of tales and anecdotes about the history and culture of the territory, narrating of kings, queens and workers, villas, palaces and ports, in a path full of charm and wonder .

The sail will be comfortable because the yacht is heated and therefore suitable also for the winter outings, and to make the environment even hotter the aperitif served on board during the trip.

The event was born from the meeting of the Charterjamm company that offers high quality charter services in the Gulf of Naples and Salerno and the cooperative Sire for years active in the valorisation of the cultural heritage of Campania. The common goal of the two realities operating in the tourism sector is precisely to create an itinerary that offers a new point of view to visitors, and uses an indispensable resource for our tourism, which is precisely the sea.

In addition to the discovery of the Vesuvian coast, more activities have already been planned, such as aperitifs in boats, themed dinners, the boat and breakfast and new cultural itineraries, which will involve the most suggestive scenery of the Gulf. Activities aimed at entertaining foreign tourists but also the Bell users, in search of new and stimulating experiences.

At the end of the 4-hour itinerary, whose departure is scheduled for 9:00 hours from the marina of Mergellina, people can also choose to have lunch on board, with a menu totally inspired by the sea and tradition.

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