Guided tour of the excavations of Herculaneum 2 hours

Guided tour of the excavations of Herculaneum 2 hours

By car entrance from Via riverbed to 1km from the motorway exit of Ercolano, by train entrance from Corso Resina 5 minutes walk from the station of the Circumvesuviana Railway of Herculaneum.

Tour suitable for anyone except for people with mobility problems. Disabled people can easily access only a few buildings (skeleton House, thermal monopoly, men's dressing room, temple of the Augustan, House of the wooden frame).

Main places visited: Panoramic view of the city, North Thistle (road with North-south orientation), skeleton House, thermal polio (diner restaurant), male therm, Temple of Augsburg, Foro (main square), House of the Black Saloon , House of Neptune and Amphitrite, House of the beautiful courtyard, House Samnite, House of the wooden building, bakery, gymnasium, house of the deer, Porta Marina, terrace of Marco Nonio, beach.

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