Torre del Giglio-Bed & Breakfast Salerno

Torre del Giglio-Bed & Breakfast Salerno

The brand new and refined Torre del Giglio Bed & Breakfast is the ideal base for visiting Salerno, one of the most beautiful cities in southern Italy and the Mediterranean.
Located in the center of the city, on the first floor of a stately building with lift, is easily accessible from every direction and by any means.
The structure is entirely made of eco-friendly and technologically advanced materials, inspired by colours and finishes to the harmony and vitality of the places.
Whether you are in Salerno for pleasure or work, you will fully enjoy the efficiency of our services as well as the absolute availability and discretion of our staff.



The proximity to the institutional places or to others dedicated to the business (banks, financial and commercial offices, etc.), as to the museums, the marina and the main roads of communication, first of the railway station in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, terminal of arrival and departure of high speed in the north-south direction, and to the Metro of surface, which runs along Salerno on the east-west axis, becomes synonymous of comfort and essential strength of our structure.
Also within easy reach of the B&B, the terminals and main bus stops CSTP and SITA, for all destinations, are easily accessible.
The different motorway junctions that connect the city in every direction, on all the ring road that connects the Salerno-Reggio Calabria to the central junction of Friar, together with the service ferries and Hydrofoils Intercoastal (with many departures from the pier Manfredi of the Salerno Maritime station as well as from the tourist port Magidigidi Salerno), allow a quick and easy access to the islands of the Neapolitan archipelago and to our two splendid coasts: the Amalfi and the Cilento.


Rooms and services

Our three comfortable rooms, in addition to boast numerous benefits for your total safety and serenity, all have private bathroom with shower, heated towel rail and hairdryer, in the presence of exclusive terraces and furnished in front of a wide court Garden, a real haven of peace in the heart of Salerno.
Independently air-conditioned and soundproofed to offer the utmost intimacy, the same are equipped with writing desk/console for make-up, wardrobe, luggage rack, fixtures with transom, mosquito nets, electric shutters, mini fridge, Internet Free WI-FI, 24-inch HD LCD TV and wall safe.

… For each of them… Additional benefits aim to meet your specific needs or special requests:

-Double Delphynia
Terrace independent of other outdoor spaces to reach the top of privacy
-Double Ethyria
Cradle for infants and children up to 3 years old (always available on request)
-Single Idylia
Convertible faux leather sofa in French bed (squares 1.5-width 130 cm)



The living room includes a self-service breakfast to be consumed on the terrace or in the kitchen (single-use food and drinks in mini fridge for each room). Herbal teas and coffee at your disposal in the kitchen. In a friendly and family atmosphere, the enchanting view of the garden will await you from the first light of dawn.
Alternatively, you can have extra tiles to eat at the XXX Cafè, in Via Francesco Manzo, 1, at only 200 meters (optional service), or opt to stay overnight at our property not benefiting from breakfast (only bed). The related fee will be reduced by the total amount.



Garage XXX with US agreement, in Via Francesco Manzo, 56, at 300 meters, guarded and open 365 days a year, with "remote service" in the Night Hours (23.00-7.00) for delivery or withdrawal of the car through operator at distance and cell phone contact Specially dedicated to the clientele.
The daily rate is reduced by 25%, at a cost of €15.00 (instead of €20.00). To join will be sufficient to communicate time of arrival and departure, model and car license plate.



You will find yourself in a strategic position in the centre of Salerno, in via Andrea Torre, 11, 550 meters from the adjacent train station Corso Vittorio Emanuele and less than 1 kilometre from Piazza Leada and Via dei Mercanti (Old Town). You will be only 400 meters from Piazza Dalmatia (near the judicial citadel) and 500 meters from the Promenade Trieste as the tourist port Magidigidi Salerno (connections to Cetara, Maiori, Minori, Amalfi and Positano), in front of bus stop in Piazza della Concordia.

… All this will make your stay extremely pleasant and comfortable.


Rates-min €30.00/Max €45.00

-Low/High season rates (first night, incl. sojourn tax), per person in a double room, include breakfast, linen and cleaning service. Free toiletries courtesy Kit. Bathrobes and specific products of care and personal hygiene are excluded instead.
-In All Seasons: Progressive reductions from 2 nights. Average per person per night for a stay of 5 nights in mid-season (incl. tourist tax): €32.00 in Double room/€41.00 in single room.
-In very High season: request minimum stay 3 nights, except last minute availability. Maximum functional tariff for the market (supply/demand) and the remaining time compared to the requested dates.
-The Easter week (from Holy Thursday to the Angel's Monday) and the dates falling in the interval between the first and third weekends of August are considered high or highest season. Rates are subject to change even at 25 April, 1 May, 2 June and 1 November, plus dates adjacent to them (any bridges), 14 February (Valentine's Day) and 21 September (St. Matthew). In "Artist's Lights", medium season from the beginning of the event to November 30th (high on weekends)/high or highest from 1 December to 6 January/average from 7 January to the end of the event (high on weekends).
-Child Care 0-6 years: Free stay with breakfast in the beds present with parents. Optional accommodation in cot for early childhood or cot at €10.00 per night (€5.00 from 4th night).
-Extra Bed: adults min €17.00/Max €20.00-children 6-12 and boys 12-18 years min €12.00/Max €15.00 (surcharges per night: min in low, Medium, High season/MAX in the dates and/or periods of the highest season).
-Reduced rates for single use double room. Plus on the second guest in a single room (bed width 130 cm): Low season €9.00/Medium season €14.00/High and very high season €19.00.



Whether you are a family or a group, you can take advantage of discounts on combinations:
2 rooms + €5.00 discount per night/3 Rooms + €10.00 discount per night


Note: Combo offers starting from 2 Nights/extra discounts from 14 nights only bed.


From 14.00 to 20.00, except for special agreements. We invite you to inform us about your arrival time. High delays or late check-in by 23.00 will be subject to payment of €15.00 per room.
Within 10.00 hours. It will be possible to make a late check out by 19.00 to €20.00 per room, unless it is available for new arrivals (supplement not due from 4 nights).
Upon arrival, to allow registration according to current regulations, it will always be necessary to present a valid document for each guest (identity card, license or passport).
Deposit keys
A deposit of €20.00 per room will also be required. The deposit will be returned at the start and retained only in case of loss of the endowment, consisting of keyring-padlock, clip and 5 keys.
Invitation to caution
Timed LED lighting in the hallway: it is invited to the utmost caution. Do not hit the walls, paying attention in the passage or during the transport of the baggage, on arrival as at departure.
Unwanted guests
In The absence of staff is not allowed to answer the intercom, open the door to strangers or receive third persons not registered on arrival and not subject to the contract between customer and manager.
Final inspection
Before departure, the room as the outside area reserved for it will be inspected. Any damage to furnishing, equipment and services present will be entirely charged to the customer.
Tourist tax
To the extent of €1.00 per day per person (exempt children within 12 years), for a maximum of 5 consecutive nights and 10 nights total in the calendar year (municipal resolution of 17/10/2011).



-Return allowed at any time of the day and night, respecting the tranquillity of others.
-Guests are responsible for the personal belongings left unattended inside the apartment, raising the owner from any charge in this regard. It is advisable to use the safe located in the room.
-In the apartment as in the adjacent external areas children must always be supervised by adults.
-Kitchen reserved for the consumption of ready meals or takeaways (quick use): Drinking water, crockery, microwave, electric kettle and coffee machine with waffles.
-We recommend the consumption of meals and beverages on the terrace or in the kitchen, leaving the same areas in perfect order for possible new uses by other customers.
-Smoking is allowed outside, on the common terrace or in the outdoor spaces reserved for each room.
-it is not allowed to introduce pets inside the apartment.


How to reach us

-Walk from the train station in Piazza Vittorio Veneto: Turn right onto Corso Vittorio Emanuele following for 240 meters. At the traffic light crossroads, turn right onto via Santi Martiri Salerno and continue for another 140 meters until you reach the underpass that leads onto via Dalmatia. Just 120 meters from the exit from the underpass, immediately turning left, you will arrive in Via Andrea Torre, 11 (Estimated journey time: 7 minutes).
-Walk from the terminal bus in Via Leono Kuylenburg: Proceed in the northwest direction for 60 meters. At the roundabout SRexSS88/Viale Unità d'italia, turn right following on SRexSS88 for 500 meters. Turn left onto via hunters Dell'irno for 80 meters and then left again on via Dalmatia for 300 meters. Before the entrance of the underpass, turn right, you will arrive in Via Andrea Torre, 11 (Estimated journey time: 13 minutes).
-On foot from bus stop in Piazza della Concordia: Follow Northwest on SS18 for 190 meters and turn right on via Mario Marino/via Santi Martyrs Salerno. Proceed for 280 meters, passing Corso Vittorio Emanuele, and take the underpass that leads on Via Dalmatia. Just 120 meters from the exit from the underpass, turning left, you will arrive in Via Andrea Torre, 11 (Estimated journey time: 8 minutes).
-We are also reachable by car from A30 motorways Caserta-Rome (Exit over-Salerno Centro, coming from the north), A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria (Exit over-Salerno Centro, coming from the south) or secondary trunk A3 Napoli-Salerno (Exit Salerno, arriving Again from the north), with guarded garage and other parking solutions nearby.


We will be happy to open our doors to all those who intend to stay in a place that will guarantee you the maximum comfort in absolute relaxation.

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

Torre del Giglio-Bed & Breakfast Salerno
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