The Secret Garden of Airola, the Botanical-Zoological Park (BN)

The Secret Garden of Airola, the Botanical-Zoological Park (BN)

The Secret Garden AAA is a botanical-zoological didactic park in AAA (BN).
It houses more than thousand plants and 300 animals and different types of gardens: from that to English to that of simple, from Japanese to Chinese, from tropical to cacti and succulent, to the Australian one (only in Italy).
It is also the only place in Italy where various biotopes are recreated typical of the different continents of the planet. It goes from the South Pampas, to the Australian outback, from Black Africa to the Asian steppe.
It is the only place (in Italy) where the flora and fauna coexist as well as in nature, hosting numerous specimens of botanical collections. It is ranked among the sites recommended by the Provincial Tourist Board (EPT).

Opening hours

Every Saturday and Sunday from 18:00
During the week, only by reservation, for: Summer camps, associations, schools, institutions, groups, etc.
Access always includes a guided tour and entry fee: €5.00

For more information

Cell. 3207085324

Curiosity: Interview with Giovanni Ibanez creator of the project curated by UserTV


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