The Minerva Garden and the Salerno Medical School

Giardino della Minerva

«If you miss the doctors,

These three things are for you doctors:

The joyful soul, the quiet and the moderate diet».

The medical school Salerno: the first medical institution in Europe

This is the famous inscription of the Salerno Medical School, the first and most important medical school in Italy and Europe during the Middle Ages. It is often regarded as the forerunner of the University of Medicine.

The Salerno Medical School is a place to visit if you are fond of history and medical culture. In the past, it has been the point of reference for the training of many doctors. It introduced very important innovations on the concept and the setting of prophylaxis.

At the school, the young doctors could learn to operate: The practice was considered fundamental for their path. Here we have begun to give much importance to the empirical method.

Salerno Medical School

The course of the young Doctors ‘ studies lasted nine years

The “revolutionary” thing, at least for the Times, is that the Salerno medical school did not make gender distinctions and allowed men and women to practice and teach medicine. The women were known by the name of Mulieres Salernitanae. A turning point for the time, in which women were still bound to the role of mothers and daughters.

Every Doctor who wanted to take care of the profession came to be formed here: not only the Salerno had this honor, but people from all over Europe headed to the Salerno medical school. The course of studies lasted nine years: they devoted three years to logic, five years to the thorough study of medicine, surgery and anatomy and a year of support with an elderly doctor.

Today, you can visit the medical school Salerno and realize the enormous cultural heritage present inside. Speaking of this structure, it is impossible, after all, not to mention the garden of Minerva, closely linked to educational purposes for doctors of the medical school Salerno.

Minerva’s Garden: A special place, forerunner of the modern botanical garden

As for the school, Minerva’s garden is also considered the forerunner of the most modern botanical gardens. The plants have always been very used in the medical environment, for those who wanted to learn how to treat people.

A long time ago, there were no antibiotics capable of “attacking” infections and or drugs so potent as to cure bronchitis and bring down the Fever. In this scenario, the use of plants and their medical effects was used: although they did not have the same antibiotic properties, some were studied in depth and considered excellent for medicine.

Visiting these two places represents a cultural path that makes us understand how much Salerno has represented an important point of reference for Europe. Thanks to the presence of these structures, Salerno has received many honors and an internationally recognized importance.

Minerva Garden

If you are passing through the city and want to discover a little more about its cultural heritage, it is advisable to head for the Salerno Medical School and the Minerva garden. Both facilities offer special guides in which to discover their history in the best way.

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The Minerva Garden and the Salerno Medical School
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