Terme Rosapepe Contursi Terme

Terme Rosapepe Contursi Terme

The Grand Hotel Rosapepe and the adjoining spa complex of Rosapepe are located in the territory of Contursi Terme, in the province of Salerno, Campania.

The story

From the remote thermal spring (described in I sec. Bc. From Pliny the Elder) naturally flows a mineral-rich water in solution and suspension, the efficacy of which was already highlighted in the second half of the eighteenth century. Recent analyses have shown to be the most carbon-rich water in Europe, a characteristic that makes it particularly suitable for the treatment of vascular in chronic form.

The spa

The sludges used at the thermal plant, naturally come out with the waters that, placed in special tanks, decant. The precipitate thus obtained is used directly in the thermal plant for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.

The mud used is different, in appearance and content, from the traditional clay mud of grey color, commonly used in the other spas. It has a white, mineral-colored matrix.

The waters used for inhalation treatments come directly from the main source, as well as those for gynecological and thermal treatments, and are conducted at the original temperature of 42 °c, thereby maintaining all the potential Therapeutic.

The Terme Rosapepe are affiliated with all the A.S.L. D'Italia.

The treatments

The services agreed and treated at our factories are:

1. Inhalations and/or aerosols and/or microns shower

The recommended care cycle is 24 cures in 12 sessions

Curable pathologies: Chronic sinusitis, Rinopatia vasomotor, chronic Faringolaringite, relapsing tonsillitis, chronic bronchial syndromes, Rinosinusitiche syndromes

2. Thermal baths

The recommended care cycle is 12 baths

Curable diseases: Acne, atopic dermatitis or seborrheic, allergic-based dermatitis, Eczema, psoriasis

3. Mud and thermal baths

The recommended care cycle is 12 baths + 12 MUDs in 12 seats

Curable pathologies: disk, osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammatory rheumatism, lumbago of rheumatic origin, osteoporosis, Cervicoartrosi, Periarthritis, Spondiloartrosi, tendinitis of rheumatic origin.

4. Vaginal irrigation

The recommended care cycle is 12 irrigation

Curable pathologies: Persistent leukorrhea from Vaginitis, vaginitis, Cervicovaginite aspecific/dystrophic.

5. Vaginal irrigation with Bath

The recommended care cycle is 12 irrigations + 12 baths in 12 seats

Curable pathologies: painful sclerosis of the pelvic floor, attached, outcomes of surgical interventions of the genital system, etc.

Costs of the Stay

The spa stay for those who will practise one of the below listed treatment for a minimum of six days is:

1. Half board in double room €45.00 per day

2. Full board in double room €58.00 per day

3. Single room supplement €. 10.00 per day

For those who practise a second treatment will apply a discount of 50% on the price.

How to reach us

Contursi Terme, an ancient alginate, is easily accessible from the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway. Once out of the A3, continue to "Bagni di Contursi" on the expressway "Fondo Valle Sele"

Exit at the junction Contursi Est and Oliveto Citra, at the crossroads turn left, at the next crossroads turn left and continue for about 1 km.

For the Navigator enter destination: Bagni di Contursi.

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

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