Tenuta Tosi | Sleeping in Castel San Lorenzo | Holidays in Cilento

Tenuta Tosi | Sleeping in Castel San Lorenzo | Holidays in Cilento

For a little holiday in the Cilento here is the right place you were looking for. The Agriturismo Tenuta Tosi is immersed in greenery, a dispute between the municipality of Felitto and that of Castel San Lorenzo in the province of Salerno.

Tenuta Tosi is a farmhouse that combines a passion for nature with the quality of the raw materials and the hospitality that only in these lands you can find. It offers its customers only dishes with unmistakable flavors. A large structure that will satisfy even the most demanding tourists.

On reservation you can arrange excursions, small tours and extra activities to spend every moment discovering new things. Let yourself be intrigued by the landscapes, the local traditions and especially the goodness of the territory. And if you are not a curious type, you can always spend your day in full relax admiring the surrounding nature.

For information and reservations

327.5647971 333.5638081

View from the outside of Tenuta Tosi

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

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