Sorrento Guided Tour

Sorrento Guided Tour

Located on a large terrace of tuff overlooking the sea, Sorrento is an ancient residential resort of international renown that extends from Castellammare to Punta Campanella, as a watershed between the Gulf of Naples and Salerno.

Sorrento is a pleasant place in every season thanks to its mild climate. The origin of the name probably derives Dalsurreo, which refers to the topography of the city, surrounded by valleys dug in the tuff because of the erosive action of rainwater flowing towards the sea, but the legend also refers to the myth of the Sirens that They tried to fascinate the sailors, including Ulysses.

The tourist fame of these places was born in 800, but its history has very ancient roots. The origin of the city dates back to the sixth century B.C., when Lipase, son of the king of Ausoni in Opicia, returning from the Aeolian Islands, settled in this place.
Sorrento entered the sphere of Roman hegemony from the Nucerina League. Several times he sided against Rome, as in the Second Punic War and in the Social War. It was not completely destroyed by Silla and became a colony of veterans who built numerous villas along the coast.
During the Republican era Sorrento became municipalities and was chosen by the Romans as a holiday destination.
After the dominion of the Goths in 552 it was conquered by the Byzantines in the Duchy of Naples until the 9th century.
As the legend tells, Sorrento was besieged by Sicard, Prince of Benevento, but it was saved thanks to the intervention of St. Antonino, who later became the patron saint of the city.
He managed to maintain the siege of the Saracens and the various attacks of Amalfi and Pisa, and despite the numerous struggles between the people and nobles was unable to become a feud free from the Angevin. Between the XV and the XVI century there was a difficult period due to the invasion of the Spaniards, the continuous Saracen attacks and the struggles with the nearby city of Vico Equense. One of the most bitter sieges occurred the night between 12 and 13 June 1558, when, through the beach of the canton of Sorrento, the Turks entered the city and plundered it completely, killing and enslavinging the majority of the inhabitants. Since then numerous watchtowers were built, some of which are now ruins or have been reused for other purposes.
During the revolt of Masaniello in 1648 he suffered many attacks because of his allegiance to the Spanish government and joined the Neapolitan Republic in 1799 and after being the scene of clashes between Republicans and Bourbon was able to have his independence and become a Researched and quiet place.

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