Home Restaurant

Home Restaurant

Today the dinners at home are one of the many faces of the sharing economy: we share genuine food among perfect strangers, contributing to the expense. All in the sunlight. The contact is established on the Web: on one of the many social platforms you select the event, you book and you pay. or reserve a place directly on the website (or on the Facebook profile) of your favorite home restaurant. Unmissable experience for tourists eager to discover live tastes and habits of the cities that host them, is now also for residents the last frontier of social eating.

If you want to eat healthy and the typical cuisine Salerno and cilento my home cooking is at your disposal, minimum 4 people maximum 10 seats at the table, to be pampered and spoiled.

That's why Home Restaurant;

I make available my house for a minimum of 4 people attending a maximum of 10 participants, the menus can be requested by the diners or suggested by me, the costs per person vary from €20.00 to €30.00 include; Appetizer, 1 First, 1 second with side dish, sweet, water and wine.

Plus I propose myself as a cook at home.

The cook at home is a kitchen service designed to meet all the needs of those who do not have time to cook or do not like to do, and who wants to have a cook during the holidays.
Born as an idea to solve a dinner with friends, I then diversified the offer and now I propose with a series of services tailored for families, singles and young couples.

Main services:
-Kitchen at home: I can satisfy any request. From the romantic dinner for two to the buffet for more people dealing to suggest the menu, to shop, to cook from you, to clean the kitchen.
I prepare from you the dishes you want, to store in the pantry or in the freezer, just as you did a time.
-Cook on holiday: to relieve yourself from the thoughts of the kitchen and make you enjoy the holidays the cook at home can follow you on vacation.

The key to my success is to combine the imagination in the kitchen with a perfect organization, the attention to detail, the planning of the work and the observance of the expected timing.
It is also important to emphasize that, by bringing this service to private houses, discretion, privacy and respect for the confidentiality will be absolute.


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Home Restaurant
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