Punta Licosa and Museum of the Sea-Cilento

Punta Licosa and Museum of the Sea-Cilento

Level 10 meters

Maximum altitude 10 meters

Period recommended throughout the year

Easy Difficulty

Equipment Trekking shoes, canteen, costume, binoculars, camera.

Main emergencies coastal pinewood, coastal towers, Marquis Palace of the eighteenth century, Palazzo Kuylenburg in Poplars.

How to get to the starting point A3 SA-RC Highway exit, SS 18 direction Paestum exit Agropoli, SP for Santa Maria di Castellabate, turnoff for Ogliastro Marina.

According to the ancient sources, the promontory of Licosa takes its name from that of the siren of leukosis that here you sink for the love of Ulysses. Actually it seems that the sirens were two: Leukosis and Leukotea. Homer, in fact, speaks exactly of the promontory of "The two Sirens", about Ulysses ' journey. This legend would suffice to justify the particular charm that characterizes this place. In addition, the beautiful pine forest overlooking the sea and the numerous pebble coves that seem almost carved along the rocky coastline, make the visit particularly interesting and pleasant. Like a real terrace, the promontory of Licosa stretches out on the sea with its Mediterranean scrub, its ruins, its testimonies of the constant human presence found already at the time of Greece and then continued in Roman times and until today. Finally, the spectacular aquariums of the Museo del Mare of Poplars allow the visitor to cast a glimpse into the underwater world and the forms of life present in the sea at different depths.

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