Regional Park of the Picentini Mountains

Regional Park of the Picentini Mountains

The park
The regional park of the Monti Picentini, with 63,000 hectares of land, is the largest in Campania.

The regional park of Monti Picentini was born with the objective of "guaranteeing and promoting harmoniously the preservation and valorisation of the natural heritage" and to trigger through "a special regime of protection and management" virtuous economic processes, and cultural activities for the development of its territory, safeguarding the environment for future generations.

The Parco dei Monti Picentini, with an area of over 63,000 hectares, is the most extensive of the parks of Campania. In the area of the park have been established Oasis whose management is entrusted to W.W. F and Legambiente:

Oasis of Fisciano (ca. 70 Ha)
Natural oasis of Monte Polveracchio (200 Ha in the municipality of Campagna)
Oasis Hunting Valley (400 Ha in the municipality of Senerchia)
Oasi del Monte Acellica (600 Ha in the municipality of the town of "Valle Piana")
Oasis of Health (300 Ha in the municipalities of Serre and countryside)

There are a thousand opportunities to know, to discover, to live the immense natural patrimony of the Parco dei Monti Picentini, in a changing and magnificent landscape. Miles of footpaths, picturesque streets run along the lands of the Picentini from the summit of Cervialto to the plain of the Montoro Valley, from Mount Accellica to Eboli and countryside. The calcareous nature and the frequent rainfalls have given rise to an extensive karst, with numerous sinkholes connected to underground cavities. Notable is the floristic list which amounts to 1260 species, of which about 7.3% are endemic and subendemic. Including the rare Columbine champagnatii and Oxytropis Caputoi, as well as the maple, the Pendula birch, the black pine, numerous species of orchids and many more that make the park a true botanical paradise. The fauna of the Picentini Mountains is, even today, very varied and of great interest. Among the mammals must be reported various kinds of bats and rodents, the hare and the wild boar, less frequent the wolf and the Wild Cat. Rare carnivores; Common The fox. You can spot the Golden eagle, the Peregrine falcon, the Black Woodpecker, the Royal Owl.

How to arrive
by car
You reach the motorway Salerno-Reggio Calabria continuing on the SS 7.
Highway Roma-Caserta (A30) or Highway Napoli-Salerno (A3),
Motorway Salerno-Reggio Calabria, exit at the Fuorni, SP from San Francisco to the Valle Piana.

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