Regional Park of the Milking mountains

Regional Park of the Milking mountains

The regional park of the Milking mountains

The regional park of the Suckler Mountains covers an area of about 160 sq km and embraces the entire Sorrento-Amalfi peninsula with its highest peaks of Sant'Angelo with three laces and Monte Faito.
The area is physically bounded by the Sea of the Gulf of Salerno, the plan nocerium-Sarnese and the Sea of the Gulf of Naples and includes some of the most suggestive tourist destinations of the region, such as Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.
Its territory is rich in tourist-patrimonial emergencies and scattered with very important historical centres, witnesses of a strongly rooted presence of man, but also of environmental peculiarities that are expressed in an intimate union between two elements Apparently in contradiction: the Mountain and the sea. A union that intimately strikes and fascinates millions of tourists and travellers.

The regional park of the milking mountains is absolutely peculiar, so particularly nestled between mountains and sea to represent, in its marvellous multiplicity, a unique of rare beauty.

The regional park of the Monti Latti offers one of the widest excursion rangers of the Apennines. Its dense network of trails allows you to fully experience the coexistence between mountain and sea, which in this territory is narrow like nowhere else. Most of the reliefs have acclivi slopes that often precipitate into real walls. The paths always run in panoramic contexts of great charm. The morphology of the peninsula means that many of the possible walks on these itineraries allow you to embrace the two seas with your gaze.
Here are suggested four itineraries, chosen from among many for beauty and accessibility. From the mountain to the sea you can discover the wonders of the park: the Path of the gods, the Punta Campanella with the Bay of Ieranto, the paths of Mount Faito and the Molare, finally the long promenade that explores the valley of the ironworks and the Valle Dei Mulini. The ideal season to get on the road is spring, when trees and shrubs are in bloom and the air smells like broom.
But also the autumn gives beautiful emotions, with the red vineyards and the air clear that allows you to push away the look. The paths of the park are also suitable for winter walks, especially in the serene days.

Among the most important trails:

-Mount Faito and the molar

-Path of the gods

-Punta Campanella and Ieranto Bay

-Valley of the ironworks and the mills

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