Historical Memory Park-San Pietro finally (CE)

Parco della Memoria Storica - San Pietro Infine - Caserta

The park of historical memory site in St. Peter finally among the ruins of the old city destroyed by the battles to "open" the Road to Rome. A technological museum, built by the father of ET, is testimony to the atrocities of the war and has been named National Monument by presidential decree. The former President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano wanted to donate a medal of personal adhesion to the event "stories in history" held every year at the end of August at the park to witness the affection and attention that the highest charges of State have of St. Peter finally and its history.

The museum was designed by Officine Rampaldi.

The park was the scene of the bloodiest battle of the second mondiale.il War Park and gold medal for Civil Merit and National Monument. The events taking place in the park are the war Film Festival and activities of exhibitions and presentations Books.

The ruins

Suggestive photos of the rubble of war. A country destroyed, the population decimated. On the ruins a museum to witness that war is also history of men of value who careless of the danger fight to liberate the oppressed. Luckily, Peace has won and we now have the task of teaching love for peace by witnessing the horror of war.

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Historical Memory Park-San Pietro finally (CE)
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