Diecimare Nature Park-WWF Oasis-Cava of Tirreno

Diecimare Nature Park-WWF Oasis-Cava of Tirreno

Guided tours for groups and schools are made only by reservation. Environmental education courses are held for schools and institutions.
To visit the park it is preferable to wear practical and colourful clothing, comfortable shoes and season, hat or raincoat. In addition, it can be useful to bring binoculars, a camera, water bottle and some naturalistic guide to observe the environment.

Location and Urban context
The park is located between the municipalities of Cava de ' Tyrrhenian, Mercato S. Severino and Baronii, in the province of Salerno, between the towns of S. Anna at Oliveto, S. Giuseppe al nib, spying, Raya and Diecimare. Around the park there is a wide agricultural range (Cava de ' Tyrrhenian) and woodland (Mercato S. Severino). Moving from the park we find densely populated urban centres (Cava de ' Tirreno, Mercato S. Severino, Agro Sarnese, Salerno).

Climate and morphology
The climate is Mediterranean in nature, with warm summers and temperate winters.
The coldest months of the year are January and February (7.9 ° and 8.6 °), while the hottest are July and August with 31.6 ° and 31.2 °. The wettest months of the year are December with 172 mm of rain for 16 days and October with 160 mm of rain for 12 days. July, together with June and August, is the least rainy month: only 12 mm of rain distributed in 3 days. The annual precipitation average is 1025 mm for a total of 106 rainy days. There are no thermo-pluviometric stations in the area, so the data must be considered indicative. The Monti del Parco Diecimare are located between the Picentini Mountains (to the east) and the Milking Mountains (to the west) and separate the Dell'irno valley from the Metelliana Valley. To the north and to the south are bounded respectively by the plain of the Agro-Sarnese and by the chain of the reliefs that reaches Salerno.

Altitude and Area

Minimum height of the Cava de ' Tyrrhenian side 150 m above sea level.
Minimum height of the market side S. Severino 375 m ASL.
Maximum height of both sides 852 m above sea level.

The Trails * * *

Nature Trail
Travel time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Simple/easy
Type of course: Didactic/Didactic

Falcon Trail
Journey time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Medium/middle
Type of course: fauna/birdwatching

Forest path
Journey time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Medium/middle
Type of route: Botanic/botanical

Trail of the two gulfs
Journey time: 5 hours
Difficulty: Hard/difficult
Type of route: panoramic/panoramic

Path of Montagnone
Journey time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Hard/difficult
Type of route: Botanic/botanical

Chestnut Grove Trail
Journey time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Hard/difficult
Type of route: Botanic/botanical


• Area: 444 ha (of which 224 has regional natural Park Diecimare and 220 has municipal Natural Park Diecimare

How to arrive

The park is located in S. Anna at Oliveto, loc. Longo a Cava de ' Tirreno (SA).
By car – from the Salerno – Napoli motorway, exit at Cava de ' Tyrrhenian. At the exit you follow the signposts for the park.

By train and bus – when you reach the railway station of Cava de ' Tirreno, you must use the S. Lucia – S. Anna Line bus and get off at the S. Anna stop at Oliveto. (For info CSTP 089 341909).

Timetables and visits: The park is open every day throughout the year, from 9.00 to 19.00 (16.00 in winter).

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

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