Environmental Archaeological Park of Pausilypon-Naples

Environmental Archaeological Park of Pausilypon-Naples

of extreme naturalistic-archaeological interest, as well as landscape, is the terrestrial zone, adjacent to the AMP, which extends from the promontory of Trentaremi to the valley of Gaius, now enclosed within the archaeological park of Pausilypon. 
The complex which is accessed through the imposing cave of Seiano, Tunnel of Roman times along more than 700m that connects the plain of Bagnoli with the valley of the Gaius, contains part of the ancient vestiges of the Villa del Pausilypon, erected in the 1st century B.C. By the Roman Knight Publius Vedio Pollione. Here, in the enchantment of one of the most fascinating landscapes of the Gulf, it is possible to admire the remains of the theatre, of the Odeion and of some halls of representation of the villa, whose maritime structures are today part of the adjoining park submerged of Gaius, on which overlook the Belvedere overlooking the sea of Pausilypon.
The amenity and the beauty of the places, the mild climate, the lush nature, were some of the factors that starting from the 1st century. Bc. They made these places researched, so that in a short time they became the most luxurious and famous of the Roman world, inducing senators and wealthy knights to place their dwellings here.
Among these, certainly the Villa del Pausilypon (truce from The Troubles) is the one of which remain the most significant testimonies. The complex is one of the first examples of villa built adapting the architecture to the nature of the places including, in addition to the housing, spa facilities, gardens, neighborhoods for service people, areas for shows, and to the Sea the Port facilities with connected buildings and the complex fishing system still well preserved. On the death of Vedio Pollione the Pausilypon became part of the Imperial State; The primitive nucleus was enlarged and adapted to the new functions of imperial residence.

-Opening hours and how to visit- 

Guided tours for groups or schoolchildren by the CSI Gaius Onlus, after booking to be made at 0812403235-3285947790 (Tue-Sun, 10.00-14.00).
Free entrance by municipal services, without guided tour, at 9.30; 10.30; 11.30 After reservation to be made at 0812301030.

Public holidays: Entrance by guided tour by CSI Gaius Onlus, at 10.00 and 12.00 after booking to be made at 0812403235-3285947790 (Tue-Sun, 10.00-14.00).

Starting from April, possibility of guided tour with integrated itinerary to the archaeological park of the Pausilypon and submerged park of Gaius with boat with Transparent bottom Aquavision.

Entrance: Grotta di Seiano, Descent Coroglio 36, 80123-Naples

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