Frassineto Oasis in the Dell'irno Valley

Frassineto Oasis in the Dell'irno Valley

Information on the oases of FRASSINETO in the Dell'irno Valley

The naturalistic area Frassineto extends over an area of 81.24.64 hectares, Rico ¬ Perta entirely from the copse started with high trunk. It is located for the most part (77.09.80 Ha) in the territory of Cabrera (F. 16 particles 1-2-3-7-9-16) and for a small part (4.14.84 Ha) in the municipality of Fisciano (F. 22 particle 56).

The area falls in the area of general reserve and protection of the Regional Park of Monti Picentini, established definitively by resolution of the Regional Council of Campania N. 63, of the 12.02.1999, as strongly desired by the club, which in this regard has participated, as a founding partner, in the Park committee.

The Area, which is about 15 km from Salerno, has an average altitude of 650 m A.S.L. It rises in a band of territory between the wooded area called "Water of the Beeches" and that called "Coast of the Cross", on the western pendice of the "Monti Picentini".
The perimeter of the Area coincides, for a good stretch, with the road that connects the village of Gaian (Fisciano) with the municipalities of Cabrera to the north and the municipality of Castiglione dei Genovese to the south.

The Area Frassineto is covered by three paths (F1-F2-F3) and inside there are spaces equipped with areas for parking and observation points of nature, with tables and benches of wood.

Along the paths "Natura" that wind inside the forest have been classified the different species of trees and each species is accompanied by a card that illustrates the main characteristics. There are also reconstructions of the typical mountain charcoal and the characteristic hut.

Near the entrance to the Area was built a stone house in traditional style, inside which, from 1997 has been completed the setting up of a small museum of civilization Silvo-pastoral. The mini-museum consists of a collection of tools and utensils used in the handicraft and silvo-pastoral activities, PE ¬ Asses of the territory and to whose manufacture someone still dedicates.

Periodically, always under the banner of respect for the environment, initiatives of various kinds are carried out in the Area involving citizens and school groups: excursions, guided tours, ecological events, didactics, folklore and sports.

There are numerous activities that can be carried out within the Area: trekking, nature photography, naturalistic studies, footing, cycling, birdwatching etc.

How to arrive

By car:

From the Raccordo E841 Avellino – Salerno, Exit Lancusi, continue towards Gaiao and follow the signs for "protected Area Frassineto"

Description and accessibility '

From the parking lot in gravel and stone (with a slight slope) you enter the Area, from where 3 paths, with stone and gravel bottom, with disconnections. Some of the trails are accessible by car, subject to permission.

F1: The first path develops in ring on a length of 3 km and width 2.5 mt, with departure and arrival at the Silvo-Pastoral house, located at 100 meters from the entrance of the area. In the house there are toilets, but not specific for the disabled. Inside there is also a small museum, tables and chairs as well as the possibility to use a television with VCR.

Along the F1 trail you will find a coal, a timber transportation rail, a shed and an area equipped for stopovers and picnics.

From this first path two branches depart: the path F2 and F3.

F2: Length 1 km, width 2.5 mt
F3: Length 1.5 km. On a slightly downhill path.

The entrance to the area is free.  Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 13.00.

Guided tours are pre-booked.

For visitors who enjoy the spaces and equipment present within the area, the association declines all responsibility for any disputes or accidents of any kind that may occur.

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

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