Navietraghetti.com Revolutionary portal that finally informs, in a simple and intuitive way, on all the departures of ships, ferries and hydrofoils of all companies, Caremar, Snav, Alilauro, Navlib, Medmar.
You can reach a location in the Gulf of Naples with all the information about timetables and costs. You have the possibility to book the ferry or the hydrofoil to Procida, Ischia, Sorrento and Capri. The Web site, graphically powerful, can contain a lot of information in the well-organized tables, such as: Departure times, company, duration of the journey, half-hour ferry (half-slow) or hydrofoil (half-fast) price of Ticket and day of the week when the deal is available.
The portal contains news divided by localities Naples, Capri, Procida, Ischia and Sorrento.
News in the form of captivating articles, blogs, with which the user is informed about small cruises, trips, tours, and everything related to the Gulf of Naples and its pearls.
The Times are constantly updated.

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