Museum of Peace – Reshma (Mediterranean – Art – Music – traditions) in Naples

Museum of Peace – Reshma (Mediterranean – Art – Music – traditions) in Naples

The Museum of Peace-Reshma (Mediterranean-art-music-traditions) was born thanks to the accession of 42 Euro-Mediterranean countries and the collaboration of the main international bodies: but it would not have been possible to realize it without the voluntary contribution of Men and women from various countries of the Mediterranean and the world who-through their commitment and their donations-have shared this initiative of culture, dialogue and peace.
Its seat is that of the Mediterranean Foundation at Piazza Municipio, in a wing of the historic building of the former "Grand Hotel de Londres".

Why Visit the Museum
The world has been tormented for too long by wars, conflicts, tragedies and all sorts of misfortunes that induce much of the media to devote many of their spaces to these tragic events, amplifying their reach and destroying the positive aspects of life and our Hope for the future.
In our common struggle against terrorism, violence and human rights violations, particularly in the face of the epochal phenomenon of migration, it is essential to promote dialogue and mutual respect among peoples: in particular all our efforts and Our resources must be aimed at enhancing the common heritage of all civilizations in the world and to "What unites us": Places of natural beauty, artistic, archaeological and architectural heritage, crafts, creativity, music, dance and Other forms of human genius together with widespread solidarity.
To visit the Museum of Peace-Reshma in Naples means to immerse yourself in the good, Nelvero, in the beauty and emotions that all this still manages to give. Thanks to a high-definition 4k display system, you can enjoy "emotional videos" on natural beauty sites, artistic, archaeological and architectural heritage, art, crafts, creativity, music and other forms of sharing and Solidarity inherent in various continents and, in particular, the region of the great Mediterranean.

Bringing together the beauties of the Mediterranean and the world with a single Fil rouge (The Music of Pino Daniele) without any comment except the music, makes everyone feel belonging to one world, surrounded by the beauties of creation and the creativity of the human genius: it is on this that I Dia must invest in the coming years to counter wars, terrorism and in general widespread crime.

How to visit the museum?

The visit to the Museum of Peace – Reshma is free and has a maximum duration of 4 hours.
The reservation is obligatory with the choice of at least two emotional routes, among the twelve proposed with these three possible combinations:

Proposal "A": 2 routes from 2 hours

Proposal "B": 1 journey from 1 hour to 1 from 3 hours

"C" proposal: 4 routes from 1 hour

To visit the Museum of Peace – Reshma and its contents – 28,000 audio contributions, over 5,000 videos, 8,000 books, artifacts and objects – it takes about 5,000 hours in the current configuration.

Visitors must be guided by the emotion by thinking of returning several times in this "house", which intends to look after and welcome everyone.

Reshma Menus
Once chosen the emotional path, will be proposed to the visitor "Reshma menus" where are listed videos, music and whatnot divided by topic and duration: In this way you can "compose" your own emotional path based on time Chosen.

A day at the museum
You can spend a whole day at the museum diving into the most significant emotional pathways. This possibility, including the tasting of typical products of the Mediterranean countries, must be agreed with the direction of the museum and defined in its details.

To visit the Museum of Peace-Reshma you must:
Exhibit an ID at the entrance.
Leave your mobile phone and any photographic or electronic equipment at the entrance.
Dedicate the time chosen only to visit the museum to give way to the emotions and sensations that each path produces.

For reservations
Call 340 80 62 908 (Monday to Friday, from 3pm to 7pm) or write an email to info@mamt.it

Opening hours
Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm – Saturday from 10am to 1pm.

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

Museum of Peace – Reshma (Mediterranean – Art – Music – traditions) in Naples
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