Museum of Ceramics Vietri in Vietri sul Mare (SA)

Museum of Ceramics Vietri in Vietri sul Mare (SA)

The museum is located within the complex of Villa Guariglia, the sumptuous summer residence annexed to the Patrimony of the provincial administration of Salerno in 1970, thanks to the bequest of the owner Raffaele Guariglia, Ambassador of Italy, of the order of Malta and foreign Minister of the Badoglio government, who died on 25 April of that year.

On May 9, 1981 (enlarged later in 1992), in the Belvedere Tower of Villa Guariglia, was inaugurated the Museum of Ceramics Vietri and merged on that occasion, in Raito, the collection already formed in the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Salerno Since the 1920s, numerous elements of the Guariglia collection, as well as several private donations. In 1999 a second exhibition space was opened, on the ground floor of the Villa, with the new collections acquired in recent years by the province of Salerno.

On 27 March 2014, the ceramics workshop entitled to the Master ceramist Giancappetti was inaugurated inside Villa Guariglia.
The laboratory, realized in the spaces of the former House of the custodian of Villa Guariglia, is part of the project "Create the Ceramics", which proposes an innovative model of museum-Laboratory.

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