The narrative Museum of Hera at the mouth of the Sele in Paestum (Sa)

The narrative Museum of Hera at the mouth of the Sele in Paestum (Sa)

Set up in an ancient masseria of the 1930s, the narrative Museum of Hera Al Sele is located in Paestum in the province of Salerno, an interactive exhibition structure, which hosts multimedia and multi-sensory pathways, offering cues and connections, does not host objects, But tells the visitor a century of archaeological research of one of the most evocative places of Magna Grecia.

The narrative Museum of Hera at the Sele, inserted in the unique and unrepeatable context of the famous sanctuary that the Poseidoniati wanted to erect to venerate the goddess of their city, a guardian of the wedding and natural and human fertility.

Through the millimetre precision of the sewing technique, the artist weaves, pulls over and overlaps rough linen, cotton, soft silk, shaggy wool, which almost stop time and make up admirable works of cloth and textile mosaics. The exhibition "at the Temple that (H) was", curated by Maria Giovanna Sessa and illustrated in the catalogue published by Arte'm, Ben expresses the propensity to synthesis between the times, as well as the work of the artist, which is aimed at an ancient attitude revisited in a contemporary key. The tapestries, the embroidery, the fabrics manipulated by the Franceschi are perfectly tuned to the archaic weaving activities carried out in the so-called Square building of the sanctuary by the young virgins Iniziande the wedding.
The virtuous union between the preservation of the ancient, the protection and its valorization allows to Poseidon-Paestum and to all its territory, proud of its millennial identity, to propose itself as a new epicenter of diffusion of the creativity and the new Contemporary artistic currents.

At the moment the media to the multimedia and interactive type visit are not functioning.  

How to get to Paestum:
The narrative Museum of Hera Argive is located near the mouth of the river Sele, on the left, in the plain between the Sele and the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, is about 83 km from the airport of Naples-Capodichino and 30 km from the airport Salerno-Costa of Amalfi.

By car: Take the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway: Take the exit for the "Babu" or Eboli, continue for the SS 18 variant towards Paestum, then exit at Capaccio Scalo. From here continue along the Contrada Gromola.
By train: railway line Napoli-Reggio Calabria, railway station of Paestum, distance 9 km from the museum.
By bus: Autolines CSTP (www.cstp.it – Tel. 800 016659); The museum is not directly accessible by public transport.

Opening hours: daily from 8.30 to 15.30

Closed: Sunday

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The narrative Museum of Hera at the mouth of the Sele in Paestum (Sa)
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