MOA-Museum of Operation Avalanche-Eboli (Sa)

MOA-Museum of Operation Avalanche-Eboli (Sa)

In 1943, during the Second World War, the Salerno coast is the protagonist of a unique event in the history of the Mediterranean. A fleet of about 1,000 ships (four hundred military and six hundred supporters), 170,000 (100,000 English and 70,000 Americans) soldiers from life to the greatest landings of history, then surpassed only by the landing in Normandy in the following year.

In the area between the river Sele and the river warmth took place, then one of the most important and decisive battles of the Italian campaign. The events Concentratisi in a few days, situate the communities that were protagonists at the center of the most gory conflict in the history of humanity and this is intended to change deeply the collective imagination, the lifestyles, the organization Of the space of the Territory in its subsequent evolution.

The MOA (Museum of Operation Avalanche), inaugurated on September 9, 2012, has a multimedia and three-dimensional space that through images, music, videos, photographs and finds is able to tell the different events related to the event of the Avalanche operation.

The static construction of the museum, which occupies about 1,500 m², is marked, on the one hand, to the reconstruction of the military aspect with weapons, uniforms, relics of the four armies protagonists of the fighting, in large part the result of the various campaigns of excavation undertaken in Area of the fighting; On the other, with objects of the material culture of the time, war diaries, official documents and private writings, to evoke the living conditions, the collective imagination, the lifestyles of the Communities bells that were catapulted at the center of the conflict More gory than the history of mankind.

Annual events and Exhibitions (year 2015):

Notealmuseo Review;

//LA contaminations Fair of culture;

Transeurope Express;

The Allied landing on the coast of Sele.

Tourist and cultural events to evoke Operation Avalanche.


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