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The understanding. Women telling Naples

The understanding. Women telling Naples
The understanding. Women telling Naples

The understanding: Women who tell Naples

From the passion of three young women, curiosities, stories and traditions of the land of Partenope

Three women's bells, passionate about their land, who want to tell what many

Sometimes it is invisible to the eyes of the tourists and the Neapolitans themselves. That's how it gets to life.

Women who tell Naples, a newborn cultural association.

As the old Combers brought home in the house information and Curiosity, Laura, Valeria and

Daisy tell the attentive and curious ears, stories, traditions and culture of Naples and the


"Our goal? Take you to the discovery of the most beautiful and suggestive places, through tours

Artistic, archaeological, gastronomic, naturalistic and much more! In short: in Campania

With us the ancient gossip becomes culture! "

All part of the choice of the curious and captivating name, but at the same time strongly linked to

Neapolitan history. The understanding in fact were not simply "Inciucesse", women ready to unravel

Secrets of others, but first of all toilers; Combers that passed from a low to a plane

Nobleman, from a populace to a wealthy matron, ready to meet and entertain with curiosity and

Legends their customers.

This is just the beginning of the story. That story that belongs to the Preparatissime tourist guides and

That through their tours will also make it a little more ours, with time travel, pindaric flights and

Relapses between the alleys and the cobblestones of a Napoli perhaps still unknown.

The Cape Naples Tour

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