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cattedrale casertavecchia

Probably less known than Caserta, we would like to tell you about the village of Casertavecchia, a place that will kidnap you. If you are nearby, we really recommend you to pay us a visit. Maybe, stop by the road at a B&B and treat yourself to a relaxing weekend in this beautiful and unique location.

The Church of St. Michael the Archangel: let together

On the Cathedral of Casertavecchia stands its cathedral, dedicated to the cult of St. Michael the Archangel. The latter was the Holy Warrior Protector of the Lombard people.

The village of Casertavecchia is located at the foot of the Tifatini Mountains and is 401 metres above sea level. This means that if you are nearby in summer this village could be your lifeline: In the evening, the cooler will allow you to sleep soundly.

The building of the cathedral began in 1113, ending in 1153. A little curiosity about this is that the church of San Michele Arcangelo stands on the remains of a church that should have belonged to the Lombards.

The cathedral has undergone several rehashes in the course of the eras and this has allowed it to become one of the greatest artistic expressions present in Italy. In fact, there are several architectural styles that you can admire outside and inside the cathedral.

An artistic complexity that leaves no words

We can find Lombard, Arab, Norman, Romanesque-Apulian, Byzantine elements… In short, it is the perfect fusion of the passage of the various peoples.

It was Bishop Ranulf who strongly wanted to build this cathedral. For its edification, they were called the best masters and craftsmen of the place and the world: the Maestranza and the Amalfi, as well as the masters of the mosaic that arrived from the city of Constantinople.

The artistic additions of Arabic-style, probably by the Sicilian or Amalfi architecture, makes the Church of St. Michael Archangel even more special. The Arabic mould can be admired above all in the horseshoe arches of the transept’s windows, as well as in the crossed arches.

The village of Casertavecchia is one of the most fascinating of Campania

Its stylistic complexity is being studied by many art historians.

Casertavecchia is not very large and has had a history of successes and undone fluctuating during the course of the epochs: At first, it had proved very useful, especially for the geographic conformation. In fact, his being settled in the mountains allowed many to survive during the wars fought by the Lombards.

After a few centuries, it was abandoned by its citizens, who moved to the city of Caserta. Inside, it remained only the bishop, who became the only citizen of the village.

Walking through the streets of the village, you can breathe the history and fall in love with its cultural and artistic heritage. Stop along one of the Trattorias or pizzerias arranged between the steps: You will have the opportunity to eat genuine food and drink the local specialties.

Fortunately, in the early years ‘ 90, it was decided to restore splendor to this portion of place, trying to sponsor it all over the world and especially in Italy, where it was little known.

We are sure that you will love: insured.

In the picture the Cathedral of Casertavecchia (Link source).

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