The archaeological area of the temples of Paestum

The archaeological area of the temples of Paestum

Paestum and the archaeological area.

Among the large archaeological areas located in the perimeter of the national Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano or just behind this, there is Paestum, one of the most important archaeological centers in Italy, the city was founded towards the end of the 7th century B.C. By Greek colonists of Sybaris. Its Doric temples for the extraordinary state of preservation rise fawning within the intact circle of the walls of Ben 4750mt in length. Visiting Paestum is a source of unforgettable emotions and includes monuments within the fence of the excavations, the museum and the round, at least partial, of the walls.

The Temple of Neptune

Of the three Doric temples that have made Paestum famous all over the world, the temple of Neptune or Poseidonion (450 a. C.), is the largest and best preserved. Built with local travertine, it has taken over time, due to an oxidative process of the rock, a warm golden patina, which according to the intensity of the sunlight comes on and attenuates. Its grand and powerful structure, the perfect proportions, combined with some technical features in its construction, create an impression of unwavering solidity and elegance and make this building the most perfect example of architecture Doric Templar in Italy and Greece.


The museum in the archaeological area of the temples of Paestum.

Do not miss the visit to the Museum of Paestum where in the various halls are exhibited important finds of the Pestana vascular art and funeral kits from the necropolis of Spinazzo. Of particular importance are the painted slabs of the plunger's tomb, datable to 490-80 B.C. Which constitutes the only known testimony of painting figuratively in Magna Graecia.

Tips and Utilities

Recommended period: All year round
Difficulty: None
Equipment: Camera.
Driving directions: To reach the area from the A3 SA-RC Highway, exit at Babu, and continue along the SS 18 direction Paestum.

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