Wellness and Spa Itineraries: the "Terme dei Sunni"

Wellness and Spa Itineraries: the "Terme dei Sunni"

In the heart of the Valle Telesina is the famous Samnite Wellness centre of Telese Terme, one of the most important in Campania, able to welcome thousands of visitors every year. The property is located in a large park with many tree-lined avenues. The springs have an ancient origin, in fact the sulphurous mineral waters came to light only after the earthquake of 1349. These waters, rich in sulphur, are ideal for the treatment of the skin, respiratory and genitourinary diseases.

Photo: Terme di Telese
Photo: Terme di Telese

Today the SPA aims to guarantee its visitors a psycho-physical wellbeing through the use of the therapeutic properties of the water and associates with these last real aesthetic cures.

For this reason the center is no longer just a simple "terma", but it is equipped with: swimming pools, rehabilitation centre, gyms, tennis courts, football field, to offer, to the guests who wish it, the instruments for a perfect psychophysical form, in line with The use of spa facilities.

The Valle Telesina is located in the province of Benevento, near the massif of Taburno, and is crossed mostly by the river heat. The valley comprises 20 municipalities and the largest is that of Telese Terme. In addition to being renowned for its spa facilities, it is also known for: the beautiful naturalistic landscapes, a precious wine production, the artisan ceramics and the important archaeological settlements of the "Telesia Romana": Remains of walls, traits of Paved streets and remains of a theatre.

For more information on the Terme di Telese, see the structure's website.




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