Itineraries in the park of Roccamonfina: The path of the ancient mills.

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There are many places and walking trails to discover in the regional Park of Roccamonfina, as the path of the ancient mills.

The features

Trail start altitude: 488 MT

End of trail Quota: 570 MT

Itinerary Length: 6 km

Difficulty: Medium-Easy

Difference in height: 80 MT

Journey time: 3 h

Flora: Chestnut, large Cerro, Primrose, Erica Arborea, Mullein

Fauna: Kite, Brown, owl, Cuckoo, Hoopoe, Hedgehog, Dormouse, Hare, badger

Municipalities concerned: Roccamonfina

The itinerary

The trail of the ancient Mills is one of the oldest connections between the volcano of Roccamonfina and the city of Teano. It owes its name to the mills erected on the banks of the river Sabrina, between the hamlets of Toran and Gadsby, through which the path winds. The road starts from the town of Torao, near an ancient wash house that contains a very pure source of water, a few meters from an ancient and elegant church dedicated to the cult of St. John. From here you take a small road in the beaten ground, you move away from the town and you reach the starting point of the path, from where the river Sabrina traces its path between shoals of Tuff Litoide.

The historical and scenic importance of the Sabrina River is unique: the entire stretch to the territory of Francolise is, in fact, characterized by the presence of ancient mills. The mill upstream, more recent, preserves intact a French millstone at the end of the nineteenth century, the valley, dating back to the eighteenth centuries, thanks to a special and more ancient millstone, was probably used for the crushing of maize. The mills were fed by the waters of the Rivo through a particular connection in series. The ancient "Bourbon ironers" are also suggestive.

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