Ischia Guided Tour

Ischia Guided Tour

The fertile land of the island of Ischia allows the cultivation of vines, cereals, vegetables and citrus fruits that make it covered with vegetation. It is divided into six administrative units: Ischia, which is the main centre, the charming town of Casamicciola, Lacco Amenofamosa Resort with numerous thermal springs, the characteristic seaside village of Forio, Serrata Fontana, the starting point of Excursions to Mount Epomeo and Barano D'ischia, on the hills that descend towards the wide beach of billows.
Apart from the beauty of the landscape and its bathing establishments, what is worth to know are its spas, famous for the quality of its waters.
The thermal richness of the island is immense: 29 basins, hundreds of mineral springs and fumaroles.
In the beautiful Villa shrub is the archaeological Museum of Pithecusae, with many precious finds.
Ischia was the first Greek settlement in the Tyrrhenian Sea, it was founded in the 8th century B.C., under the name Pithekousa. Some of the museum's most important exhibits date back to those times, such as the famous Nestor Cup.
The port of Ischia is a volcanic crater formed in the 4th century B.C., surrounded by green hills.

The port
The port of Ischia Porto with the typical taverns on the seashore and the adjoining pedestrian zone. Reproduction of the previously allowed text

The old town and the "Castello Aragonese"
The ancient village of Ischia Ponte and the "Castello Aragonese" connected to it with a narrow bridge (to visit absolutely: the bar/restaurant with a wonderful view on Capri).

Panorama in Fiaiano
Panoramic view from Fiaiano (municipality of Barano D'ischia) on the Gulf of Naples with the unmistakable profile of Vesuvius.

Beach of St'Angelo

The beach of the billows (municipality of Barano D'ischia) in the south of the island of Ischia, 2 Km long.
The panoramic view to be tightened on the picturesque fishing village of Sant'Angelo with its pastel-coloured houses.

The Church of the rescue
The white Church of the "rescue" in Forio D'ischia, the Fishermen's church, which seems to stand on the sea as a fortress of defense.

"The Mushroom"
The rock tufaceous called "mushroom" on the coast of the lovely village of Lacco Pleasant.

The thermal parks
The thermal parks of the island of Ischia, where you can relax and enjoy the thermal water, the sea, the sun and well-kept gardens.

Mount Epomeo
And finally Mount Epomeo that dominates the island of Ischia. From the village of Fontana you can easily conquer the top. You will be rewarded with a great view, and the trattoria at the top is ready to refresh!

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Ischia Guided Tour
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