The parks of Campania: "The Regional Park of Matese"

The parks of Campania: "The Regional Park of Matese"

The massif of Matese and the birth of the regional park of Matese.

Among all the mountains of southern Italy, the massif of the Matese, for the beauty of Alpine valleys, for variety of landscapes, for characteristic costumes and for historical memories, presents the utmost interest mountaineering and tourist. The characteristic element is the perfect integration between natural rises and rocky areas.

Above the thousand meters there are numerous plateaus, overgrown by the mountains from which descends a mass of green with harmonious tones: the gloomy green of the vegetation, the inaccessible ravines and the tender green of the pastures in the short esplanades. Shelves with uniform surfaces alternating with gentle slopes, make the Matese one of the areas most suitable for trekking and winter sports, with ski fields frequented from December to the end of April.

Abundantly snow-capped for most of the year, the Matese resounds in the summer of recalls of bells and of herds that graze among the rocks.

Here, with the L.R. No. 33/93, the Regional Park of Matese was established, but it is April 12, 2002 the D.G.R.C. N. 1407 which fixes its final perimeter and certifies in 33,326.53 has the protected surface.

Hiking in the park

Thanks to the section A.C. I of the slopes Matese some paths that run along the Matese are already marked and identifiable; They develop mainly on the ancient network of the tracks that connected the various settlements to the hills and to the mountains, where in ancient times the flocks were moved during the transhumance.

The C.A.I. section Of the slopes Matese and the other associations present, like the hiking group of the Matese and the Speleological group of the Matese, accompany for free only their members, as by law, on the most famous paths and towards the numerous dolines and caves of which it is rich The area.

Limestone horizons of rocky ridges, bare walls and steep gorges, majestic peaks that touch the two thousand meters where the Eagles Nest: This is the Matese for those who enter the restful green of the thick woods of beech and oak or in the vast highlands; A scenario that is reflected in the intense blue of the numerous lake and river water mirrors of which the whole area is rich.

For each season, a different color and taste. The white of the snow, on the slopes of alpine skiing of the mouth of the forest or on the circuit from bottom of Monte bear; The lush green of summer, among the lush woods; The many nuances of nature in autumn and spring, when the colors become more magical and soft.

But the regional park of the Matese is not only nature.

Here rises Cyclopean walls, ancient fortified villages, medieval castles, churches and convents rich in historical and artistic testimonies. Small villages where time seems to have stopped.

Here still live ancient crafts, popular music, songs, fairy tales, work tools, typical costumes; And it is precisely in these typical expressions, that they assume distinctive and original aesthetics, and through them, that transpires the universe of values and traditions of our people.

And it's not over! From here are born agricultural products and the ingenuity of man more unique than rare; The chestnuts, the oil, the mushrooms, the pecorino cheeses, the Caciocavallo, the Butters, the sausages, the baked goods, the wine, the chestnuts to the limoncello, the jams of mint or pumpkin.

And then the artisanal and artistic ceramics, the ancient woodworking, the copper and the wrought iron.

This is why Bag & Dreams Tour operator, the only operator present on the territory of the Matese Regional Park legally authorized by regional laws to produce and distribute to private individuals and agencies itineraries, excursions and guided tours, already for a few years proposes, Alongside naturalistic itineraries, a program of tourist packages that includes cultural, religious and food and wine routes, some already known, others not found if not with an expert guide.

There are itineraries built on a track without interruptions, which run through ancient paths or dirt roads, through enchanting landscapes, medieval villages and castles that give the sense to travel through history. Other excursions are more classic proposals, which combine, to the pleasure of walking, the visit of the most interesting places of the area.

There are also some food and wine tours in search of the taste and flavours of the past, with the opportunity for tourists to visit the producers and artisan workshops, and to enter their laboratories to try to steal secrets of old workings of Hundred years, and, of course, to buy their products.

Other activities, which can be alternative but also complementary to the traditional itineraries, designed for that group of tourists who more research new ways of understanding learning and collective enjoyment, satisfying their own Needs through a greater contact with nature: Days dedicated to trekking, mountain bike rides or canyoning or, again, birdwatching.

All these proposals will lead you to discover the sweet and wild nature of the Matese, the history and the legends, the scent of ancient things of one of the most beautiful and suggestive corners of Campania.
The respect of the environment and of the people, the beauty of the places, the competence of the Companions, the reception of the structures, the attention to the particulars, the pleasure of the travelling in company, are only some of the aspects on which the way of Conceive these activities, to reach the satisfaction of the customer that is considered above all a travel companion.

The map that will lead you along the paths of this enchanted little world is already ready for you. Ask for the catalogues and write us, telling your needs.

Here in the Matese Regional Park, and among the small towns of the upper Caserta, there is a mine of emotions that will make you go back in time. And you will discover that even the wonder is still possible, between the alleys of a country perched on top of a mountain, or under an ancient portal, in an old courtyard, where life is still human-sized.

The locations

The Matese, the extreme flap of the province of Terra di work, is an important milestone for all possible itineraries of a careful and intelligent cultural tourism. An unspoilt area, where landscapes of incomparable beauty, combined with the extraordinary value of the historical artistic heritage, constitute a winning bet for a future on a human scale.

Its immense territory is a land of strong contrasts where the boundary between countryside and nature is never opposed. Between valleys, hills and mountains alternate clean villages and immense and fascinating woods; A territory capable of alternating economically productive centres in small enchanted villages where time seems to have stopped.
Administratively the area of the Matese Regional Park is grouped in the mountain Community area of the Matese, for the province of Caserta, which includes the municipalities of Ailano, Alife, Caprivi al Volturno, Castle Matese, Fontegreca, Gallo Matese, Gioia Samnite, Letino, the Samnite Matese, Raviscanina, S. Angelo d ' Alife, S. Gregorio Matese, S. Sannitico, Valle Agricola and in the mountain community of Titerno, for the province of Benevento, which includes the municipalities of Cerreto Samnite, the Mutri, Faicchio, Pietraroja, San Lorenzello. All these countries, from the smallest to the largest, live in a human dimension and the main economic activities are those related to agriculture, pastoralism and crafts, besides, of course, tourism.

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