Hotel Castle of Princes in Capaccio-Paestum (Sa)

Hotel Castle of Princes in Capaccio-Paestum (Sa)

We are very happy to present you a Capaccio-Paestum hotel unique in its kind the hotel Castello dei Principi. The hotel is located in a strategic position that allows you to easily reach the beautiful coasts of Campania, the natural beauties of the Cilento Park and the wonderful sites of historical and cultural importance of the Territory.

Managed directly by the Buffardi family, is able to offer you a peaceful and pleasant stay taking care of every little detail to make you comfortable and immerse yourself totally in your well-deserved relaxation. It is located within the National Park of Cilento, in the historic centre of Capaccio, a lovely village placed at 419 meters It is enclosed in a small plateau, on the slopes of the Monti Sopra and Sottano, from which you can enjoy the splendid panorama of the whole plain of the Sele with the Gulf of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast to Capri.
Ideal place for your soggioni between culture and nature: the Sanctuary of Gethsemane, the medieval Church of Our Lady of the Garnet, Paestum with its temples and the rich museum, the excavations of Velia, the caves of Castelcivita, the valley of the heat and the deer, are just some of Unforgettable locations not far away and easy to reach.
Palace of 500 belonged from the beginning to patrician families like the princes of Sanseverino and, lastly, the Barons DeMarco and Bellelli.  The family Buffardi-graceful, current owner, decided to revive this palace with its restored chapel, testimony of a historical past.

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